Health – what is it and how can we enhance it?


Here I answer some queries – maybe you forgot – life is about living well? How to . .

My three circles . . .

Designed as a teaching tool

And to help me work with groups of very rigid thinking communities. .

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How did I come to this?

Life.  . .  and questing – some of my paths

1 – What is health?

  • We need to know where we are headed.
  • All life is about rhythms and cycles – CHANGE – life moves and is dynamic
  • Biology – we go through life cycles – as males or females. We replicate this way – and Nature knows.
  • We are all half our mother. Make peace with the one who made you. (You carry her within you). As she did you

2 – What is a body?

  • Manuals and posters – especially how to look after our ‘food factory’ – gut.
  • Biology . . .  . mothers mother.
  • Moderated panic? STRESS!!!!
  • To be here – all is binary – duality – opposites



3 – Homeostasis – process of staying biologically ‘safe’

  • We are designed to live within fairly strict operating conditions. The process of keeping ‘safe’ is called ‘homeostasis’.

4 – The Five Flows

  • Introducing you to physical body flows – We live as individuals when these work well.
  • Macro scale – we live in tribes and all have tasks.
  • We are here as our nutrients and circulation working optimally.
  • As we have a huge system supporting those in the First World – we have options – even when we break our backs – to be kept alive. . Tribal life – where does this extend to?

    Do watch the causes of disease (CLICK)

    Basic premise of this body of my work

    You have been gifted a body

    For this time around the sun in form.

    You need to question – Why here? This is yours to know.

    Back left leg – Physical form is our temple – we are only as good as we treat this – it is designed to work within limits – and when we breech these too many times – we are inconvenienced by the body giving messages – and when we do not heed these – they get louder. If we ignore their root, if we pretend that we (as minds and wants and needs in that ‘reality’ – try to superimpose what we willfully choose to do – eventually – we will be stymied as the body wins. It always will. we are in a body that is bound by 7 and 8 year cycles – 7 – female – 8 years if male.

    We have a Bell curve of productivity/ability to provide effort with our energy.
    At both ends of ‘life’ – we are dependent as we arrive – to be wired into the body, and to be programmed into how to be as a human in our family and tribe – to fit in.

    The back right leg is the impact being here as a biological unit grants us – experiences become encoded into behaviour of expectation and habits form – patterns in the rhythms that are governing us – not spoken of – but essential in more agrarian societies.

    Sun and moon govern life

    • Day – an earthly rotation.
    • Month – the moon’s pull on all watery substances, ls the light available in a natural world – it waxes and wanes. We respond accordingly: unaware mostly. If living in a natural (no electricity) world – the woman’s tides will follow this.
    • Year  – a trip around the sun of the planet – and how the part of the Earth we stand upon is serviced with distance from thus amount of daytime and heat available – governing the outer thus inner worlds.

    The entire life span – from dot to death.
    From our gestation within another’s body – to emerging to be independent as a physical unit – body breathing: gradually whilst being  nurtured by that other, evolving into an autonomous being. Always in tribal community. In infancy, learning the ways of the body we are wired into, via her protection, to be a sovereign being – developing and maturing to stand as an adult beside her.

    Becoming via initiations – the one that will take her place . . to be productive, in time to cycle through again – making others.
    OR not – all in the contest of fitting into and being part of a wider community.
    How this plays out – impacts on what we cal ‘health’ as we in an unlimited environment will seemingly behave according to programmes installed.
    Who controls these may be seen to ‘win’.

    How we express emotions, and thwarted wants – and how we play the game of life. .

    Front right leg – Can the body operate when offered the in out – be it food, fluid, idea, information that needs processing  how are the processing systems? So often overlooked. You put food in the mouth – but is the gut able to digest? The combination of foods, the temperature, the timing – all ignored, yet vital.

    Left right legwhat all seem to obsess about. FOOD chosen, ‘facts’ dispensed. Missing that point that we are adaptable creatures.. IF we follow nature – all is possible, When we choose to play by different rules, chaos is likely.

