What is a Vaccine?

A vaccine is a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease


How effective are vaccines?


It’s natural to want to understand the potential risks of vaccination, especially when the benefits are invisible.


Vaccines are often made from human aborted cells?
Does this mess with your baby’s blood/genes?
Does anyone know?

Read more about vaccine ingredients


Perhaps you may want to try to prove me wrong when I say that we could increase what the body needs and take out/not expose our children to what they do not.

Here is not anecdotal, but real results of the German study (is very difficult as where is the large pool of totally unvaccinated (and very well) children to test against)? Anecdotal is parents as myself who held off vaccinating for what we believe are parenting wisdom reasons – and then when we did vaccinate – we see how less well our children become. And how well they were prior to the vaccination – who holds off to=il the body is exposed to all foods to see what the natural immune system is able to do = and why not?

Parents would start vaccinating at least not til 2 or 3 months old – never when teething or when the baby/child was ill and not at all if there had been a family reactions to any vaccination – that alone would cut down all who may have ‘mitochondrial’ issue – and why not just expose all to more of what we need?
Minerals , esp magnesium – as these undo toxins and carry them out of the body – as does Vit C and Vit D allows DNA/RNA to heal – so why is there no song and dance about improving your babies and children’s health?


‘Herd immunity’ is only when all ARE NOT vaccinated – so our natural immunity works.
Perhaps start researching instead of accepting the ‘party line’ as we are all able to heal from all that happens to us – IF we take out what is not supposed to be there and add in what is.
Does anyone remember how ill we were ill going back 60/50/40 years ago?
Visiting the doctor was almost unheard of – mums knew what to do at home and trusted Nature and what had always worked in their own families growing up themselves . ..

To vaccinate or not?
And when?

Should you perhaps ask a few other questions first? Perhaps have a look at how you make a great baby – naturally . .. What about the awkward problem of adverse drug reactions – just for starters? Is anyone doing informed consent and advising you of what is on the package inserts of the products that they intend to force into your precious new persons’ blood stream at such a vulnerable age?

Why not actually look to health enhancement through being a healthier parent/eater/carer of yourself and others as a counterbalance – and even investigate how and why people sicken?

Looking at routine interventions and what long term multi generational and epigentic changes may happen? Is anyone interested in making sure their grandchildren are as well as their own parents were?

Who asks why parents do not vaccinate – or why do they delay it til their baby is older?  Some parents have spent a lot of resources investigating what is best for their child, and they chose to choose life. Go with nature. Not fear – but actively enhancing wellness.


When well, any immune attack from the outside is repelled. When the attack comes from within, from having been vaccinated and having now a corrupted immune system, this often sets up a lifelong misery as the body attacks itself. Why is this not mentioned? I can’t answer this. Why are so many who are pro life (enhance the immune system with great nutrition, conscious preconceptual health care and ensuring natural all the way) parents demonised? One man’s story – his daughter now Diabetes 1 from the vaccine  . . forever injured for what? What does vaccination do to your child? Really?

Does not what I do with my children reflect in their health?
Does not what you choose to feed yours reflect in how well or not they are?

How do we get sick?

Another infrequently asked question . .
By not being well and being without a strong immune system. How can that be when it is attacked the instant the baby is born with all the chemicals that cause neurological and immune system damage? Perhaps read here.

Perhaps becoming more informed so this does not happen to your family is what you may wish to do. It has happened to so many others who thought that they were doing good, only to find out later that they were not informed sufficiently.
Perhaps ask yourself – why are there no answers to these questions?
Specifically – why is there no testing for the ever increasing numbers of highly toxic vaccine ingredients and why is there no testing to see how they potentise each other – making the sum of the parts so much more dangerous – and injected with bullying tactics – into the most vulnerable members of our clans?

What about the new disease and the epidemics of sickened babies/children  where their relations in the past were well?  Could it be that we have forgotten chemicals and unnatural substances in a newborn’s bloodstream is poison? http://www.ageofautism.com/2011/09/the-age-of-polio-how-an-old-virus-and-new-toxins-created-a-man-made-epidemic-.html

Why you may choose to hold off vaccinating – please research yourself.

Do all the side effects not scare you? Won’t happen to your child?
What about – does it work?

