There are 17 different written accounts of the Thieves in the 1700’s (at least one is a 15th Century version).

They were merchants (spice traders) importing cinnamon and clove form India.

When the plague hit, the King sent out a mandate stopping all trade. In order to continue making money, they set up a pawn shop trade, selling items they robbed from the dead bodies.

The King ordered the constables to capture the thieves, but the constables were afraid of the thieves because they had been in contact with the dead bodies. A couple of constables were put to death for refusing to follow the King’s orders.

Finally the 4 thieves were captured, and their secrets revealed.

It’s not certain which spices were being used by them, but most likely they included Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove. Each of the 17 versions tells different stories of the oils used. One version mentioned wormwood, meadowsweet, wild marjoram, sage, cloves, campula roots, etc. I decided to make my own version.

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Colds, flus and illness produce lots of acid, which in turn produces mucus which accumulates in the pancreatic ducts. This leads to fibrocystic conditions and low grade inflammation. If the body accumulates mucus, we have a problem. Mucus in excess in the mesenchymal tissue is the primary cause of nasal polyps (an acid condition). It also contributes to certain tumors in the body.

Thieves oil blend dissolves excess mucus in the body (fluid acids and hardened mucus), attacking inflammation and suppressing the microphages from producing nitric oxide acid.

Excess stress leads to increased cortisol levels. The body then stimulates the microphages, which produce nitric oxide acid. This enters the body and leads to polyps and tumors, etc. Polyps are simply hardened mucus acid.

Vinegar and olive oil are used as emulsifiers for essential oils. Vinegar neutralises acid.

A great way to ingest Thieves is in 2 oz (60ml) of raw apple cider vinegar. The “raw” variety has the culture still inside it – you can see it in the bottle. Take this first thing in the morning, and it resets the stomach pH. You can also possibly take it in the evening. This helps to decrease the acid levels of the body, and re-establish proper balance in the body.

The 4 Thieves vinegar formula was used up to 1793 for treating yellow fever. In 1780, they started experimenting with antibiotics. By the 1800’s, everyone used antibiotics instead.

Use Thieves spray on public toilet seats, but make sure you wipe it off before you sit on it. If you forget, rest assured you will never forget a second time!

Thieves ingredients are:

  • Clove – contains 75+% eugenol – a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anaesthetic. Clove has camphor and borneol verbanone together. This is amazing as an antibacterial agent.
  • Camphor carries the other compounds in deeper.
  • Rosemary officianalis – contains 1,8 cineol (also found in Clove oil), which is a powerful antibacterial and anti-viral agent
  • Eucalyptus radiata – for respiratory infections (this was not used by the thieves, as it was not available in those days)
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon – second to none in its antiseptic action – is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. Has a Vitamin P action, so it’s good for microcirculation, especially around the eyes. It is high in coumarins, so it’s good for the bloodstream. Citrus oils help to increase lymphocyte production in the body, thus stimulating the immune system.

Thieves essential oil is caustic to the nose, so just run the diffuser for 15 to 20 minutes then turn it off. You can’t afford not to have a diffuser in your home.

Journal of essential oil research 10:517-523 (Sept/Oct 1998). Tested 3 bacteria which were all significantly killed by diffusing Thieves oil blend.

You will find details of these studies in your Essential Oils Desk Reference (in the alphabetical list of oils at the front, under Thieves oil).

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