Men’s Healing – practical


A question not often asked.

Neither is – how is sperm made and how can we improve its quality?

Or life itself?

How is health grown/enhanced?

Here I show you simple ways that you can optimise  your chances of all of this.

If you are stymied in making babies:
Look to the sperm – it is half bub – and maybe almost ALL the reason why your babies are held back.

A cynical 3-4% LOOKING NORMAL is now ‘accepted’ by those who take a lot of effort telling women that they are ‘the problem’ – no farmer would never consider having YOUR sperm numbers (Stud bulls must be AT LEAST 90% looking normal – the figured on your semen analysis is WRONG sperm – not good ones. . 95% is what they seem to tell so many – that is 5% looking normal – and is why you are likely reading this.
Farmers would go broke if the played this game with their herds!
Retail industries however are based on this are not on your side – or that of making better babes naturally.


  to this 


and this .. .

Men are half the bub ..  Let us make a huge shift in who you can birth!

Loving Your Man Better – happy gut first

We begin with the engine – is it clean and in perfect order?
‘Happy’ belly workings – leading eventually to the prostate – where the ‘action’ for sperm is. .
(We need to get the entire gut/man happy before we pay attention to his actual baby making factory’.

Lungs working well?

We need to get clear passage for the airways – and undo the congested lymph we all have.




The start to all of my work – get the Qi flowing.

We move onto the checking of structural integrity – the connective tissue – is it strong and resilient?

Or has it ‘let go’?



Why is this so important?
We are not made up from/of bits. .

Gut is what you make all ingredients from  and the sperm is made from what is left over from running YOUR body and life – when you see thrr sperm tests as a report card (ass is her period) then you see thr overall missing piece – life replicates YOU.

YOU need to be the best one you can be. First


Cold exposure and life exhaustion breaks this down. Depending on so many things. .


All flows are governed by the instructions that the physically orientated mechanistic reductionist medical model has missed. Here you are learning how a body can be repaired – by itself – with loving hands.

Always warm up what is being ingested/drunk – so we do not put out the fire in the food factory . .


  This is to be done feather soft and very gently

No forcing – already the issues are not happy.

Very gently – ensuring no continual undoing your good work – no crunches, no sit ups – nothing that will recreate this mess. Why do you not want this ‘6 pack’ look?
It creates weakness not only in the viscera, but also for the back.

So many people are totally unaware that this is happening:

Yet another loss of body integrity – diastasis – muscle separation


Having a separation shows you that the Spleen Qi is NOT strong enough. This will impact on your digestive strength – thus what you can actually do in this life. NOT only due to pregnancy – all ages and any sex.

Weakness in one area is reflected in others

I have noticed that if there is a diastasis – they also likely need a hiatal hernia and an ileo cecal valve correction. Often when I check the lower ileo-cecal valve,  it initially tests fine – till I put the stomach back to optimal – out of the diaphragm. Massive changes in the body from all of this work.

Gentle yet profound

Clear the diaphragm then the lower lymphatics.




Often in this process – to give a break – offer more water to be sipped – and also jiggle gently – plus  offer loo breaks – and suggest that they get up and move around to assist what we are doing here.


At any stage – a very feather soft jiggle can also only help the body to LET GO.
Also wait for a deep breath – and suggest through your modeling this.

Reichian armour bands (ever more rigid bands of fascial protection) that may have served you when in real (or perceived) danger in the past may now be holding you back. Creating pain and blockages to normal functions.

We are aiming at allowing flows to freely flow again . . .

It will help greatly.



Stuck Liver Qi Release

We could start here also – up to you


Beginnings of the back sequence – you can start front or back



We work – very gently and slowly on one, then the the other side.


One side at a time

Undoing the back to release the front


Please do not go straight (to save time) to the prostate moves – we need to wake all that services this area first.
To declutter. Starting moves – wake it all up!





Hopefully it will all go pinker as you encourage circulation


Back to the front

Now to the main event – the prostate clearance to allow all that is ‘family jewels’ to shine again


Please proceed very gently initially.
Warm hands, and ensure he has emptied his bladder

Cut to almost nothing your fingernails.

Do not ever think ‘let;’s just do this bit’ – the body works as a whole and the flows all have to be warmed up prior to this finishing component.

This is extremely invasive for the average man who has had no work done in this area .  Please start slowly – always slower than you think. Also shallow to start with – and always  offer to empty bladder first as you will be going very deeply soon.

We work on the Gall Bladder channel


Once he sits up . .
This is where we store all that is ‘civilised’ out of us expressing.
Leads to the paralysis of Qi flow.
Where it goes – is dependent on each body. .


A nifty trick  .
The apparent bruising is actually ‘Stuck’ from life residue.

Blocking normal flows . . and thus causing pain and lack of movement.



Charts to print out


Please always do this section LAST – do not start in COLD . .


Preferably also after the sacral moxa fan – not essential but very soothing and will move even more.