Randomly I found that 97% of kids catch chicken pox (and what is the drama here anyway). Give them more Vit C (at least 10 grams over a day sipped), use lavender oil on the blisters, soak them in an Epsom salts bath and give them more green juices than usual and no sugar and all is well. Easy home nursing from long ago when we all got chicken pox, far better when little than older, and the immunisation is for life – unlike being vaccinated every 5 years with all those extras going into the body.

At least perhaps demand the safety studies for newborn (none ever done)

Ask yourself about relative risk – how likely is it that the vaccination process will damage your baby? Why NOT wait and keep breastfeeding? A very healthy mum = a very healthy baby. Can’t breastfeed? Perhaps wonder in this day and age why not, as that is what breasts are there for. What broke birth? Something must have as hormonally as we can’t NOT make milk after natural birthing.

Ask perhaps for safety studies (not ones showing there are antibodies in the blood) but actually – ones where it shows categorically that children are better off – not catching he disease they have been vaccinated against – as again – these have not done and they STILL catch whatever – as their immune systems are not working as they should – ever again. Perhaps go back to what always worked – good health first.

Starting with natural birthing and child rearing practices – not medicine and vaccines and antibiotics – but wellness. Great food, no sugar, drinking only water – no juice, or ‘soft drinks’, outside activities, plenty of sun, early to bed: the sort of life that was normal way back when and very few vaccinations were required. . . not for the childhood disease that allow us to flourish with strong immune systems. Ask all those over 40 who had measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox – do we know anyone who was damaged? Of course not – as we all had these when we needed to – under 5 and all are fully ‘immunised’ for life – as long as others about us keep getting these disease so we are boosted naturally.

I am trying to answer a key question – why is it that so many are so much sicker and harder to help than when I started out 35 years ago in practice?

Rates of asthma, allergies, anaphylactic shock, autism, childhood not well – and not learning or taking their place in the wider community – and all those with life long cancers and auto immune disease – these are recent in the history of people – why is this?

What about all the possibilities of the ingredients – separate to the heavy metals which I have covered elsewhere? Look possibly here to the adjuvants . .

Se what Dr Susan Humphries says on this http://drsuzanne.net/dr-suzanne-humphries-vaccines-vaccination/

What Dr Russell Blaylock has been studying – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiFqwzxKqp0

And here to the adverse affects reporting – just in USA – and these are over 20 years ago – it is only accelerating . .

  • is this what we buy into with the fear campaigns?
  • are the children who are vaccinated really healthier?

This is your question to answer before you obligingly do what many of us have – and regretted later.

Some of the answers are found here.

Perhaps also look to what others are concurrently uncovering – this a very large jig saw puzzle – and while we listen to those who have no idea about what makes a person more healthy – we are in for more trauma as your loved ones fail – and we do not know what to do as we have all as a society become so disempowered.

This looks like a strong intro – please investigate all your inner reactions –

  • as do you really ‘know’?, or
  • are you continuing with what is out there in the public domain – with heaps of emotive manipulation through your ignorance and fears – as this is how the vaccination lobby is – anti, not pro life?

More strong words – perhaps investigate yourself and then see how you feel – as I have been watching a serious and irreversible decline in people’s ability to heal – and of course to question – and reactive thinking in addition to reactive medicine is not in your best interests.

Brain reactions – and what to do to heal these.

Glutathione – magnesium, iodine  .  .

‘We all know’ – as we actually are not looking at the science, or what always worked – down through the ages. This is why I suggest you read all from all the links on Vit C and watch all the footage on Vit D page (all scared of the sun now) and begin possibly here – what does the body expect of our immune systems?

Maybe stand back and ask some questions.

Where was the world as we know it, before the vaccination push really?

Also possibly ask for real informed, not DISinformed consent

The Greater Good? Collateral Damage? Your child?

It may all sound radical but if it is your child that wins the bad lottery – vaccination damage – you then will see the misinformation campaign for what it is – not health or life affirming.

Often there is little science to back up what is being touted as the best possible protection for all. Asking yourself – how did nature set us up to win?, may be highly informative for you.

To help make a more informed decision with what is essentially the most important aspect of parenting – please start here – www.smartvax.com and here www.safeminds.org

Starting to question and not be such a conformist may save you a lot of grief – perhaps start with the history of vaccines.

I now have a Pregnancy App that is to help all with easy answers to infrequently asked questions – and a site that gives more resources on immunity.

It may seem like professional suicide to open open my mouth.

I spend a lot of my time in practice trying to undo what should never have happened. A lot of the time it is plainly diet (get rid of the sugar and eat more coloured veggies and protein and fat) and toxins (why was the heavy metals invasion ever seen as safe?)

