Getting There DVD – 2007

A review of making naturally better babies


Our inner bank account  keeps us on the planet – whilst we have enough ‘credit’.

Jing – the energy that allows babies to be.

The energy instructions are the focus ..
and how to make more sense of what we need to do to make a great foundation for someone else.

Toxins . . – why what worked even 20 years ago in my practice (supplements and even herbs) no longer may. Until we undo the inner clutter within you.
WHAT has messed with sperm so very well?

How to remove toxins from our cells.

It works . . .

I found this because of my vaccine injured baby . .
Here she is.


THE MEN . . .

Sperm – make them better – why?

Your belly – your life

Sperm health . .


The inner food factory . .



Maybe now go and watch the Mercier DVD footage – I know that this is the game changer for most who seek my care.) See below – The Shared Journey.

Transformative Healing – Course Outline


Toxins . .
Does the digestion work?
Emotional upsets?

Tibetan medicine 0f 4 classifications of disease (Feng Shui)??

Vibrational remedies for children and babies and undoing birth trauma

I mention Hot Blood

Cleaning him out – please . . .  making better babies is what we need.


Maybe you need to get the manual?



There there is Opening the Baby Gate . .

Eventually  . .






Declutter  Reset  Restore