All is designed to flow in specific ways at specific times.
Flow is up to the Liver Qi

Liver Qi keeps the whole being moving – if not – all congests/stagnates and all other body parts (especially upset through non expression of emotional climates) will then secondarily flow back to upset the Liver Qi.

All flows HAVE to flow.
Hence ‘stress’ (eventually) kills

If flow is not happening, unrest disquiet and eventually physical body breakdown happens.

Upper Heater

3 heaters-upper Here we have an energy model to help you get acquainted with how your body works tirelessly for you – if/when you let it.

The blue lines are showing the steam arising that nourishes from the purest aspects of the digestive process.

The red arrows show the meridian flow through the body started by this process of transforming fuel into a usable form.

The golden spirals are representing the chakra system – as we are made from energy – that in solid form holds in place the instructions for the the structure we see as being ‘a body’.  We are way more than just this. See more here.


 heater-upperLungs – need to act as ‘bellows’ – not a storage unit – just are in and out

Wei Qi – defensive energy that protects the body – is a very Yang function – and allows your to have sovereignty – pores open and shut for temperature regulation, no invaders on any level can breech your defenses – if you are well (have enough Yang Qi circulating). Immune system is apparently 90% gut  Yang QI again .

Heart – also – physically is a beating chamber.
Your heart is the home of your Shen. When a broken a heart is being held, the connection to your lower body – the fetal palace /uterus, and for men the prostate suffers as the nourishment on other levels is gone. Please see what you can do about seeing a holistic form of healing as you re s much more than a physical shell – your essence is Soul full and based on flows.

This is the actual beginning of your life support – you must be able to breathe.


Can get stuck with emotional and trauma loading – thus creating huge impacts on all life within

Middle Heater

3 heaters-middle The cooking pot represents the Kidney Yang Qi that fuels the Spleen Yang Qi .

The coins represent your Jing – that which is topped up by the excess (as your banking capital – we live off the interest in health) made by a well working gut.

heater- middleFood arrives in transit. If downwards direction is messed with – nausea happens. Spleen Qi (fueled by Kidney Yang Qi) has the job of assimilating.

Spleen Qi is closely allied to the Stomach Qi
Spleen Qi is insulted by the sweet taste in excess.
Qi and Yang Qi is wasted/wrecked by the invasion of cold temperature, cold vibration (usually very watery foods – often stored in the fridge and taken cold temperature also – who cooks cucumbers/water melons? or by extension – rawness – has to expend extra energy to process the food – also if not chewed well – the extra needed wastes the digestion transit time.

Stomach Qi is to direct all downwards.

When the pure energy is distilled it is to go upwards to nourish the Upper Heater. Tastes and finer vibrations – that mix with the quality air and cosmic Qi to make the meridian energy that pulses throughout our being.

Anything that weakened the Yang Qi or the Spleen Qi, or the Stomach Qi will cause nausea.
The free flow of all in the body is impacted when ‘stress’ – lack of circulation hits.

Liver Qi when upset can go either across and assault the gut (Stomach and Spleen energy upset) or upward and hit the diaphragm, creating potential asthma and breathing disturbance s ‘stress’ stops normal downwards flow between the upper and the middle heaters.

Find yourself sighing a lot? That is the Liver Qi Stuck

Great way to mess with your life – hold onto all inner climates (emotions, and not let them express, or get stuck in some of them.

Lower Heater

3 heaters-lower The entire direction is of the pure aspects of what is eaten is used and the gradual decent then final exit of that which is no longer needed.

At all stages, there is a distillation process driven by the Yang Qi and the flow (or not) of the Liver Qi. (When upset so is your gut).

Heater-lowerAs well as not having enough Yang Qi to move – especially solid wastes – the Stuck Liver Qi many mean there is no flows flowing well. A mixture of both, and many problems – all related to waste disposal and discomforts.

The energy of the gut – is slowed. The Kidney Qi must grab the Qi (especially for breathing) and must be vital enough to fuel the digestive fire. When this is not strong enough, dampness/phlegm will result. Much like the oven being too cool to cook pasty sludge, not a purity of digestive ingredients is made.

Dampness – obstructs everything. Is heavy weighs down the thinking and all other life processes.

When you ignore energy and try to ‘fix’ by forcing yourself to ‘be good’, denying the warnings that our body has had enough and is telling you to change – all that you have in front of you is struggle. Perhaps heed nature? We are energy . .

To learn more about rescuing yourself –

and easily at home, using home/folk remedies from many traditions, see here.