Hepatitis B – how do we get it? Sex and unsafe drug practices – is this the immediate future you had mapped out for your baby? Perhaps you need to do some due diligence and research what is not safe before agreeing to it – you can’t take it back once done.
Is it necessary to ‘protect’ newborns from it? Especially when it is a very harmful intervention – do parents question or fear the loss of moneys handed out later if they go against what is not needed for the sake of fitting in?

I am also the parent of a vaccine damaged child.
My much loved adult daughter has regressive autism and many other permanent health issues from my decision to give her MMR – when she was as well as I could have her at 4 1/2 years of age – not even as a baby.

I thought I knew what I was doing and many only start asking the infrequently asked questions after the event and wish that they had been more proactive and far less trusting.

Parents are often being caught out – duty of care seems to have been lost in the health care profession as retail medicine now reigns. You can read the stories of some parents who got compensation – it does not happen very often.

I, as a health care professional and teacher of acupuncturists thought I knew of the dangers. I listened to what I thought was correct advice. I live with the consequences – as my daughters and her brothers also do – forever. It was not just ANOTHER batch of mercury that did her in – it was also the Urabe virus and whatever else that the naysayers say did not happen to the children Professor Wakefield saw when concerned parents found him. MMR was not safe and the Grand Experiment has been repeated in baby monkeys with the same effects – how to make a child autistic.

(How also to stop the normal development of the nervous system and the immune responses forever – also perhaps ‘VACCeptable Injuries?’ Markus Heinze – it is all very unconscionable that this is not being brought to your attention when you are called upon to do your duty for the community – to apparently keep all other children safe – what about just eating and living better? If you want a well child, (all unvaccinated children are well and do not get sick with coughs/colds/asthma/skin problems and gut disorders at all) perhaps think of at least delaying all the assaults on your baby’s immune system till at least the immune system is developed enough after eating solid foods for a while – to actually be boosted instead of totally corrupted for life.

It is a cover-up. There are too many parents, as myself who have lived through the horror. You do not want to be another one. If you do not ask the question

‘Who is responsible should something go wrong?’

and do not get a sensible answer – get more information – at least read the vaccine package insert – it spells out what just may well happen.

That said, all of my children have been vaccinated for some things – though never ‘on schedule’. None of them have been given whooping cough vaccine as I did when I was 3 months old, got whooping cough, gave whooping cough to my mother – she lost her breast milk and miscarried a baby she had no idea she was carrying, plus my lungs and body were weakened forever more.

I figured as a mum over the decades that I should pay more attention – I am very sure my mother would not have imagined all that would have befallen us just in getting a jab which everyone knows is ‘safe’ (and effective). Do we though? Where are the glowing reports of vibrantly happy healthy and very vaccinated children?

This will upset some – but is the truth. We no longer have natural immunity. Forget about HERD immunity – that relied on natural immunity also. Just what does it mean to you that you may be being lied to out there? I am the messenger. I do not need shooting. I am suggesting that you go look for yourself.

Many have and this is the result – a witch hunt. Why are the supporters and the founders of AVN so vilified? They also had the best intentions for their children when they also vaccinated and got not want they signed up for – a damaged baby/child/loved family member forever. See a recent survey into their members here.

We do not die of whooping cough IF WE ARE MADE WELL, AND NOT BROKEN AS BABIES. (Fetal scanning/inductions/chemicals/cord blood stolen/vaccinated at birth – instead of given straight to mum to be loved and given life giving immune boosters through her nipples). Was mum even aware of the need for sufficient Vit D, Vit C – please scroll down the page here to the pregnancy section. You will be stunned – reducing labor time simply by having enough Vit C on board and magnesium to ensure it was a safe ride within her and coming out?

We are supposed to get natural immunity from our mum who is supposed to be birthing us from perfectly sealed within her, to the outside world – into her vagina and then fed by her immune system supporting us through her colostrum and breast milk. Semi naughty words – but why – they are how we stayed well as a species until we got the idea that chemicals did it better (for profit).

Yes – I do know about the irradication of smallpox – and that is great – BUT why does this lead seamlessly into injecting the neurotoxins into my children and corrupting them so they no longer are who they were before this? Collateral damage is OK unless it is in your children.

