Are you troubled by . . .

Pelvic (or anywhere in body) pain/dysfunction?

Regardless of what you do – who you see . ..

Can’t seem to get going?
Maybe you are somewhat stuck?

Get it all moving again – this will allow you to feel alive again


Usually pain is just a warning that your energy blocked (not flowing).

So often it is from where your long suffering body is just coping . .

A woman’s sacrum is usually broken, sitting strangely and from there sending wonky messages to the front.

One way to get it moving again is to move yourself.

Not only by exercising your body, but also ‘waking up’ bits of it.

Creating flows where there was stagnation – can only help.
On all levels.

About me 

As an acupuncture consultant I have been very aware that people do not like painful needle stimulation. Instead I have always used my fingers after the needling session to move what has been encouraged to move/change in the treatment.

This way gives far better results have been maintained for longer.


I used my decades of practical clinical research and application and my knowledge of how/where the energy flows to gently undo   what is stuck in the fascia and the lymph – thus allowing the structure to be happier.  This has resulted in apparently magic transformations for all.   Here you can too – at home without the needles!

You have your own hands – let us put them to good use!


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Energy flows/channels/lines of life force coursing through us

Let us begin somewhere other than the physical:

Follow the energy pathways that tell the physical body bits what to do.

Here we have the lateral (side) path as it seems to cover the places most people associate with stress related pain (blockage).

8-gall-bladderThe Gall Bladder meridian

Covers the entire body top to bottom laterally: (sideways).

The lines shown on the body map are representative of what is on both sides and what is always flowing – whether we have the actual organ still, or not.

The shaded lines show areas under the control of the energy we are looking at. The Gall Bladder and the Liver energy are very closely linked. This means that anything that upsets you will mess with the flows in these two channels/ lines/pathways/meridians more than in any others.

Along the upper legs, many women find that they store fluid and see ‘cellulite’ – this is easily moved. For this look to all the information I have on iodine. Every cell in your body and your thyroid organ itself can only work when this is plentiful.

Qi can only move when this is bio-available. (Your body can see it and use it). This shows Yang Qi and the state of your metabolism.

All weight and fluid are directly tied back to how well you can access the raw ingredients – micro nutrients though selenium (to allow the iodine to be transferred from the thyroid hormone T4 to T3) or the base iodine – to get all fluid moving in the cells – is within you.

Gall Bladder meridian: bash yourself better!!

Get yourself moving – Inner Feng Shui!!!


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Liver meridian of energy flow

(All of these meridians/channel of energy flow are on both sides)
They are also deep within as well as traversing the surface.

The pathway of Liver meridian below shows you how all the women’s bits get upset . .
When you are . . .

See more about the flow of Liver energy here . . everything – in a word

The best way to read this is actually from the right to the left

We in this culture see the physical manifestation of anything as being more ‘real’.7-liver



Important note – anything that upsets anything in the body will secondarily upset the flow of the Liver energy. Regardless of how well balanced you may have felt initially – before any accident /incident – after it:you will not be on an even keel.

The Liver energy is impacted by all that happens to you emotionally. From however long ago. And stored in the tissues that the Liver meridian travels through – there you have exactly WHY it is so important to liberate that which is stored and stuck – as the resultant angst will eventually  kill you . .repression /angst/festering rage .. .

NOT genetic predispositions – but what you are not undoing and what you are doing instead.

(Think of all the self medications to silence your inner screams ..).
Being nice is hurting you too much.

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Kidney meridian’s pathway



The Kidney meridian, as all of these

Is on both sides of the body – and

is not just on the surface.

It runs many pathways within/throughout the physical body.

Maybe a simple matter of massaging/ pressing the end point of this line of energy.

If you are having severe breathing in issues – it may well fix this – a lack of Qi flowing up the channel – sometimes things are that easy!




Do not ever stand on the cold floor/ground without foot coverings – as the cold energy will travel right up from the soles of your feet into your vulnerable generative organs and the lower back  – ensuring that you will not get better – regardless of how much ‘grounding’ you do!!!


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Is there COLD stored within?

(It will be blocking your flows).
How do we know?

  1. Cold peripherals – hands and feet and bottom likely – cool to touch belly
  2. Always maybe feeling colder than others?
  3. Been diagnosed with Raynards syndrome?
  4. Feel better with heat and warmth and worse when even slightly chilled?

Likely – please watch.

What to do?
Stop eating/drinking anything that feels cool/cold sliding down your throat.
Stop all contact with cold – and if this is also winter – not sit directly in a cold loo seat . .


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How to help circulation circulate?

(Also to help the accumulation of fluid (see note on iodine above).

Paint it topically on your trunk – breasts and belly and areas of concern – contractures on your hands also. Neck problems. .  .).


Moving lymph congestion

Start at your chest – as so many do not think to when they have a flexibility or a ‘neck’/TMJ problem.

Your front  is also not happy .. . and also  for breathing and all breast – including lactation woes.

This is seriously easy.


You do not use very much lubricant – almost none. Start gently and work your way in. Slowly is always best.  Deeper when you have done several moves – one direction then the other. Please always be respectful of your breast tissue.

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Do we need to stand up straighter so we have more air in there?
Can we support the pelvis so our upper body – neck and shoulders – can hold us well?

Can we feel as though the ‘innards’ are all in their right places (especially after we have had a baby – for the rest of our lives)  and not collapsing? Simple – do what most traditional societies do – gird their loins .

Once you have done this – you will be a devotee – it sorts out almost all back issues on the spot!!

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Inner pull ups. .

Yes – I really do mean let’s become more toned within!
From here you can evaluate just how impressive even the smallest massage moves can be for you.

If you do this in between the various moves

You may be amazed at just what can happen!



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Uterine positioning

I mentioned ‘more courses’ – please see below at the end of this presentation

What IS going on down/in there?
Do any of us have a clue about our inner bits?

We see where/how our uterus (or prostate if male) is situated.

Also how when they are dislodged from perfect positioning all the body is in turmoil – often forever.



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Ligaments and uterine placement – and why it matters

Your Fallopian tubes and ovaries are embedded in the broad ligament and from there  all nourishment through appropriate flows happens – or not . . how can you help yourself? Maybe also see an Arvigo (R)/Maya worker and /or a Mercier practitioner (I am both) as we are trained to undo the back and the front – otherwise permanent blockages that keep this state of stagnancy this often improper functioning in your body – regardless of how much other body work you have done in the past.

(See also one of my own practitioners – who have been trained in Heather’s Gentling Ways.)

Why ‘Gentling’?

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Getting to know yourself and finishing off:

Gratitude for what your body always does – is there for you.

Your inner organs and tissues create your ability to be here.
Your inner food factory – no longer a mystery.
(See Love Your Body Better)

All that odd business in your gut – eased right here right now!
AND . . . besides getting your Liver Qi flowing –

Pull out that stored cold.
See pages above above and also – Reset Your Metabolism course – details on the next page

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Want to know how to help yourself further?

You can have all the information that underpins what I do in clinic –  get those flows flowing again.
Now you have an awareness of the energy and where organs and tissues are – the belly work awaits – head over to:

Heather’s Belly Moves

Is there more?
Always .. .

Reset Your Metabolism – what may I mean?
All that feeling too cold, too depressed, in pain – whether it is diagnosed to be it fibromyalgia or low adrenal functioning or an infection that just will not go away, can’t lose weight, feel no good all the time – whatever and maybe all of these  – let’s Love Your Body Better /new again!

Also add more into your own home remedy/self help tool box – see the Women’s Home Massage course . .

(It contains so many of the secrets from my 40 years of being a successful natural health problem solver.


We can do it for ourselves . .