Exciting times!

  • Transform the lives of the young families they are gifted to:
  • Help prepare Dad (or birth and life partner) gets to prepare her and them for their new love
  • Make your life so much easier – as all that comes up in pregnancy is a life not a medical issue
  • Before it gets to be when left to possibly worsen. Here you have your very own home rescue pack!

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Pregnancy First Aid Kit:

A gift that is practical and covers almost all that may be needed in the pregnancy,

and afterwards to soothe and heal a mother in her transition into maternal bliss.


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Baby shower?
Someone pregnant leaving work?
A sensible caring and highly practical long lasting gift all can contribute to . .

Easy birthing, and no back pain kit.

All potential problems safely, naturally dealt with –

all through and after birth with dad’s First Aid for Pregnancy kit.

Welcome Baby care pack

What is inside?

A card allowing your instant downloading of the past ‘patient’ tools.


Posters – practical ‘it makes so much sense’ information at a glance

Women's healing and posters

The ‘Transforming Jing into WIsdom’ poster explains how we develop and mature and unfold in time – and in reference to what is going around around us. How we can make small changes to make huge improvements in all that happens to us and our children.  Also how women have a 7 year cycle – men an 8 year one – and what this means in growing children better.

The ‘Inner Alchemy’ poster is really a book on a page – explaining how to use your body’s food factory to support all that you do – and how to gradually move yourself back into optimal health a and well being through just adapting the times you eat, what you choose to do with your body and how you see yourself in the world.


A silk scarf to use as a Rebozo (Instructions given) – make light of all back pain, See also here

Spanish word for belt or wrap to allow the pelvis consolidation in and after pregnancy to assist with all back aching and pains . .you don;t know how good it was till you take it off!

white Rebozo on red

Really – any 3 metre long piece of fabric

Even a towel – will do.
See some uses here.

Not just for pregnancy – also fro back tension release.



See more here

I need to know what size to include in your pack . . . . .

The 2 1/2 metre one does someone who is ‘small’ to ‘medium’.
The 3 metre one covers ‘medium’ to ‘large’.
Large plus may need the 3 1/2 metre faja and if oversize altogether – I have a few 4 metre faja – they go around you at least 2x comfortably   .

How to tether yourself – so uplifting! IT supports all from the outside – and so simple! Another culture’s answer to those who feeling as though everything is falling out – which you may not have notice til you try it – you won’t want to take it off! Exceptional when pregnant – it holds the pelvis together and is used all through central America for the men .

The Golden Month

The Golden Month  Something more to allow mums and bubs to be bonded strongly and to give everyone a project – as happened in our own culture 60 years ago (Hint – we were told we had an EDC – expected date of confinement) – mums stayed inside the house and people looked after her there.

Plus all toddlers. cooking, washing and so on) here we have why and how to – all in one easy to read volume

Jenny Allison’s wondrous wee read – The Golden Month – how all mums need a rest and recovery period – at least 40 days of being looked after as she recovers. To assist with this – and pre birth so all is smoothly natural and easy – get the kit for your loved ones’ new arrival. (Or use as a recovery package, should things have gone somewhat differently than intended).


Pads (please see more about safe intimate care (and effectively always dry) here

Massage creams

Comfrey cream

comfrey copyA small jar of comfrey cream to assist in any healing post birth – 

After any wounds (past or current) may have had time to heal well

Especially useful for past C section scars – you do want to start from perfect as possible this time.
Great for a face cream – normalising skin means also removing small blemishes and rejuvenating



    Iodine – to be used topically – gain energy, lose your fluid, cellulite and baby brain – and ensure your hair stays on your head after baby is born – plus to make the brightest baby you can make – see more on iodine needs here – or on the raw ingredients section of the Pregnancy (and after baby care and breast feeding) App here. To be used only as directed and external use only – this alone may revolutionise your and baby’s life.


    Mothers balms – soothing away stress – from long ago traditions – (time tested) – how to help her get the most from her maternity – safely and naturally. A tool kit to get you both through all that may happen . . and to help heal all that has in the past.

    Tui Baby Balm – nappy rash, nipple care, as a baby lotion, also for mum’s nipples.

    Vibrational assistance

    Healing vibrational drops 

    Usually ‘Healing Birth’ and ‘Nurturing Newborn’             heart chakraMagdalena balm

    Mary Magdelena creamfor uterine and all women’s reproductive healing (and use on sacrum) for any reason and in any dimension.

    Castor oil and wadding

    Castor oil and wadding – for afterwards – to assist any past scarring pre birth so maximum elasticity in tissues (always external use only). Magic for all adhesions – maybe from after last birth and any surgery/incidents to get the region ripe and elastic).

    Oil of Thieves

    Let them go gracefully – exit your life with a helpful very powerful push – how to use?
    Find out more here

    Gua Sha spoon

    (Otherwise seen as a soup soon in Asian restaurants).
    What will this do for you?



    What Dads Can Do – manual and 2 DVD’s

    (All sent in eBook format once you sign up for the kit)

    . “What Dads Can Do” (plus Massage DVD) instant download e-version on ordering the kit

    DVD – ‘Birthing – What Dads Can Do’ – instant download e-version on ordering the kit

    (Complete birth education –

    Pregnancy Natural Health Problem Solving App right here

    Massive resources – backed by multi media and all online – even on your phone when in labour!!

    A site to help preparation and also as an emergency ‘go to’ – in all of late (and early  pregnancy – not mentioned on the app yet.
    Everything to do with breast HEALTH and how to breastfeed easily?

     2 moxa sticks (more on this here)

    Will help correct:

    • Constant maternal (and dad’s back ache?
    • Baby lying in the ‘wrong spot’?
    • Enhance digetsive strength?
    • Allow placental flows optimal normalcy so baby grows perfectly?
    • (And help get yourself back together again after baby comes).

    VALUE . . .

    Plus the instant downloadable versions of the manual and massage/birthing child birth preparation plus a few eBook gits and access to the breastfeeding special from Yvonne – the senior midwife/lactation consultant – her beginning breastfeeding information is all you may need . .).

    What will this do for you?

    Give you all tools needed for an easier late pregnancy and transition into parenting.

    Want to avoid birth trauma or/and undo any you already have?

    This Welcome Baby care package holds all the ingredients of the Women’s Healing pack – so if you will be pregnant and do need to sort yourself out – let me know the extra drops I may need to add in – as the reproductive healing, after shock, and the gently powerful Bao Mai drops (any heart break needing resolved – from any cause??) may be also added in for you.

    Making happy parents out of pregnant couples

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    When you order, you will instantly get the Manual and 2 MP4′ on massage and what to do to make her life so much easier, plus a guided meditation MP3 that is in two tracks to allow easy sleeping – after the Rebozo and the moxa and using the magnesium roll on – she will be in bliss!

    “What Dads Can Do” (plus Massage DVD)

    DVD – ‘Birthing – What Dads Can Do’

    ‘Reunion’ Guided meditation MP3 (2 tracks)

    Instant access to the informative closed breastfeeding section from Yvonne (senior midwife and lactation consultant)

    Beginning free information to get started with easy breastfeeding here.

    Order your Easy Pregnancy/Easy Birthing Welcome Baby kit here

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