If one of my kids got whooping cough I thought – I was a sensible woman and could deal with it – Vit C in massive doses and various Chinese herbs are the key – and of course having sufficient Vit D and Zinc etc on board. Many doctors have in desperation over the past decades sought natural help and have been blown away with what SIMPLE NATURAL SOLUTIONS are out there – and ignored.

This way the immune system is not corrupted. All those neurotoxins and junk DNA from other mammals, and various poisons (all designed to upset the immune system) – when as an infant – why would you? Also why is all the ‘research’ funded by those who make the vaccines and why is there no study putting up those who are vaccinated against those who are not – and can we please find a way to make these essential vaccines SAFE as well as EFFECTIVE? as presently it is a closer and closer gap to become ‘safe’ with yet another booster – where did nature go so very wrong? Perhaps we are not listening . .

Why are the vaccines put ‘head to head’ – meaning all the neurotoxins and highly toxic chemicals PLUS minute traces of peanut oil (undisclosed ingredient – why is there so much nut allergy since 1993 – ask about – who even knew the word anaphylacsis even existed prior to this?). Then there is the very awkward rise in the new childhood epidemics – asthma, allergies. autism and sickness expected – at least 24 times yearly now according to the medical profession – and this is NORMAL?

Is this why we vaccinate?

Hence I will not say nothing. Good people do and look what has happened in the past . .

As a health care professional, I am very aware of factors that cause illness, often decades after their arrival into a person’s life

To be reading this, you live in a First World country, where we know about disease and do not tend to have emergencies that mess with the sanitation and water supply. Where we can choose to eat. Whilst we may in a state of less than optimal nutrition, we are not in rampant starvation, where minor childhood diseases as we know them kill. These did not when we all had natural immunity passed down from our mothers who had had the diseases themselves and been strengthened through this (we are the children of the survivors) and were conferring their immunity as designed, to us through their breast milk and before this, through the vaginal entry into this world, from having been made totally sterile within her.

In the past – when we and our parents were vaccinated it was as smallpox – which killed one in 12 people globally – and left most disfigured and a third killing themselves as they could not live with themselves – is over. The panicked stories of people dying where what happened – until sanitation, clean water and decent food were common – are over.

Did polio REALLY go – perhaps you also need to invest some time into dealing with the misinformation that is rife out there. I have – start here perhaps – and see what happened to ANY medical or scientific researcher (asker of awkward questions) who gets too close to the truth.

For us, we have a different epidemic – very unwell, not robust, and very neurologically damaged children, rampant cancer and a health system that makes money by not attending to wellness. Why may we have made poisons to leak into our drinking water and air and foods and hence our bodies, to weaken us – but profit.

What is not happening is good science – but emotionality. As the parent of a vaccine damaged child I am suggesting you make informed decisions, not be swayed by blackmail, which is now so prevalent in this, and the fluoridation debate, and the cancer epidemics.

If you suspend what you think you know – and look to the facts – there is a mismatch – and you have to work out where you stand – as if you do follow instructions, and something does (as often) go wrong who is to wear the life long consequences?

Often when a patient comes in to see me, after a lot of sleuthing, things that happened often decades ago are still causing whatever it is that has not been resolved by consulting others. No more so than with the practice of inserting all manner of poisonous chemicals, often neurotoxins, into innocent and very vulnerable babies.

QUESTIONS: to ask yourself . .

How is it that gluten intolerance is skyrocketing?
Could it be a result of all the MMR and rubella injections?
Was you or your child gradually in a downhill health journey since having an injection?

I have had many young girls with terrible skin and energy and bleeding problems since having their HPV needles . . often just one of them.

What to do?

If you do decide to vaccinate and have investigated what is in the injection, in addition to the apparently life saving components, and have agreed to all that going in (and have read the vaccine package insert and have agreed to the possibility of all those side effects – be informed) at the very least, build up your levels of Vit C – as in many grams daily taken over the day for several days prior and again in the weeks following at least 5 grams, preferably 10 – that is a powder sipped frequently.

Perhaps read what the doctors who did the early ground breaking research in their own clinics with previously hopeless cases found. It will make you wonder why the Simple Natural Solutions have been buried – they are safe, cheap and effective. And leave you with no nasty life time side effects.

