Undoing Adhesions – how to

Adhesion breaking

Obvious when you see how the physical body grow extras to protect itself.

Gluing self together.
Bending over as it tightens with time.

Gentle it away (though the actual move is a bit violent – though not painful).

Viscera is designed to slide and glide.
When it can’t – we solidify slowly.

This is not where we start .  .

Look to the classification of moves (CLICK).

This is NOT a beginner’s move.
So much setting up to win has to have happened – including being aware of the inelasticity of skin in even young people these days.

Please do not do this unless you have done other work on the area first – this is the end of the treatment protocol.

This is the actual hand work – there is so much more to set this up and also to ensure comfort and safety.
Warn then it is a quick move – not painful but surprisingly sudden.
A ripping . .

Initial going over

This is after a session 3 days prior – and multiple castor oil packs – all sorts of our usual administrations.
This is 8th C section in 11 years.

After more work (same session)

Over time – we go down the layers.

We start shallow to eventually become deeper.
Both sides and then over the top – 90 degrees.

A different look

Quang had an accident that necessitated his right kidney that was bleeding internally from being shattered – removed.
Much needling and general Stuck Belly Blood undoing has happened prior to this – and it is still a work in progress.
Each time I work on this he feels more whole on the inside, and can feel vastly more progress in his gut – feeling and function.

Adhesions – in this case unneeded ovary removal 2 years before. (Freak all out about possible ovarian cancer – older women – and unvaxxed – unlikely as we getting mumps as kids protected us.  Adhesions can cause massive pain and body disruption.

Do warn them of the ‘chopping’ movement

She was diligently using castor oil nightly (all night) for a few weeks leading up to this.

Alternative adhesion breaking

Including – on breasts (post mastectomy)

(Thank you Caryl)

Set everyone up to win- must do the sacral moxa fan before the sacral work – finish that off with the castor oil packs and work on the front via the back and vice versa. .  Reminder – the classification of moves (CLICK).