This is dependent upon our ability to transform aspects of air, water and solid materials, incorporating their structure and their energy into that which we can use for our continued existence.

How well we achieve this, the quality of the results, and our personal expression of who we are, are all direct results of our Kidney energy, and beyond this, our Jing’s ability to support us here in a body. As we age, life experiences affect us less because we have developed tools to shield ourselves and make sense of life. As we grow into maturity, the foundation of a strong constitution – a steady, nurturing environment and an orderly, safe passage into learning how to be a productive member of society, as well as discovering enjoyable purpose for our lives – allow for maximum blossoming of Jing.

The Kidney Qi (energy) in our body supplies and moderates all aspects of everything that keeps us intact as a physical form. It is the source of our Yang (metabolic) and Yin (regenerative) energies. The strength of these is a measure of the quality and quantity of our Jing – itself underpinning our physicality, which is stored within the Kidney complex. How we appear to others is a projection of the health and strength of our Jing.

The strength and healthy life of our hair, bones, teeth, mental stability and intellectual capacity, our easy reproductive histories and our own rude good health, are all indicators of the strength of our Jing. Our rates of aging, along with rates of metabolism and reproduction, are held in the ‘hormonal’ areas within the brain and spinal cord. They are governed by Kidney Qi and can be influenced entirely by the choices we make for our lives.

Therefore, they are not preset by ‘genetics’ (the absolute possibilities available to us), but by what we do with ourselves (how we let the genes express themselves). Eventually, the strength of our own reproductive vigour and the rate of our gradual decline (aging) are all measures of our genetic inheritance, as influenced by our life and subsequent choices. We can make a huge difference to infant outcomes by pondering these principles, and changing our habits accordingly. Thus we see our states of disease (and wearing out) are totally in our own hands – not a matter of luck at all.

Our store of Kidney Jing and Blood should be sufficient to nourish us without drama, until the eventual decline of the physical structure. In other cultures and at different times, where physical survival was a constant battle against the elements and warring tribes, this aging process was completed more rapidly. In such cultures, in order to maintain the population, childbearing began at puberty, mothering was well established in the 20s, menopause arrived in the 30s and possible death in the early 40s.

In our times, we are generally well nourished in safety and comfort, and thus our life span is lengthened. It is the quality of our lives that is the issue for us, because living in civilisation gives us choices, under the illusion of impunity, that go against natural laws. This is a large part why improving your health also improves your and your partner’s chances of being parents, and of very well babies. Evidence of physical aging related to depletion of Kidney Jing is highlighted by the deterioration and eventual loss of teeth, hair, bone structure, mental acuity and youthful complexion.

Paying scant attention to the state of your Jing and Blood, especially allowing over-bleeding and constant non stop activity without thought of self care, wears women down. This creates a life difficult ending, often with her degenerating slowly (and, medically speaking, apparently unluckily) over decades.

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