It is your responsibility to become informed – as the current mass hysteria and bullying by the medical profession is leaving a lot of important questions unanswered, and you may not want to be collateral damage. The flu injection – has mercury in it, do you really need more? Nine is safe within your body. Instead, the first aid kit of a little Vit C all day, taking a Zinc supplement that is being absorbed, recolonising your gut as it is you first line of immunological defense, taking a lot of Vit D to build up this as it is the very beginnings of your hormonal and immunological systems – sunshine . .and then having on hand oil of Thieves to paint he back of your tonsils and pop up your nose to kill dead any bacteria or mould or fungi that are colonising your body. In the clinic I have capsules that were designed in China many years ago to deal with SARS and Bird flu. They work. Then three when you suspect you are getting ill, and three hourly til better – they knock off almost all problems at their source.

Dosage is a factor – Vit C needs to be at therapeutic doses and if you are exposed to what makes you ill, having several grams every hour often is needed. Especially as a remedy to whooping cough – and as you can’t easiiy find a doctor who gives IV Vit C – which knocks almost ANY disease down – then taking a powder hourly is your next best route. You can stay on top of your health – a few simple natural solutions is often all that is needed – as NOTHING has a 100% strike rate – so you need to be well so your immune system works for you.

Health does not come from a needle, but a concerted lifestyle built on healthy habits.

Please be aware

Why not look to those who DON’T ever get ill – and follow their choices and lifestyles?

Health does not come from a campaign of fear, ignorance and greed

I encourage you to make your own informed decisions about vaccination.
To take full responsibility for your family’s health.

Should pregnant women submit to what is not tested to be safe for babies, let alone fetuses?

What is happening?

Aluminum replaces mercury in vaccines – is THAT safe?

Perhaps watch this – are parents when they don’t want to vaccination too early, too close together being precious – or are they protecting their precious children? Is it time to perhaps give the side of the parents – who – like me – in good faith – without informed consent – vaccinated their children as they thought it best – their voice?

Perhaps also listen to these medical and scientific speakers – who are saying very uncomfortable things – and being informed may become even more inconvenient for you – but safer for your children.

Health and immune response come from great beginnings:

  • Making healthy sperm and eggs
  • growing the baby in as pristine an environment as possible (no abusive scanning and testing),
  • birthing vaginally naturally with no drugs
  • ensuring baby gets all his/her breathing blood back before he/she starts to breathe
    – only another 30 seconds to wait before cutting the cord
    – baby NEEDS all that precious blood back to breathe with)
  • no messing around with the bacterial and immunological preparedness that body makes available through colostrum and breast feeding for at least 2 years – as the WHO suggests all need.


Ask yourself:

  • what would it mean if what Heather is saying were true?
  • ‘Is this why I am uncomfortable reading it
    – might it be that logic and real debate has been missing from what I have been exposed to so for?’

What do you say to a mother (as myself) who has been ‘good’ and has vaccinated, only to find that the child vaccinated is lost and a new one arrives – grossly damaged for life.
Was the vaccination worth this?

What people are being exposed to is not a logical argument with both sides presented, but a media campaign that is both hysterical and manipulative.

All are at the mercy of fear, and through ignorance, obeying at their peril.

Please go looking for what resonates with you, as you are the ones that live with the results of your actions.

  1. Fear – what might happen if you don’t? (Perhaps ask yourself – what might happen if I do?)
  2. Ignorance of the real facts usually is being manipulated and reinforced through the retail industry now called ‘medicine’. Nature is your best medicine – and when baby is not grown from the best ingredients, is broken at every step of the journey in pregnancy – fetal scans – again through fear and ignorance of their danger, inductions, fear based birthing violence, vaccination at birth and not breastfeeding as a means to protecting the newborn – from a well and healthy mother who is in love with her new baby. All these go up to make a not healthy baby and then there is the vaccination debate. . Or is it a debate?
  3. Greed of those wielding them – is there any science in their use?
    Same as with vaccination – here we have – dangerous flu vaccines still being used on children. Extolling the virtues of injecting pregnant women (and thus their still developing fetus) with all that mercury – is any amount safe?
    No – it is a neurotoxin – and when mercury is not here – aluminum is  and both are neurotoxins which will permanently alter your baby’s brain and nervous system – at the expense of this, why not just be more well and enure all in your family is getting proper nutrition.

Healthy beginnings

Health comes not from drugs and toxic chemicals inserted in a blood stream totally unprepared for the onslaught at the tender ages that they are demanded.

Health comes through solid foundations – mum’s nutrition and after birth – great nutrition and life affirming behaviours from both parents – not medical fear mongering.

