Stuck Liver Qi Release


1 – Almost no oil on your hands or them – this is not a sliding move

2 – Make sure you and they have been well hydrated – and offer it as this moves lymph. The body will thank you

3 – Slow

4 – Start gentle and work up to it.

5 – About a 15 degree angle as a zig-zag starting from the top and working downwards.

6 – Always start at about the ‘bra line’ around the shoulder blades

7 – End no lower than the ribs end at the waist.

Note – this is not pinching but rolling.


How to


Other side . .
Note the sweep off at the end


On a man – how deep it is possible to go immediately

Always sweep off lightly after – top to bottom

Always with love


To learn so much more – to make life easy

All pain

Structural or gyne or anywhere – as when Liver Qi is not flowing – all hell can and does break loose – esp in any circulatory or anything . .digestive.

Emotionally distressed and generally at wit’s end?
Have someone to do this with/fo you and you will not believe the instant lightness of being.

NOTE – The more stuck you are – the more gentle this is to be done – and the more relief will flood through you when you LET GO!

Anyone can .  ..this is designed for the beginner – as an owner’s manual – in mind.

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