How a body breaks down

Your life may be out of balance

Your body may not be able to change to back to wellness/balance without your making the changes in the ways that broke you. Running faster and ruining your life capital is not the way of the elders or of a sustainable future.

How a well body maintains the state of inner balance against all life triggers and experiences is resilience. The cycle of a day and a year and a lifetime are the same in all expressions of life – be they in a plant, an animal or a person.  We all go through a cycle of life and death. Not understanding how each stage works may be at of your modern dilemma.

Starting as a seed, we are nurtured, arrive independently and survive, thriving or not, based on the investment and the factors that shape us early on.

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5 ‘T’s’

  • Pain
  • Torpor
  • Temperature (diet)
  • Temperature (life environment)
  • Temperature (Adding in cold)