Baby – coming too soon

An important conversation in any pregnancy

Often life is a surprise
We can to a certain extent insure against loss – in all of our lives

Follow nature

So many now are forcing instead – and getting unplanned (yet in hindsight) very unhappy consequences of hoping for the best – watchful waiting – and following those who state ‘we don’t know’ – yet who are in the authority/expert seat.

Here I give a simple answer to what is on the rise (CLICK) – one of the many hope against (and watchfully waited to NOT have happen) incident that changes the course of everyone’s lives.


Do we ask . . . . Why too soon?

Likely her body has had enough and can’t do it any more.
We can help – simple – a case to illustrate . .non standard – but from real life.

A case to illustrate – early 80’s.

She had lost 7 babies at around 29 weeks – 38 years ago. She was hospitalised on the expectation of loss again. Her psychic healer found me – I went into the hospital under the guise of changing her nightie (screens drawn so needles inserted) as back then – totally frowned upon. I ‘JUST’ put in Ki 9.
Next week – she was so much better – we walked about (was on strict bed only prior) – to where the patients had  a verandah to smoke!! And I inserted Bl 18 and Liv 14. The next week the baby grew so much and was so vigorous that she was allowed out for a ‘conjugal visit’. They came straight around to me in clinic – as she was not peeing as she should – and I moxa needled Sp 9 – and then had 6 large pees in an hour. Baby continued to thrive and was a C section – alive and well – at 39 weeks. Her psychic was very much also on this case.
May seem like a strange start – but when orthodox has no answers – all keep looking.

What was happening for her?

(Likely V.U.E (CLICK). Back then I had nothing but my 5 element understanding of Qi flow. As a brilliant accessory to the psychic who was calming her Shen to allow life to flourish – as it did.  I have radically changed the outcome for  someone else – after 4 losses including 2 stillbirths –  she had a perfect pregnancy.

Ingredients available and the circulation of these.
Hence I ALWAYS stipulate home work by partner . . . the Stuck Liver Qi Release and the Sacral Moxa fan.
It has saved so many,
See more on this site (CLICK) . .

We can always . . refocus . .

Another case to illustrate – early 90’s

Jill initially came to see me as she had had impacted feces and was on a severe fast/colonic irrigation scheme. She was told that she needed her colon cut away and to wear a bag forever after. She herself was very little/Jing depleted. Her accidental pregnancy ended at 24 weeks. Waters broke and she was in labour . . .
7 years later – she came back as she was pregnant again.

Happened again  . .24 weeks . . .and she saw me whilst bub was still in hospital – she was after session off to get  a very hot curry  she had eaten all through the pregnancy – her favourite.
Question I ask myself – did this initiate the loss of pregnancy? This baby was not as well and needed his own colosotomy bag for his first two years – all ended well – BUT she had nothing like enough Jing to do the job.

What would I do differently/better now?
All the ingredients that I know have saved so many out at the rural setting I have been working with.

Vit D3
iodine and so much more protein and fat . .


Quick answer . .in clinic . .

in addition to the vastly important ingredients issue – and not popping anything else in that is blocking nutrient pathways . . (see what adujvants do).

Take out cold (CLICK)
Take out shock (CLICK) (for more possibly ask me as I have online courses to show yo how easily -stepped through)

Retrieve normal – need to have the template for this – see the course below as this IS a specialty field and is not covered in bio-medicalised TCM college courses.


Fat and protein are the building blocks. Minerals and the vital amines are the cement. Can’t build a wall without both.

Gut bacteria need NO sugar/fruit/foods that convert to sugar.
Likely she is proud of her ‘sweet tooth’/ and eating cold/raw/and/or sweet – all now banned.

Find a good probiotic – and start eating saukraut.

Fish oil – 2 high quality caps daily – and eat more fatty fish – sardines in avocado with heaps of coloured salt is perfect.

Go to warm/nourishing/salty – and bone broths are excellent. If vegan – this will be a test – and it is entirely your choice as to what happens – as failing placentas/pregnancies need fat and protein and a lot of it.

From my 12 + years of work with a ‘high risk’ multi grava elderly population in a cult – I know the ropes – as it is a huge research facility – all eat the same, live a life in common – so when i can undo the damage that they unwittingly have caused – we instantly see the results. . in everyone.

Always – more magnesium – topical application – at least 10 x daily – and iodine – on skin also.

