Holistic care embodied on all levels

We can all step up to be more of what our traditions hold.
My own journey .. . .
The combination of my deep understanding of the meridians and their flows (don’t have protocols or rely on the TCM version of using points as herbs) added to my vibrational healers – Aura Soma, essential oils, Kalianna’s brilliant and channeled essences, my hands and the non physical helpers in the clinic – plus the copal and myriad ways to clear what comes up (and out) of patients – along with my Reiki/Sekem hands and clear intention – and the work of my signature system Moving Blockages style with Mercier, Maya/ Arvigo and the ways of Light.
The raves patients go into – they have never felt as clear, aligned and unbroken as now.
Unfortunately this is after seeing often very many acupuncturists who were all doing what is being taught.
Especially ‘fertility’ acupuncture.
We may need to go back to the foundation of all life . .
Jing and its expression
What make as woman different from a man also??

eLotus next step
The series –  Moving Blockages 1
Moving Blockages (to Healing) 2
Moving Blockages (to Healing) 3 and
Moving Blockages (to Healing) 4
and Easy Babies 3 and 4 (Making Better Babies Naturally and Mammalian Maternity).

Ahead of this we have – 1 and 2 of improving Jing and Pregnancy Outcomes  – the foundation of life – is not getting someone pregnant – but being respectful of why nature is baulking and what to do to enhance the Jing for the baby to be made. . Start with the parents and clean them out – and this can take a few years now.


My Teachers

Dr John Shen

Dr ‘Dick’ van Buren


Heather’s Signature System: The Gentling Way – touch

Take out what is not supposed to be there . .


Why not?
See also causes of disease as a refresher. .

There is a self help extension where I cover all the moxa, iodine, perineal steaming and the actual cupping for patients – anyone – and in addition – all the self help massage that can be allied – to brilliantly add into all clinical work – and for yourself at home and all the patients to alleviate what is essentially just ignorance – was all old people’s ways and we have lost them . .

Cupping the Navel 

Entire class on how, why and what else to do – moxa usage, steaming, and topical iodine usage


Old people’s magic – (lost until Dr John Shen told a class in 1981 and I listened)

Gua Sha:

Long version for patients – includes cold and castor oil information
Short version – Werner’s shoulder magically fixed . .

Please see more of how I meld all this together in the courses that you and patients can take at home – as the simple, safe and effective hands on work is there for all to see – brilliantly using meridian info after 40 years of therapeutic touching – here is the answer to all your pain and aching bodies ..


Toxins: Take out what is blocking nutrient bio availability

After investigating why my daughter, why me and why the patients not getting the results that they used to – I have ‘stumbled’ upon the base answer – chronic mercury toxicity affects all – and until this is out the life forces can’t operate. We are all gradually shutting down. Hormones (body messengers) can’t even be made . .

On every level – please see eLotus Moving Blockages for more – take 1 and 2 as they cover very different material.
Make this your goal before seeing Jing Optimation (Easy Babies 1) and Enhancing/Supporting Well Pregnancy Outcomes (Easy Babies 2).

Add in what is . .

Ingredients – see any of the natural problem solving Apps I have  designed – as the ‘raw ingredients section in each will astound you – how did we forget? We can’t expect herbs or points to work when ether are no bricks to glue together ? How can we make a cake without the flour. butter etc that are state down the list to use? Same with making milk/ Blood/ babies – even just running a body – what you need and why is on the apps. A navigation tool around all my sites and much more.

Moving Blockages

  • Unblocking Meridians
  • Scars
  • Mai Congestion
  • Prostate Health


  • Looking at the Obvious
  • Birth Shock
  • Precious Babies

Want to know more?

All programmes begin with Self Care.

Self Help Courses