Healing Ourselves Then The World – for acupuncturists

Welcome . .

Reset Your Metabolism??

A senior practical healer is handing over what she has found to work  . .

Over her four decades in clinic – historical perspectives.

Problem solving as she went as she found what had worked in the past was no longer.

We all know about the Stuck Liver Qi – can we move it on without needles?
Of course we can – and teach others how to at home.  .

A note before starting . .

So simple – gentle – caring . . .

We can use our hands.  .
Pelvic healing  .

If our uterus is out of place – so is she.

Simple –
Start with releasing the ligaments . .

It is realty this simple – and in addition to needling – which we can intersperse these as well
Why NOT undo the stress stored within.
Hear her voice?
Her rapture?

(Want some of what she is having?)
Heartful hands and vibrational essences (Aura Soma)  – which we could all use as well – are being applied ..


We can all take advantage

Elder wisdom – from so many cultures.
All distilled into Heather’s Gentling Healing ways . .

How you can take part?
This will only help you and everyone you touch ..

Email me –  see if we are a good fit for you to come on board on the online mentoring programme.


Experiential workshops –  if you can get yourself to NZ (West Coast of the South Island) my roses at my healing sanctuary will be a treat) in November and take the Healing the Wounded Healer and the Living Ligaments courses – really – together they are transformative – for you and your work.

Step up!!!