If you are already trained in acupuncture and its uses – bridge your TCM gap

to meridians and playing with Qi

If you are a body worker or someone wanting to know how to use this work

 I take you in a trip through the bodies’ electrical systems

Package contains: the updated versions (PLUS the 2018 originals)

AS WAS . .

  • Self Care (3 courses in itself)
  • Self Discovery (undoing Your OWN Story, tools to help and what to do next – service . . ) PLUS
  • Ethics 2016 – Playing the ‘Fix it’ game.


Soothing, Perineal steaming and What Causes Health

The Living Ligaments package contains all the hand work – from inner growth (Gentle Self Discovery to Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (heart and wombspace) to Living Ligaments I.
This will in the next intake be substantially remodeled ng to small units and run by my graduates. This is the last one I am doing.

AND 2 – Transformative Healing – bridging your TCM gap to meridians and playing with Qi  – HAS MORPHED INTO PRICKLIES – advanced . .. Allows you to immerse yourself in the workshops I have had filmed and edited over the past 3 decades – mostly in a sustainable fashion – go back to nature – as this is our template.

Expect to be able to transform the lives of those who consult with you.

This is essentially Triage – First Aid. .

What has stopped this body from healing itself?

Drop all ‘diagnosis’  instead listen into what the body tells you.

This is a simple (anyone can) formula – take out what is not supposed to be there Let the body heal itself – with your attention to undoing whatever comes up as it clears. The Touch component within – may begin you on your journey to the subtle, profound changes that you can facilitate in anyone.

Heather’s Foundational Moves Through Life Phases

You may wonder what to expect? (CLICK)

You discover by returning to meridian hierarchies how much is possible when you let go of YOUR own limitations.

1 – Reclaiming energy in meridian flows

Redefining what is possible – the anatomy of meridians.

A return to the Classics and what the past and modern masters have bequeathed us,

  • An audio presentation of the summary of Heather’s initial weekend seminar – with the extensive notes and pre and post course questionnaires.
  • The 2007 workshop ‘The Role of the Eight Extras Meridians in Women’s Lives and Maternity’ leads on.

2 – The effect of shock, cold and scars

These 3 invasions of body sovereignty are to be cleared – before ANY attempt at diagnosis is made.

Stored/latent cold – the Reset Your Metabolism – navel cupping in depth explained – multi media.
Extensive scar work in the 3 cases presented in depth.

Remove all emotional charges – muti modality and often with simple needling and moxa work

This is always hands on – and utilizing all forms of acupuncture tools – not just needles.

3 – Clinical Cases

Three very complicated cases presented in simple multi-media format.

Step-by-step visual, text and AV for you to observe how Heather puts all this work together in one session.

Be amazed at what is possible in only one session – as we delve into the past as stored within one body.

Expect ‘miracles’!

Easy when we take out what has been blocking their healing .. .

What to do next? Get started – you will not regret it.

Why not contact me as this is an older version – more soon (End of Sept now)


What will you do if you do not sign up for radical change?

There is more . . .

(‘Living Ligaments’) is for those who want to undo all twisted pelvises allows the free flow of the Bao and the Dai Mai – see more here: (CLICK)


Course Content

  1. Introduction to Transformative Healing
  2. 8 Extras – begin with the beginning
  3. Releasing what is distressing our blueprint’s expression
  4. Transformative Healing work in the clinical setting
  5. Reset Your Metabolism
  6. Navel cupping demos
  7. Different moxa uses
  8. Today’s Context: what has upset our blue print
  9. Self Help resources
  10. Massage Moves for Acupuncturists
  11. 8 Extras/Maternity (2007)
  12. Undoing the Scars of Being a Man
  13. Undoing A Woman’s Life
  14. Obstetrics day (1994)
  15. Acupuncture in Our Time (1999)

What Next?

4 – Practicals . .

Structure Determines Function.

If you are lucky enough to get to one of my retreats or programmes:

A ‘mud map’

If you have completed the practicals – up to LLI – ($3,300) above is what is now in store for you.
How to quickly transform pain and suffering – using a lot more tools.