Not fancying another pregnancy as you were so sick last one?
Too scared to even think of being pregnant again?

Basically – stop creating the problem!
Simple – when you know how a well gut works.
You do not have to suffer!

Let us love your body and your baby back to health together.

This is the foundation time.
Focus on being the best that you can be.

The most important person in this pregnancy is your baby.
His/her architecture is being laid down.

Maybe ask yourself:
“Will it be OK to grow a baby with so few resources on hand?”


What I am about to disclose may surprise you
It is NOT what is no longer/currently ‘common knowledge’.
It may go against what you may believe to be ‘health’ advice.
Go back one generation – this is what we all did. .
(And probably lived without the dramas you see now as being what to expect when expecting  ..)

Let’s go back to what we (as your parents/elders) expected (and got) .

Easy pregnancy – easy birth – easy maternity – easy breast feeding – easy baby – easy life

Here I am talking of what can be an interesting trip – back to health.

Do what everyone was doing:

before they were told what always worked as not ‘safe’ . .

You know – what grannie said?



1 – Avoid all cold exposure . .


“Old wive’s tale” – or the truth?
Can’t grow a ‘bun in a fridge’  – you need your ‘oven’ to work.

By not cooperating with your need to eat it is telling you ‘not happy’.

It is your job – stop freeing your food factory so you can get on with your life making the best baby possible.


2 – Ban all that is sweet tasting

(“But I like it!!”you may say)
Instead  at fat – and slat (coming up)
Fat eaten turns to hormones, and a better brain and nervous system for you and baby.
Also allows other nutrients to work – minerals (coming up) and vitamins that are vital for life.

3 – Minerals . .

We need them.

Access to ingredients allows better babies (and you) to flourish.
There is nothing ‘alternative’ or even ‘complementary’ about ingredients to make a baby – or you healthy.
Here I suggest topical use for ease of assimilation – quite separate to your not being able to eat to grow better you or baby. . When you are really ill – there is no need to worry about absorption.

These two changes together alone (assuming that you are not adding in cold and sweet) will probably allow easy eating.

Also keeping it down happily.

 Magnesium and iodine . .

Health is the province of the ones who tend. Mums and gardeners and old style farmers . .
(Why ask those ones who have no idea what causes nausea)?
They will say – expect it. Health is outside their scope of practice.
Medically trained people are giving personal opinions. They are not trained in wellness return or in health creation.

4 – Salt

Do you want to have a gut that is happy?
You need salt.

I am speaking only of coloured salt – especially if you can find the Ayurvedic version.

Please throw out ALL that is white (to eat) in the kitchen.

Do everything differently. (What have you got to lose?)

You may be surprised – as all of this works . .


Please download you FREE posters with reminders of what to do

What you want . .
What nature can provide (if you follow what is expected of your body, by your body – listen to its wisdoms).

Easy pregnancy – easy birth – easy maternity – easy breast feeding – easy baby – easy life




1 – How does your work differ from what is out there already?

Heather: I see the deviation from perfect health as being a body warning.
I suggest that we heed these.

I look at what is possible – not hope the worst does not happen.
It may – if you wait and see.  ..

Help yourself make a better baby naturally. Do not expect trials when pregnant.
All women should bloom when they are making another person.
If this is not you – your body is not able to do it perfectly (yet).


2 – Can you guarantee this will work?

Heather: (“What does ‘work’ mean to you?”)
To me – the best baby possible to be made
You – being so healthy that being pregnant is not a hassle.

The results are totally in your hands.
You could change your ways
And stick to these changes

What created this problem will do so again if you revert to what you are presently doing.


3 – Is it safe?

Heather: What is safe for your baby with you in this state?  (To be not able to nourish yourself)

Is it safe to wait out this time in such a state (not healthy) whilst you are making someone else?

Maybe also not able to live in your life?
Look after yourself and your family?

Not make the best inner ‘bank’ to use when baby comes?
(You do want to be sleeping and sane and breastfeeding and being happy)

My question to you . .

Is health the medical scope of practice?
Heather: This is ‘common sense’ – what all gardeners and farmers and people of old knew . .

Your health and that of the baby you are making are the essence of an easy pregnancy , birth and life together.
IT IS NOT SAFE to stay in the state you are presently.

Your body is giving you warnings.

Is it safe to ignore them is the right question . .
As with building a house – good beginnings . .

Then there is  . . .

“I want.   . “

Heather: This is not about you.
Is about eating heaps of what makes good foundations – for you as a mum for the rest of your life.

For the baby as this IS his/her life you are creating.

What you actually want . . .

Easy pregnancy – easy birth – easy maternity – easy breast feeding – easy baby – easy life

Steps . .

What to do next?

Once you have no nausea – there is more.  .
One woman was so upset once I had stopped her miscarrying – she then had her focus on her extreme morning sickness.
After all that work getting her pregnancy stable – now she wanted to NOT be pregnant (her hyperemesis was that bad).
I am sure that you can relate.

This could be the diabolical pain in your pubes or your back . .
Help is at hand

Once the central survival is assured – then there is comfort.
And so many people (as with pregnancy nausea) say – “it will be right once you have had baby”.

What about seeing this from a body perspective?
Health is my focus – your baby is the central figure.
If your body is calling out for help – why ignore it?
The nutrients needed and the circulation flowing of these to where are to go is not happening (so there is pain and dysfunction).
Instead of managing it and feeling better yourself – why not go for perfect?
Totally possible – as when pregnant and you are making someone else’s ‘building’ to live in all their lives.

You are also renovating your own . .
So make this time count!

Help is at hand

Interested in knowing more?

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