A wake up call . .

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

Do you realise that cancer is a symptom of something else?

Unless you get to that you regardless of what therapy choices you make – will return. .

Many have and instead of reacting with fear and being lead into medical manipulation, they have pondered how it happened and what they could do to alter their life course. Many publish this – see here for one such story.

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening.

Anxiety and stress will only add ill health to your already weakening body systems.

What you need is to stay positive and find out what you can do to begin your journey to health.

There is so much out here that will help you – if you can get out of the fear based/profit sickness industry.
if you want to help yourself – perhaps start here The first video clip is no longer available – the next two to date are still there and very easy to understand. You are not alone.

What is Cancer?

The first disease is fear – second is the cancer ..

Cancer is a word that really covers over 100 different diseases.

In essence, the body has lost its way and is not in control.

Cancer is often defined as:

a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.

Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer”.

What might be needed to get your health back?

Here I have started an info site that may help you should you be diagnosed, a loved one close to you may be and you wonder what else to do, or you may have been living apparently cancer free.

Heather’s Research

Here I have replicated a research uni assignment I did.

We were to look at cancer from a different viewpoint each week:

  • The Patient
  • The Oncologist
  • The Oncology Funder

Through the lens of research .  ..

We were given a paper to read, about cancer patients in a regional NZ hospital (in 2003) and how they used CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

Below is the process, as a blog,  I went through researching (as a practitioner, granted, so I had a different focus than maybe others may – I had a head start . . as I have for decades been part of many people’s journey through cancer and dying and rebirth.

In the posts that follow you will see these acronyms used often:

  • CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • WOM – Western Orthodox Medicine

The Patient

What do we want after surviving the medical onslaught?

As a closing to this section as a prospective patient, I know that I have learnt much. I did it without a potential cancer diagnosis though. I could trawl the net and get interested in side issues. I also have spent all my adult life dispensing health care when there...

Why is sensible living called ‘CAM’?

I have learned a lot this week about research; especially how easy it is on the net, cancer, and how life weaves us all together to make more of us than we were apart. I agree that Chrystal et al published in January 2003 does seem to miss a lot. Being so dated, I...

Role of Toxins*

Further to what we may think ‘healing’ is (as opposed to being here 5 years later) I am doggedly going through the inherent assumptions still. When we do not investigate what lead to the cancer showing up, we miss what to do to help ourselves heal. We may then also...

Who is the ‘expert’?

The medically trained GP or medical oncologist – Is it possible to expect that any one person can possibly access and then retain all that is needed for all types of conditions? This is where the Internet has liberated the general population. Looking for age-adjusted...

Characteristics of a Cancer Patient

Dr Ruth Cilento, whose great book “Heal Cancer” is available from http://www.ruthcilento.com/heal_cancer.htm has is stated on her site ‘This is not alternative medicine, it is the basic physiological way to go.’ Dr Cilento in ‘Heal Cancer’ (sorry my library is all...

What is Cancer?

I have put myself in the position I would find myself as a nearly 60 year-old woman in the First World, who discovers she has a fairly common cancer (non Hodgkins lymphoma). In this last year, a dear friend has begun this very journey, and a sister –  with breast...

The Oncologist

Stop CREATING the cancer . . .

I looked at this last night and instantly thought – this is very hard to not see it as a class issue. The elephant in all discussions on CAM ‘health’ care. Those who pay  – can. Those who don’t know – keep doing what is creating their problems. What cost starting up...

Is oncology as we know it sustainable?

In the first part of my assignment, looking at oncology as a patient, I discovered a very inconvenient truth: the  increased survival rate after 5 years from the very expensive and toxic to life conventional cancer therapies is only 2.3%. In this series of posts I...

What would an oncologist glean from research into CAM?

Most medical practitioners using CAM after having had a shorter training in this life affirming specialized field than those who work exclusively under the banner of being a CAM practitioner. With my acupuncturist’s hat on currently, I would go further and say that...

Why Would an Oncologist Look to CAM?

I have had an incredible time reflecting in modern medical practice in the light of the first week’s research. As a research project, I know how much time I have ut into this so far, I ask myself, as  I start the second week to investigate where and how oncologists...

Placebo Effect

In research currently undertaken, they triple blind if possible – what we believe gets in the way . .. so there is a patient, a therapist and the data collector. All who will have beliefs/energy on the outcome – and maybe can alter this . . “The physician’s belief in...

‘Hopeless’ Cases From Clinic

As the health care professional, I have worked as the end stage professional health carer for many over the past three decades in AIDS and cancer, and I am well aware we have not yet covered on this forum what stage of ‘cancer’ the ‘patient’ is at. What if there is...

The Treatment Funder

Sustainable medicine?

We seem to be branching out and saving the world well here. Thanks for pointing me to http://ethicalnag.org/2012/03/06/the-new-therapeutics-10-commandments/. Having worked on the idea of sustainable medicine for a few days now, I found that Dr Robert Verkerk’s article...

How much does it cost to live consciously in your own life?

The question – ‘what is CAM?’ It does not have to be a service with a fee attached.  This is where I have been leading in the past few weeks. An answer to any query re costs with CAM (living consciously to affirm life). The reader may see how cheap living to heal life...

What are you going to do now?