Where are the studies to show that it was not just public health measures like in home sanitation and improved nutrition that stopped all the diseases that are quoted? 

The decreases in these happened before the mass vaccination programmes – look to the research – not the media beat ups.

What about just increasing the micro and macro nutrient loading?

Zinc and Vit C and Vit D and Vit B and Magnesium  – it makes such a difference in clinic when anyone is ‘rundown’. Sleep – good food – the basics . .. not chemical warfare within, but great health and an intact immune system from before birth.
The current scope of practice of a doctor or a medical specialist is NOT health or wellness restoration but disease control.

Do they know anything about good nutrition?

It would appear not. Magnesium is needed in pregnancy, NOT calcium .

Zinc and Vit D and Vit Cand iodine are needed  not iron – as the gut has to be able to work to assimilate from food.

Replacing gut bacteria and the balance lost through random antibiotic use in all foodstuffs and of course ‘preventatively’ often at birth – and not knowing how to have a healthy baby born – but a medically ‘safe’ one – often sets off the mastitis that means the gut of both mum and baby – where the immune system actually comes from – is irreparably damaged.

If the medicos are serious about health they would stop breaking it

What creates a strong immune system?

A great start – and vaccination may be part of that LATER – as a baby needs mum to be well, happy and breast feeding – so where is the push to ensure all mums naturally enhance their baby’s immune system through not vaccinating but through natural birth and breast feeding? That is nature’s way.

The parents choosing to work with nature and go with health are taking their children’s health seriously.

The ‘intelligent people’ (‘news’ article here) who Dr Gino Pecoraro says ‘should know better’ are onto something – they want their children as well as possible –  not compromised due to bad science and poor media scrutiny.

SOMETHING is creating all the permanently disabled children that abound – where is the autism epidemic coming from?

It is not better diagnosis – there is no way you miss a massively damaged inept baby/child. For life – it is unsustainable.

Heaps of fresh food – and good dietary fat and sunlight and rest and being raised by mum at home – and all being happy – living a simple life – maybe even growing their own food. . is this so very hard? Nature provides.

Herd immunity is NATURAL immunity – which is now not possible when the vaccines are offering at best a few year’s not the life time ‘protection’ as a healthy body gets when naturally exposed and winning against the actual disease.

Vit C – in colossal does, and intra-venously if necessary, will sort out all disease – it has in the past – just no money where the natural cures and remedies are.

Who is getting ill?

The vaccinated (immune corrupted and compromised) children.

With what?
Very often what they were immunised against.

Who is to seen to be to blame?The parents who are choosing to be mindful of risks and acting in what they thinks the best way for their family.

Where is the research to say that one course of action is better/worse? There is none.

In the meantime, the childhood epidemics, asthma, learning disabilities, allergies and autism spectrum rise.

There are very simple solutions.

Vit C is one. A little taken all through the day.

Sound  too simple? It is.
Why is it not more well known? It works. It would relieve immense suffering.

In the past many thoughtful doctors have puzzled over matters that are now still in dispute.

Although anything that is not what the loud emotive voices is saying is seen as ratbaggery.

Take the time to study, as I have, what the history has shown will open your eyes to what you can do to negotiate the current political dramas. Look to food and supplements.

Start here. Eating and living  well is all you need.

The more educated parents are mindful of the package inserts found with all vaccines – by law – the truth is out there – if you ask to read the information the vaccine came with you have a right to be worried. Is it really informed consent when you are not asked to first? Coercion? It is your child’s future life at stake.

The thinking mum’s choices.

The more educated a person is, the less likely to vaccinate on schedule and with so many potential disease at once – where is the evidence that this is even safe?

Perhaps start asking that very awkward question – where are the randomised, double blinded studies on babies and young children (not funded by the drug companies who have a colossal vested interest) to see this to rest – that it is SAFE to even think of vaccinating a newborn, let alone with multiple antigens and a lot of toxic chemicals, mixed up with foreign other animal proteins?

By attacking the parents who have decided that health does not come form injecting poisons into their children, by breast feeding exclusively for longer – with a healthy mum – and by birthing vaginally and by attending to one to one mothering – to be far healthier – why not follow the expectations of nature and go back to being a bonded mum – with a happier and healthier family?

Perhaps just ask

‘Who is responsible if something unintended should happen?’

‘How long will it take to show that it has been a harmless intervention?’

‘Who pays if there is a problem?’

