Men’s bodies react to the environment as women’s do – they are not happy

A lot can ‘go wrong’ when our flows are not flowing.
Waiting to see how and it can get whilst living a life that is causing the problems is the modern way leading to the problems you may have and can see outlined below.

There are many ways to undo this and all are simple.

Maybe it is time to

Pay attention – who wins when you stay ill?

Maybe it is time to investigate What Lies Beneath . . ?

What to do?

Acknowledge that here is something that may well be holding you back . .
May well be underneath what you are concerned about.
That all will be playing with – ‘helping’ you with the end results of what is such a deeply held trauma . .. fracture of all you could have been and are. .


EVEN . . .

as ‘simple’ as . . .

(who ever speaks of these three things??)


1 – Traumatized from ‘having to be ‘ at your babies’ birth?

Perhaps get clever and pre-empt this – TAKE CHARGE . .

Do your own insurance – make sure it all goes as nature intended?

See What Dads Can Do . .



2 – Circumcision : this site that may help you SOOO much


Trigger warning . . . A naughty word?
A diabolical attack and shut down of all babies who went through the terror and helplessness of having essentially 1/3 of their penis ripped off and n one cared! Ultimate betrayal – no anesthetic . .

And had to pee on this – have nappy rubbing up against and crawl . .be present in that P.T.S.D. state from almost the instant they arrived in a body outside mum . .

You may need Heather’s Gentling Way . . to begin healing the complete shut down of self – and feeling better.





3 – Prostatitis:
(women get endo – you get this)

Most common diagnosis for men under 50

3rd most common diagnosis for men over 50

Type I – Acute bacterial prostatitis (5%)

Type II – Chronic bacterial prostatitis

Type III – non bacterial (CPPS – Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome)

Type IV – Asymptomatic inflammatory Prostatitis

(US National Institutes of Health 1999)


Case – ‘Tony’ 31

Works in finance, married, not getting wife pregnant, penile pain on ejaculation

Perineal pain and burning in urine

Diagnosis – Bacterial infection – (even though none found).
Treatment – Put on antibiotics and also NSAI and anti depressants.
Has been many times to male clinics and told no infection – but to keep up with antibiotics.

Has been constantly tested for all S.T.I. semen, blood test all –ve and still on Ab

Also now I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome)

Can’t now have sex as scared if infecting wife and maybe babies.
Also not able to sit for more than 30 mins, and is totally stressed.
Also hurts too much all the time to . . live
More medications . . .

Says his wife . .‘A shadow of his former self’.

This is a whole body/being issue

It needs holistic multi modality transformative energy body work – I suggest The Gentling Way . .
What happens . . .

His Liver Qi is disordered. This flows-on throughout the entire system.


  • Muscular tension
  • Changes to breathing
  • Inflammation
  • Sensory cortex
  • Motor cortex
  • Increased nerve sensitivity

(Everything gets too reactive – can’t sit for half an hour – need to move – without a cushion – no sitting in hard plastic chairs).

Social factors

  • Relationships – personal/work/family
  • Socially unacceptable: where nearest loo?
  • Isolation
  • Ability to work
  • Activity/exercise cut out


  • Catastrophisation
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Anxiety
  • Fear avoidance
  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Depression
  • Eventual likely suicide

The focus location of this problem makes it so monumental.
Hits to the heart of being male/all tough and resilient. (Location of loos?/No sexual activities as it hurts maybe ALL the time).
Drinking ever more often and ever more alcohol and smoking is NOT going to help


What to do?

Do not see your doctor first – as there is nothing (except maybe antibiotics for the 5% ) that will be helpful. Even then there are surely better ways than wiping out your gut bacteria?

Have a think. What can you do that you to would have


Holistic transformative energy body work – The Gentling Way . . I am trained in very gentle body work in addition to all else I myself have been teaching from my 4 decades of multi modality work

  1. Cold avoidance and restore normal
  2. Perineal steaming (prostate and all the gut will be helped – as well as it is totally relaxing)
  3. Organic castor oil (applied locally – up rectum with a syringe nightly will work magic – only 2ml needed)
  4. Lymph clearing.
  5. Sacral work . . (See Self Care)
  6. Vit D3 (sunshine – live a life)
  7. Magnesium – topical. To ensure that your body can access this through taking out all the barriers – including the mercury that is bound in your cells blocking its absorption – does t itch/burn/hurt when applied?).
  8. Inflammation and the sugar epidemic
  9. Dehydration
  10. Past sexual trauma (What Lies Beneath for him also . .) – to help yourself – see the Self Discovery package

PLEASE start with the programme I have devised for everyone – at any stage of their life journey.


Online self help easily followed life changing – you WILL instantly notice a difference . .

SELF CARE is a three part programme – answering first
“What do I eat?”

PLUS – Why is nothing seeming to work?

We look at how food may not be helping in this modern age.
The Healing Power of Touch is you working on your own belly.Foundational Moves is you working on a partner/someone you love/ our if you have a clinic – ‘patients’. I use this gentle touch therapy all day in clinic, in addition to whatever else I am doing.)

You must add in the self care moves. Ideally, if you are in my vicinity (or come for a visit) we have together undone the structural/emotional/energy and other barriers to your body healing itself – see my programme offer here).

Ask yourself – what has this cost so far – and what will it cost if you do not??


Getting the body to flow as designed rather than report watchfully whilst it deteriorates seems to be the way orthodox medicine runs business.
You may wish to try what actually works – to undo what is not supposed to be there and to recreate perfect.


Come and see me about undoing the Life Residues that are blocking your joy


Love Your Self Better

Become all of who you could be .
In your own home – it all works!!!

Especially useful if you want to have your pelvic flows flowing again – undo pain, improve feeling ‘down there’ including – being a dad from having not so great sperm . . . .

Love Your Life!!!