Vitamin D 3 (CLICK) – at least 50,000 iu to start with – this is the beginning of any pregnancy rescue (CLICK) – we make all hormones with fat and sun. Vitamin D is an ingredient and allows life to unfold as it should. It is not a drug. As all are now so scared of the sun – it is so depleted in almost everyone – leading to the epidemic of nutritional deficiencies that were not about a few short decades ago.

See more on what is needed (and for easy lactation) here.

As we use acupuncture – WHAT TO DO?

Follow nature

Miscarriage/early pregnancy loss – always a concern – as when i was taught we were told to leave pregnancy strictly alone as it was a specialty field. Indeed. At acupuncture college in the late 70’s did not match my very new motherhood experience and I knew that there were a few dictates that did matter.
Forbidden points from Dr van Buren (when we were playing a Qi medicine approach not the now usual ‘evidence’ not life based systematised version). The current standard herbalised organ pathology/post PRC /TCM game/ biomedialised /reactive/look-at-labels-not-the-person or their context may need to be reevaluated: I have never used it.

In pregnancy we are laying down life foundations

MAKING the architecture – happens.

We can alter massively the outcome – for both mum and baby.
We can change the blood flow to the placenta and the quality of this and the Jing through improving circulation and getting in better nutrients – that can be being transformed – all about taking out what is not supposed to be in there and adding in what is. SIMPLE!


In all cases I have ever seen I have changed the outcome by paying attention to



Steps in life

Stop and rest.
Take on board what will assist life
More water (never chilled, and not from a tapped source unless there is no fluoride /chloride as you need your iodine to be getting absorbed. I am not sure that tablets are working . . .

WHY? Blocks nutrients . . .
Mum taking a ‘pregnancy ‘ supplement supposedly with iodine in it – I painted Lugol’s 15% solution non and within 3 minutes – what had started off even darker than my most recent patch – was faded to yellow – baby was not getting what mum did not have and her body gratefully grabbed it,
More on why you need ingredients is found on my breasts’ site.

Steps in clinic

Calm the Shen – and often this may be as simple as listening and letting the story (and tears ) flow.
Powerful stuff being present!

Evaluate – cold present? Shock?

Palpate Liv 13 and GB 25 – as you need some markers. Take tongue picture.

Ki 9 – is the go-to point.
Whilst you are getting the cup ready . .
Always pull out cold  there will be some stored. All the extra Yang Qi that could be engaged in life processes is likely tied up holding the store of cold that has invaded out of circulation.


NOTE – Usually I get women to be in pregnancy on their left side – here she is awaiting C section due to placenta previa – so optimal fetal positioning does not apply. We are attending to the holding function of the Spleen Qi – helping to take out what has been such a feature for her – as a past vegan and cold energy foods and fluids.


Here we have a huge problem – so many women go to ICE and cold when pregnant as they have such yin depletion – and water is not the fluid of choice – and is not being drunk in at least 3 liters and at least 1 -2 litres prior to eating in the morning – this is Yin Xu . .

and all the FALSE HEAT (CLICK) is warning you

Eg – feet/legs out of bed covers at night.
Inner heat that is against the cold she may feel on the surface.
A need to only taken cold and she stores all cold/fruit from fridge to her mouth – she is in deep trouble – HELLP awaits – if she lasts the end of pregnancy.
East Asian Traditional Medicine points this out.
We could pay so much more attention!

Just now . .

I have several ‘high risk’ pregnancies that are rapidly becoming normalised.
Simple steps – take out the cold and the shock and build up the Yang the Yin and the Blood – and always offer water all through the session – tongues change life transforms!

She has come in as she knew that she was in deep trouble – HELLP with the twins 4 years ago and gong don exactly same track. in 4 sessions she is a different person – is feeling the cold (that her skin shows she has) and is not craving ice and is feeling sane again. And happy. To be a VBAC a 2 C-sections – I have pulled this off after 4 and then normal home birth – is not a problem – after we have undone what has created the drama – and we support and educate and let nature take over.

Gua Sha’ed the area where her past 2 spinal blocks/failed epidurals have left her (til now) with a deep fear/need to run if touched. Resolved after Gua Sha! Patient education always – she is deeply interested in ‘Fire Heart’ (CLICK) – a book anyone with a birthing interest should get – brilliant work of a traditional Belizean midwife.


May I make a helpful suggestion?

If you wish to know how to easily undo pregnancy woes – perhaps contact me or go straight to this set of online resources? (CLICK)  Wonder why you would? The common problems of pregnancy explained.  . including no need for induction and fetal positioning solutions leading into this – plus of course breech and what to do to have an easy childbirth – for everyone .



We can make a difference – Heartful loving hands and touch . .