Usually you just learn to ‘put up with’
Here I give you a choice – Imagine life flowing

Change what you are doing

Totally up to you.

They are your blockages and they may no longer be serving you.

Pain – why take something to stop you feeling – why not get your flows back?

Depression – of your own energy ? Life force blocked? Move through it!

Lethargy – can’t be bothered? Probably you need a recharge!

Anxiety – crippling and not allowing you to move forwards as you are stuck in this place?

Sounds like Stuck Liver Qi to me –

stress-stuck liver qi

Here is what to do:

Move it . .

Easy steps

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Take the course
Feel your flows flow immediately
May be also look to investing in taking out all the heavy metal and extras that are messing with nutrient absorption (why you even eat). See here  The focus was wellness not weight loss – that just happened as my body cleaned itself of what was blocking healing and wellness.

How I undid my ‘extras’/inner contamination 

allowing a weight loss of 7 kg in 7 weeks 

with no change in diet or exercise – not too good to be true – was what happened when I followed the advice I am giving you here. Small sacrifice to get back into my clothes of a decade ago and have a body that worked so much better

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At least get the sleeping and the reactivity back to calm and peaceful . .