Is a neurotoxin (kills nerves)

It is added into vaccines to make the body notice the dead antigen.
This causes often lifelong corruption of normal body functioning – not ‘just’ the immune system ‘on the blink’ forever.

When there is money not health involved we get interesting ‘takes’ on science ..see below

Published on 11 Aug 2015

Paul A. Offit, MD, discusses why aluminum is in vaccines and the safety of those small amounts.

Visit the Vaccine Education Center to learn more about vaccines,

He sounds sensible and credible
(And of course let’s pretend that they are NOT vaccinating Ki failure patients).

Aluminum is an adjuvant in vaccines, there’s only one study to show effects it could have on humans INJECTED (less than 3 minutes)

Mouse study all there is

Melatonin vs The Dangers Of Aluminum(less than 3 minutes)

Liepzig April 2016 Symposium
1 – The toxic effects of Al (UK)
(9 minutes

2 Physico-Chemical Properties of Aluminum Adjuvants
(13 minutes)

3Cellular Uptake of Aluminum Adjuvants

(UK 14 minutes)


4 Conclusion Sessions Q and A 1-3

5 Aluminum Adjuvant Neurotoxicity and Brain Translocation in Mouse Model
(25 minutes) (France)

6 –  Positron Emission Tomography of the Brain in Patients with Alum-Induced Macrophagic Myofasciitis (France)

(22 minutes)

7 – Is There Objective Evidence that the Current HPV Vaccination Programs are not Justified?


(21 minutes)

8 – ??? – Probably one of the “10’s” here

9  – Molecular Mechanisms in Vaccine Induced Autoimmunity (Italy)

Same as

(27 minutes)

10 – New Insights in Ovine ASIA Syndrome: Clinic pathological Changes in Experimentally Induced Animals–wkV8 (Spain)

(25 minutes)

10 (2) – Severe Somatoform and Dysautomatic Syndromes after HPC Vaccination (Italy)

(10 minutes)

11 – Primary Ovarian Failure and HPV Vaccine (Israel)

(20 minutes)


12 – Chronic CFS after HPV 

(22 minutes)


13 –  Severe Cases of ASIA Syndrome (Mexico)

(10 minutes)

Q and A 10 – 13

(3 minutes)

14 – Aluminum Adjuvant Neurotoxicity and Brain Translocation in Mouse Model (Portugeze)

(20 minutes)


In case we wonder . .

Where is truth?
Squalene . .

“Direct Order” Documentary (Full) – Soldiers Ordered To Take Anthrax Vaccine & Got Brain Damaged