The more aware and empowered parents who may feel able to be this responsible then do risk analysis and do not put their children’s neurological and immune systems at risk just because there are loud voices around.

Each child is at risk because of the life choices their parents have, and are still making. A healthy person does not get ill – but fights whatever off.  If too young – mum’s body is still baby’s survival bridge – mum’s breasts do it for them – through all natural means as above.

But if the baby (as usually now) has been pulled out of mum (induced) and has not been grown well (maternal nutrition – see here) – where is the great maternal nutrition? Often as not baby’s cord blood is removed, and baby has been subjected to all the ‘safe’ interventions – its entire being is shattered. Why is all of this not seen as putting baby at risk? It does.


Where are the studies to say vaccination is safe?

Especially on babies? Why start at birth when the natural immune system is not there, as mum is supposed to be breast feeding after a vaginal uninterrupted birth? Why are we as a culture breaking the maternal bond (for profit all the way) and then wondering why the autism and aggression and damaged babies/children – we must be doing something wrong – and if questioning parents make their own choices, they are happier living with the consequences they perceive that they can live with.

Until there are safety testing done – I believe all parents who vaccinate should at the very least ensure there is has more Vit C available (not oranges – real supplements) to their child – look to any of Dr Archie Kalokerinos’s work

No chemicals – no added foreign proteins – no neurotoxins (aluminum has no place in a baby’s brain) just mum and in as clean a state as possible – then look to possibly vaccinating when that very healthy, sturdy, robust child is older – and able to be screened away from any foo

I aim to maintain up-to-date international information on vaccines, and the perceptions and positions of medical professionals on vaccination.

I not do advise you not to vaccinate but encourage you to make an informed choice.

The decision about whether or not to vaccinate is a personal one that should be made after much research and consideration. Perhaps listen to these speakers – after having listened to the 1.30 min presentation. Especially at the 45 minute mark . . . if you are worrying about measles – and deaths – unfortunately the 12-15% death rate is ONLY from the mutation one gets if vaccinated and then ‘catch’ the disease . . .

Keep watching – and see at 47 mins –

how we now call a child getting ill 24 times a year ‘normal’

the vaccinated ones . . . that is.

Do you really want to corrupt and damage your child’s natural immune system?

If you DO watch this, at 53 minutes you will hear what may happen more likely IF you do vaccinate . . .

And the loss of whooping cough when the vaccination was stopped in Sweden – yes – you read it right.

Beyond Thimerosal – mercury and vaccines – and autism – again – Evidence of Harm ..

(Aluminium is even worse – they have replaced one with the other)

and at 37.30 – Gardisil .. .is it safe? 1 in 10 getting reactions – do you really want potential neurological damage?


If you do decide to vaccinate

Please make sure the immune system is as good as it has ever been – as it is about to have an onslaught. Vaccination is about challenging the immune system and if baby is not well, or is teething, then you are setting baby up for problems.

At the very least make sure that if you are breastfeeding (in which case why vaccinating at all – as your body is baby’s bridge to health?) then take a lot of small dose of Vit C over a few days prior so that baby has more Vit C to detoxify all the poisons that are in with the antigens – and the immune system has to have a lot at ts disposal to aid in the stress of instantly sorting out the disease – all of them – that have been added.

If not breastfeeding – get more Vit C into baby as this is the protection against cot death and all other disasters – read the package inset of the vaccine before you let them touch your child – they do not live with the consequences if you do – and being forewarned is important for your sanity if you decide to do this – especially when fear is your motivation – read what else can happen if you do vaccinate – perhaps reread what I have said above about HEALTH – that is the key.

Look to getting one at a time – demand to have baby protected through only having to work with one at once. Not 6 or 7.

See if it is not available as it would normally be presented by life – through the nose – as an airborne – NOT blood borne attack.

How is baby supposed to be protected for life through this means?

Can’t be – here we have the greed aspect – booster’s work less well as they are added in – why not investigate before you start in on this ‘healthy’ retail experience?

Perhaps ask yourself – why is it that the more educated parents are choosing to NOT vaccinate?

What to do if you do suspect vaccine damage – or to undo the toxic products that now are lurking in your or your children’s bodies? What did I do? Everything I could find – no stone unturned. Anecdotal – and it all did something useful.

Then there is the very awkward ‘collateral damage’

See Gardasil – premature ovarian failure

Dead eggs from being vaccinated against something that in the First World (with regular Pap smears) is unlikely to be as life shattering as what has happened here.


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