There is always a reason . . .


Listen to your body warning you:

Ingredients and flows are missing
Free self care course to aid your understanding of why and how to help yourself here . .


Instead of shutting hormones down and cutting out bits. . .
Make friends with your lady parts . .

  • For anyone who has been through a lot, and needs to rescue themselves.
  • For any just ‘diagnosed’ and who actually need to fix their lives (the problems we all ‘come down with’ are just body warnings that what you presently doing is not the way you need to be traveling.
  • For all who want to sort help themselves completely, gracefully and naturally .

When so much has happened:

you may feel the need to ‘regroup’ within,

to consolidate: to heal:

to nurture yourself

What is inside this box?
Why it is there –

What you can do with all the different ingredients  .


Women’s Healing Kit – what is in it?
All you need to put yourselves back together again – as the online courses s well as the goods in the kit to support you working in each other – loving each other better – also include my male fertility enhancement package.


Welcome to the kit!!

Everything I use in clinic to make healing simple for anyone who has had a ‘life’ – undoing the residue!

Maybe ask yourself

Why is my body throwing out warnings?
Why is the medical route is not working?
Are they missing something?

The basics, the foundation – the body needs ingredients – and these to be flowing . .find out what you can do to change whatever is and has happened yourself.


Women’s Healing contents

Women’s Healing lid small (lid label) 

Women's healing and posters                   Women's healing kit and posters 2        Red box in total


You find also a poster tube . .

  • 3 posters . .Inner Alchemy – how and why your gut supports life well – and how you can enhance this through being more mindful – an ‘owner’s manual guide to easy living.
  • Jing Unfolding – how we develop, mature and age gracefully and what to do to enhance life whilst we travel through the journey from one stage to the others.
  • ‘Reunion’ – the inspirational poster that is part of the relaxation meditation CD/MP4 message.

open women's healing kit                          cover image

Women’s Healing pack revealed                                                    “Reunion” –  poster (cover of the Reunion CD /MP3)

Maybe wrapped around?
2 pieces of fabric

The black one is


Another back remedy – and so much more . . .gently jiggle your lymph to flow again, your tubes to work , your baby (when pregnant) to move into optimal position – and in the meantime, a gentle reminder that we with such simple tools can revolutonise how we feel – go back to the traditions of other cultures – they time tested it!! (Miraculous way to undo all back tension)

The coloured one:


Spanish word for belt or wrap.

See more here

I need to know what size to include in your pack . . . . .

The 2 1/2 metre one does someone who is ‘small’ to ‘medium’.
The 3 metre one covers ‘medium’ to ‘large’.
Large plus may need the 3 1/2 metre faja and if oversize altogether – I have a few 4 metre faja – they go around you at least 2x comfortably   .

How to tether yourself – so uplifting! IT supports all from the outside – and so simple! Another culture’s answer to those who feeling as though everything is falling out – which you may not have notice til you try it – you won’t want to take it off! Exceptional when pregnant – it holds the pelvis together and is used all through central America for the men ..

A card giving you instant access . .

eBooks and mediation soundtracks

Instantly downloadable extra helpers –

eBooks and a meditation MP3.


Yes – we all use them at some stage in our lives.
Are yours actually causing more health issues? You need them to be safe – see more here:


This is your new best friend – sorts out all cramps, pains and anxiety  – plus is gut soothing.

Inside the kit – Magnesium as a roll on gel

Magic ingredient that will rescue almost all of the period/hormonal woes

Iodine . .

See  more on why you need this here and here.

Vibrational healing women’s essences

heart chakra    Magdalena balm  reproductive healing

Specifically channeled for my work, Kaliana has also a whole range of products to help you when nothing ‘normal’ has. See her site here.

Plus . .  .

Mary Magdelena cream – so soothing!!! for uterine and all women’s reproductive healing (and use on sacrum) for any reason and in any dimension.

Intensely healing all by themselves
Subtle yet powerful – complete healing offered.

  • A soothing gentle and profound way to unlock what instructions have held your women’s bits captive!
  • Also apply on the sacrum as there is where the nerve and blood responses physically originate.
  • On every level – gently undo and release that which has held you in bondage – across all dimensions.

Comfrey cream

(Normalise any scar tissue) – at least as a boost/repair kit for your complexion and/or/aging skin)

Massage cream also

(See courses included below)

Castor oil and wadding

This is magic for all adhesions – maybe after last birth and any surgery.incidents to get the region ripe and elastic).

Organic castor oil – for external use only – nt nly the way to undo endo – (with the iodine and all else in this kit), it is a boon for undoing all scar tissue and inner adhesions, It is soothing as it is anti inflammatory in nature and pulls out all toxins – along with the organic wadding (throw out after one use) castor oil will gently resolve that which has created havoc – endometriosis and scar tissue and diverticulitis and pain anywhere – please see more here


A little gift . .

To lighten your loads on other levels . .


In case of any fungus., mold, viral and bacterial hangers on that you just ‘have ‘ to deal with –

Oil of Thieves

Let them go gracefully – exit your life with a helpful very powerful push – how to use?
Find out more here


See sacral moxa fan info – is amazingly soothing for all back and energy issues.

Even when pregnant.(especially then)

Plus –

Gua Sha spoon

(otherwise seen as a soup soon in Asian restaurants).
What will this do for you?

And there is more . .

  • Massage moves for pelvic surrender into love.
  • Use these moves right now – and you will be amazed!
    The massage oil and moxa stick in this pack will be put to great use!!!

What can you expect of the kit contents??

Life aligning and healing when you take charge of your own direction instead of hoping for the best.

  • Can you sleep well?
  • Is something that happened to you running around your head?
  • Tense and angry?

Again – magnesium and the massage moves from the free self help course

This is suspended for the time being as I am in NZ . The contents are in storage in Australia  awaiting my return in mid August.
Do contact me about this and the possibility of seeing me for an intensive here.

On receipt of your payment – (not possible at this time)

A token allowing access to the free home massage course, eBooks and the guided meditation MP3 will be yours immediately.
Instead – we can organise a Zoom consult where I can send you parts of the puzzle that you and your hands can untangle at home.

Part of my “after sales” support. Along with the various home ‘life support’ courses that you can play with.

Maybe get your loved ones to work with on your body. You have all the tools to use – as part of this wondrous kit.


There is always more with me. . .

Reach out as there is likely a simple natural solution . .

See more here – undo your own belly.

Enjoy being a woman in a comfy woman’s body ..




Transformative Healing – Course Outline


If becoming a mum and a family is not happening for you YET – maybe pause.

And get Baby Ready first . .
That is really what is happening – Nature is saying ‘NO’.

The judge’s decision is not being noted.

As the Natural Fertility Detective I want to know why.
You actually do also.

Maybe invest in working with me work with your biology to allow the lows (circulation) to support you to make Better Babies Naturally. With or without reproductive technology – you can only make that baby once.

As with a house foundation – why not go for the best??