The invasion of cold in the body usually happens gradually, little by little, the result of minute increments of cold. Thus, small chunks of Yang Qi are eliminated from the storehouse of energy we have in the ‘bank’.

It could also happen with the ill advised icing of an injury, or after birthing or with engorged breasts being iced.

The cold splinter then takes up residence and causes major circulation and Yang Xu wastage problems until it is removed – often never even suspected to be there.

Sometimes it can happen very quickly:

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We can blame ‘aging’, but often this is just a metaphor for overuse and the absence of maintenance. You may feel a gradual departure from your usual vibrant, happy, healthy self. You can blame the many other things that are impacting on or in your busy life. Without a model to make sense of the concept of cold invasion, you may also view your deteriorating health as just genes, or ‘bad luck’.

Equally, you could recognise your refusal to listen to what your body is trying to tell you: your body’s warnings. Get rid of all sources of cold and look after yourself the way your grandmother would advise. Look to the vaginal steaming and the ways acupuncturists may use to remove cold from your body.

What wastes Yang Qi?

Cold invasion – little increments over a life – or one huge amount – at birth, at an accident, one wrong move with post birthing medical foolishness – no traditional society would be this stupid!! Look to all I have on vaginal steaming – all traditional cultures looked after women post baby so they were able to live even better than pre conception. We are doing a big disservice for all when they have had a large dose of cold.. . cold may numb, but stops the blood from healing the wounds.


Insufficient rest (especially late nights).

How cares?

You may – for the rest of your life . . .

Then what happens?

1. Cold slows your circulation, interfering with self-healing and your self regulating body system

2. Cold, that has entered from any source, lodges in your tissues and remains there, while your Yang Qi attempts to neutralise it (until you provide for its permanent exit)

3. Accumulated cold energy impairs the body’s normal functioning and creates pockets for dis-ease to fester over time.

Throughout life, we experience small doses of cold energy exposure. The impacts of these small exposures will be worse if we are tired or rundown when the event occurs. This applies equally to cold ingested from drinking cold drinks to cool our heartburn, to the breeze that tickled our skin while we slept, to the cool showers we take to cope with summer heat.

Cold adds up.

Numerous small incidents create a residue of cold in our bodies, splinters of trapped cold energy, that interfere with our body’s innate wisdom and give rise to problems we have unknowingly self-generated.

These cold ‘splinters’ eventually manifest as generalised or ‘arthritic’ aches and pains.


1) – Cold stopping up your circulation may show up as menstrual cramping.

2) – Or masses of any description.

3) – Or a generally sluggish metabolism and digestive system.


4) – Or allergies and myriad metabolic issues that can plague people who have invited cold in to weaken their Yang Qi.

To understand more, start with the Period App – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here.

People are starting to wake up . .

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This will help explain to you why the Yang Qi is wasted and what you can do to change this.

All the low thyroid/energy problems that you are experiencing may be assisted through such a simple thing as paying attention to all the ‘old wives’ tales’ and taking the cold out of your life, and out of your body.

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