    5 ‘T’s’ – what creates loss of balance – can have one or all, or some

    • Tension
    • Temperature
    • Torpor
    • Trauma
    • Toxins

    6  – This is about LIFE – not medical . .

    • We all are living in a preset programme – biologically – 7 and 8 year cycles – female and male.
    • We are BIOLOGICALLY wired – especially in teenage years – as we are supposed to be making more (babies).
    • Ratios of life and death expectation – for each sex.
    • History of age and being ‘retired’ by life – as elephants and animals.

    7 – Life Recipe – what is ‘living’?

    • Breathing
    • Hydration
    • Safety
    • Outside
    • Touch
    • Why are you here?
    • Nourishment – soul, heart and body.

    8 – Cycles of life

    • Life is dynamic.
    • Your period is your health report.

    9 –  Nocebo – bone pointing

    • Ways of knowing Encoded, Empowered, Someone said, Many ‘someone’s’ said/wrote.’
    • How did YOU get to that spot? What is blocking healing?
    • Lack of self expression is the easiest way to trauma. Sovereignty needed. Freedom.

    10 – Negative self talk

    • What we reprogramme ourselves with – all the time – if we paid attention.
      Who said??
    • We need to go to – not move away from. . pleasure not pain – GO TO heart singing ..  .
    • Why is TODAY not that brand, new day (you desire). . .  Happiness is a choice . . .
    • Lead with our ‘YES’ – not the ‘no’ . . .
    • ‘Negative’ – against flows. . . be in harmony ..

    11 – What am I offering? Hope . . . . action

    • Selfing – self care – life recipe – then self soothing, perineal steaming – both of these help us feel more aligned and happier.
    • Discovery – what STORY are we carrying – thus the self talk – and STUCK.

    12 – Health – bridging to illness – SEX

    • Sex – allowed??
    • We WILL have urges . . .
    • Health – happens when we stay within the boundaries – of life.
    • Most women have had a sexual fright – even on an accidental find online.
    • Mantak Chia has a whole swag of interesting Qi manuals about all of the life force.

    13 – Listen to YOURSELF

    • Live in fear – or live?
    • We ALL will die.
    • Breathing – masking as a neurological rehabilitation programme – see Doman programme.
    • We MUST let our flows flow.. .

    14 – What to do?

    • Go outside Skip (imaginary skipping rope).
      Get a fit ball – and arch over and breath – open chest – or lie on your back and get your shoulder blades onto the floor.
    • Stuck? Go outside and MOVE…
    • Hydrate – warm/tepid  . .NOT ICED
    • Specialists? or one body????

    16 – Food is needed

    You have a body . . . .  fuel? 9 cups of veggies, fat and salt and protein.



    17 – Sleep

    • No order in our lives any longer.
    • ‘Allowed’ is not amusing any of us.
    • Go outside . . . and be happy – and eat well (simple).
    • No electricity . . we will sleep more.

    18 – How do we sleep better?

    • We are actually safer than many. Maybe we have not done much .. . Vit D3 (CLICK)
    • Magnesium  – topical – nutrients needed.
    • At least 10,000 steps a day – then real exercise after this – we are not active
    • children not sleeping – likely gut
    • Balance – 8 hours rest, work, play – what are you doing to make your heart sing . .?
    • Darkness – and no electronics across the bed head – preferably no Wifi at all.
    • Maybe have time out in the day time also. . and good nutrients

    Need to feel safe IN bed – and no interventions (small beings)

    19 – What can you do/be – live the live you WANT

    • Instigate a rhythm your life – me – lemon juice in water – and then the water (1.5/2 litres before eating.
    • We have to change what we can .
    • Daytime, sun cycle – month  moon cycle, and sun again yearly and a life
    • someone to look forwards to, someone to love, be in service, and give  . .more of YOU