Self Care Package


Only we can – look after ourselves . .

Is it time to ‘put your own mask on first’?


In the words of the Chinese media classics – Yang Sheng – Nourishing Life  – Self Cultivation

Every one of my packages starts here –  with us – and our own self care

Without our belly being happy – our food factory/energy source – being able to support itself – thus us – we are in a mess – there are so many ways for this to happen. You may have already found that adding in a chenge of food/supplements and so on is not usually as useful as seeing which one of the many ways we are upsetting ourselves..
NOTE – choice of food eaten is only one line on this poster.

Answering the question – ‘What do I eat?”

Also explaining why in this modern world –  when it appears that you do ‘everything right’ – you seem not much better.

Three components: (Please click each to learn more)

  • Love Your Body Better
  • (Learn why and how you can instantly start self repair
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • (Your own hands to liberate your own life force/Qi)
  • Foundational Moves
  • Working with another – magically shift the blockages to healing
    This holds all the touch therapies that I have successfully been teaching for the past 35 years to students and patients alike. All are used in conjunction with needling if  you are an acupuncturist. This is also a standalone possibility for anyone.
  • These are advanced as I have used my in-depth knowledge of channels/meridians to enhance all I do. Central issue – to move the Qi we must move the lymph. You will find a lot of non standard ‘massage’ moves.
  • These work – they undo the PAIN that all seem to be living with now.

If you wonder what you will be able to do – please – watch this . .
This is a small component of the course Foundational Moves – which also take you through cupping the navel- old home remedy –  to  pull out the stored cold  that is messing with your gut, and metabolism and thus life.


After the Self Care course- surrender .  . .

The next step is Self Discovery.

Undoing your story .. . unlocking why you may feel so stuck, when you try so hard to change . ..heal .. ..

Taking this further?

Self Care is also a pre requisite for all who want to go onto anything else I do – especially the touch therapies and  moves in Living Ligaments – the culmination of all I have been researching in the past 4 decades . .

The Transformative Healing (and all my maternal and advanced channel applications – as we all have had a life and our own ‘Story’ is there to be opened to find the gifts hidden/locked inside. Why not sign up for Transformative Healing – as this and Self Discovery courses are included?

Love Your Body Better!

Declutter, reset and restore – optimal wellness