What are you feeding your cancer with?

Novel question?


Those habits that got you to here?
Maybe . .
Let go?


We all need optimal conditions to thrive
Cancer to be there at all . .needs you to be fearful – distracted away from life enhancement.

Feed your cancer well . .
Pretend that it is all bad luck – and the the medicos know what they are doing – and that they are right when they say cancer is NOT connected to what you are eating/doing (past do not smoke or drink – themselves self medication for some who have had shocking takes of past trauma, that these activities hold back – though they keep themselves hostage  they are able to live at least ..) .

More on this later. .

Cancer to be Needs

1 – Acid environment

2 – Low temperature

3 – Sugar to feed it.

Also see here . .

Also here – how we make hormones – thyroid – metabolism


BBT – Basal Body Temperature

We make hormones with raw ingredients..
What is a hormone? – Messenger – what message??


NOT enough ingredients or ability to run the unit well most likely . .

Iodine . . me painting it on in a master class of healers in Sydney mid 2019


See more here and here

Too simple!!!!
If we do not have ingredients . .
We get odd things happen . .


What ‘tastes so good’ – to your bad gut bacteria . .

How to break this?

And zero sweet taste . .

Lovely reminder

Maybe look to the courses that will transform your life?
Starting with perineal steaming . .

OR . .

contact me to see how we can work together to

enhance your ability to Live Well.

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