Adding cold or ice is not going to help

Cold added in stops circulation, adds to the long term pain, and not healing, and does not even feel good!!

Give being sensible a go – especially if you have no energy, your gut is not working well, pain is a constant aggravation and you are always ill, can’t get comfy in your body – maybe it is this simple. Cold stops flows. All of life needs warmth to work well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhy everything you have diligently done – following all rules and everyone’s suggestions – may have not worked YET.  Such a simple answer to almost all that ails you – and lost in the rush to be scientific and lose all the traditional wisdoms handed down through generations. Think you have tried everything? Perhaps go back to basics – warmth is life, blood flow is all in being alive – blood is our life force – why slow it down?

Cold is NOT anyone’s friend. Cold is like a ‘splinter’ that consumes your life energy. It causes what should be busy in other areas of your body to overwork, ensuring what has invaded stays out of where it will cause even more damage.

Even the ‘experts’ are regretting this invasion into wellness.

The signature book in my work – how can a well body function when we keep on doing the equivalent of leaving the oven door open and expecting the meal to bake. Watching all reading this enthralled, as I work on undoing the cold in their bodies – I see that they ‘get it’. Any one who suspects their metabolism is under performing – here is your story. Anyone whose thyroid is ‘under active’ – or who have ‘adrenal exhaustion’ – again – here is your story – and anyone who is ‘menopausal’ – again – here is your story.

Through the use of simple analogies, other people’s lives and the plain common sense that exudes from the Asian medicine model, you too can see how you are contributing to your ailments and what you can do to undo what is bothering you – simply, safely, at home.

This covers all the digestive / circulatory / reproductive and metabolic issues that may have not yet been cleared. It also points out what not to do around birthing and breastfeeding – as at least in NZ and Australia, women are now ordered to use ice on their damaged / bruised perineums and their engorged breasts – which is a great act of medical mischief, which no self respecting Asian person would allow – as it starts off the entire cycle of illness – through undoing the natural Yang or immune energy within.

Contents :

  1. Before you use ice to ‘help’ yourself – consider this
  2. Introductory acupuncture concepts
  3. What is Yang Qi (equivalent to metabolism/thyroid function)
  4. The dangers of getting cold/yang depleted
  5. After effects of using yourself
  6. What goes to fix the problems
  7. Yin (regenerative/calming energy in the body and what it does (esp excessive/accelerated aging and how to stop it/ poor ovarian reserve/old eggs as an example)
  8. Inadvertently creating birth/post birth injuries
  9. Alternatives to the medical use of cold
  10. How to get rid of the cold that is lurking in your body

Learn more – this eBook is part of all the home help self care package as it really answers how to look after yourself and your children – as our forebears would have told us and as science is telling us it is ‘old wives’ tales’ – yes it is – the old wives were the ones who nursed and looked after and tended and buried all their relations – caring for was their mission – and they worked out what caused what – and cold was right up there!
Home remedies and folk lore got us to here.

Need to extract cold from your body?

Safe and effective and instantly downloadable – learn why you are not in a well state brimming over with energy and good cheer! – all the instructions are within. What you can do to change this.

Sample page:

Cold p8-9

Please think – why not help myself – with Heather’s guidance?
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First one up – take out your own cold – as all in China did back when people were full of old knowledge – not running off to ‘experts’ who have no idea how things go wrong .

Cupping out the Cold