Men’s Jing Markers revisited

Wondering about male fertility?


I have been also . .
In traveling around the world, learning and teaching there is what I offer.

Fix the HOT BALLS and COOL BBT is the answer.

The Shared Journey – what I went to Chicago to partake in a few years ago.

Dr Mercier does nothing with the men though . .

And we do not need more women’s tinkering . . (See cases below)

Want to plunge back into how things were prior to the past 40 years – when men made sex dangerous by being so explosive with great wrigglers?



Where to start?
At the beginning HIM


Or lack of vitality – as sperm are his Alpha male contribution to the herd/tribe.

Not only showing as problem sperm.
They are just an instant report card of what is happening  much like a woman’s period is, but how it was set up.

To illustrate . . .

You may not be aware . . Hot Balls . .
Fry the sperm and the entire process becomes academic – what they look like in a test as they are not too useful . .

How to read sperm tests – and what is really going on on the tests . .(Says me who has been working in this since prior to IVF and there even being a number to work on – remembering that stud bulls must be at least 90% to be even considered. I have yet to have a man come in with cool balls – they all are dads – puts paid to that medical excuse that SHE is too old/fat/thin/neurotic/endo afflicted. . .  .whatever .

Case 1

A young couple came in
I am more interested in – his temps.

BBT 36.2 anal. (Ideally 36.7/8 C)

Testes 35 and 36 C (Ideally 29 C)

Whilst she had PCOS and all sorts of usual modern issues –  she was not ovulating till late (45-50 day cycle) but was making good ovulation mucous. With Mr Fertile she likely would have been a mum.  A year of actively trying ..  both 24 they see me. Him in a health mess – thinking he is well.

I only see couple as together and as an intensive where I go back to their past and work through all that may have bring them to where they are so concerned – her in floods of tears and anxiety all month. Him not knowing that HE had nothing to make even a miscarriage with.

Apparently hopeless?
No . .
Now . . for several months

Testes mainly 31 occ 30

(Ideally 29 but vastly better than 35/36C)

BBT 36.8. (perfect)

She had a 28 day cycle. (She was so impressed with that .. .)

Next a 33 day one – very upset – but I pointed out after asking questions that she had had a ‘chemical’ pregnancy – this time around – no period – she is pregnant.

Now after 5 months of preparation – she is pregnant.
How did we do this?


My intensive process – is at least 3 hour sessions (6 of)  – together.
Close together. I also individualise herbs to be taken for months after the intensive.

And a monthly session (at least 2 hours on both) They are much healthier.

Remember – his starting sperm test was 2% normal.
I have no idea what it is now. Not one of the men who are so excited now to be dads have done the after conception test – but all have had cool balls and a normal (36.7/8C BBT). but I said to both of them to wait  and to not ‘try’ till he had had 3 months of cool balls . .

His anal BBT went up fairly rapidly – with my sperm recipe – exercise and basically living as his granddad did.

Now we manage the pregnancy so she has abundant Blood energy so all post baby life is easy.

Case 2 – Devout Hindi/Hare Krishnas, sex only happens to make babies and only allowed x1 monthly even then. She had a very disorganised cycle and this knew babies were to be made may be a very tricky business at best.

He came in with 4% normal, 50% dead and 269 million/ml.

AND  . . .Warm balls. BBT too low.

I got them to clean out their lives as I usually do – and to take the liquid activated zeolites to clear out what was .. . saw them both a while – he had astonishingly bad head aches – and after I sent him to a Atlas Axis Prophylasis therapist – no more – he was stunned – the neck/head junction was wrong.

They just came back to see me. She had acute upper right back pain. We had to be do careful as her body was so distressed.  Fixed that in the one session – womb attachments making a drama of the lack of resources/stress the family had recently been under. Post C section, she has adhesions.

I learned that it took two months that is TWO ACTS OF SEX!
The day has to be auspicious – lots of permutations happen – and it was a 10 of 10 day

That baby is now 9 months old.

She did not come back to see me after they had decided they had been coming enough (!). All her homeopathic ad energy workers missed the ingredients (nutrients) and flows (circulation) part of the deal . .

In pregnancy she stopped work 3 months in, as she was not coping . .
No nausea, but she needed to rest . .
She had a tortured time with shingles on belly when pregnant and was conned into a C sections as ‘the baby is tracking small – and thus at 39 weeks was extracted at 2.8 kg – of course not due for about 3 weeks and she as an almost vegan – so really – as they are small Indians – what was expected to be their normal? She had it. And got wrecked.

Of course from there – it all ‘went south’ – and she also had D-MER . .(revulsion of lactation really). Pumped what she had (not enough) for 6 months and formula also – and very distressed at not being able to do it normally.

What to do?


People come and do what they feel to . . Education even of the therapists does not get too far as the dominant reality seems to listen to those who make $$ by messing with people – and then on forever after. No farmer would be using these studs. . and also would be ensuring that the ‘breeding units’ were gifted the best to make the best.

Want to know more?

(How can you get these results and better?)

Contact me to see where your special interests an intentions lie.

If you wish to have CPD and want to spend a lot of time on the online courses – there is the entire programme on eLotus – take the Moving Blockages (MB) 1 and 2 then Easy Babies (EB)1 and 2
MB 3 and 4 EB 3 and 4, EB 5 and 6.
As they were recorded. .it forms a continuum along with all that is on the stable of my products.
The free Wisdom Tube ones were done up as tasters of the weekends and as such are snippets.

Also leads to miscarriages and ‘medical’ terminations.

Want to have an easy ride in pregnancy?
May need to build good foundations . .

Start with the temperatures. . .

Like Climate Change – this is not sustainable!


Pregnancy . . .
Much like building a house . .
Start as you mean to end  . . with the  best possible.