Opening to birth

Welcome to maternal wonders



The entire course is based on my decades working as an acupuncturist specialisiing in the maternal journey. I attended the births of many women I had helped through their feetility and their pregnancy journeys, to ensure easy and natural (as their wish) was likely.

In this world of allowing natural to shine, there are so many ways you can help yourselves to have an easy time traveling along towards easy birth and beyond.

As a natural health  of helping those who come looking for assurance – from perfect pregnancies to extreme ‘high risk’, often in the shadow of many losses, I found many ways to transform what was traumatic back to pleasant and simple. Returning all back to ‘easy’ as we follow what nature expects –  respectful time spent renovating mum from the inside, gifting her time and space to undo all life residue – clearing out her inner cupboards, so she is as a clean slate to begin loving her new baby, body and life.

Opening to birth



In times past – and in looking at animals in the wild, whilst it is always it is survival of the fittest, nature does not set a mother to fail.

Why am I doing this?
Attending many births in the late 70’s and ’80’s’, I watched dad sidelined as the medical focus was dominant. Starting in the home birth area, the same – mum and the midwife tended to shut dad out. Dad was left feeling like an extra – yet he was the one to go forwards in the new family. There was so much I was doing. Not waiting for things to go wrong, but to ease her path. It was easy to give him jobs – as he was the one with the relationship to her, what she would like and how she lived life.

Coming out of this pivotal life experience – even more in love.


What I wish for you:

As a couple: life will become enriched as you both fall in love with another

As a woman:  as a mum you are primally set up to be always on guard to fend and to cherish, not to see life through a maiden’s eyes. A chapter of life to be closed as the exciting changes of forever living in the moment, attending firstly and always to another – first.

As a man – to easily transform into the open hearted dad who just knows what to do in this new life dance.

As a mammal (mum) – the reason for being – to grow youngster to maturity.

As a mammal (dad) – to be able to find his place easily in the protector/defender of her and their new space.

To be parents: to put another in the forefront of every minute, as they are totally dependent upon your being there.

This may not have been covered in the more medical approach most present.

Please see this as the key to the ‘road map’ of the new life you now have.

The more touch based, the more bonded we all are.


Regardless of where are you at in pregnancy journey – likely you have questions.

Maybe even little irksome things that could do with a tweak.


Ideally pregnancy progresses with few hassles – you have never felt so god!

Perfect, vibrant health.

We need to start very well – and the new task goes on in the background.

This may not have been your experience.


Using the information in the accompanying material, should allow you and your partner to easily negotiate the remaining time you are growing baby into an easier ride for all of you.

That is my intention.


Return to perfect, and all is then easy.

Need to have a health awareness to be able to do this well.

Start from optimal health.

Trust in your body’s ability to make this happen.It is designed to replicate.

Take out any doubts.

Believe in nature.

No need for management.

Great need to be working with your body and nature, to bring this process into perfection.


Let us begin!


Housekeeping – ho to negotiate this

It is different
Suspending judgments


Start with what is Qi?
The feeling of it flowing?
Undoing what may be stuck


Pain – what is it and why?
Simple belly moves – if possible to start.
Healing power of touch (inc meridians and undoing stuck)

Cold and its role in stagnating energy and blood flows.


The progression of a well pregnancy (easy pregnancy)

What may ‘go wrong’ (uneasy pregnancy)

Nutrient unavailability – not there – or – can’t use

Circulation issues – both will signal the need for change by giving you pain.

Easing back to perfect





Ensuring all just flows ..


The process of birth

Healing afterwards – The Golden Month (at least) normal return to life

Extra assistance needed – when things went ‘wrong’.

Uneasy outcomes