Pre LL I revision – Leigh

Here we look to all we have learned up till now


Ahead of beginning  the LL I work.
We are going over finer points – remember that this has been my life’s work.
I am always learning (open to change) something new.

No one can be expected to pick it all up immediately – we must work out what the master says and replicate as with all recipes – feel at home with it – then play – start here:

The master has made more mistakes – than the student has attempted the work.

What we must do with all to begin the session.

Start with what walks in – regardless of what you want to do – and have done before on /with them.

Here is the long shot – and the small snippets are after this – 20 minutes for a different camera.

Broken down on the hand held camera – different angles ..

Remember . . .

It Depends!!

Showing differing temps . . .

We must keep on checking to see what is next  ..

So cold – within – of course he does not feel this – but it goes to show how the inner cold is blocking flows – prostate/plumbing issues. . and continual back problems he just lives with likely – as the Kidney Qi is not happy.

Setting the scene

Especially if they have a ‘back’ issue – need to get the front strengthened/cleared first

He ran out in front of a car at 12 years old and had a compound fracture of both leg bones  under the knee.
Also – off motorbike and was cartwheeling along road – in his 20’s .
Plus various sporting as a teenager and other issues. . .

Starting on the back

We can start either front or back – benefits in both – your call.

Entire process .  .

Do not get up too fast .  ..
And check that these changes have not made them worse

Broken down – different camera

Stuck Liver Q Release

On the other side . .

As it usually is done . . . (Depends to an extent – on the recipient).

See this page also (CLICK) – on a woman . . .

Undoing more blockages

The little scar he had on the top of coccyx/sacral joint – when attacked (see undoing adhesions (CLICK)) made SUCH a change. It was amazing the difference in what was under my fingers – and the lessening of the congestion/pain for him whilst I was working in it. The sacral moxa fan may do a similar job temporarily – BUT the adhesions and stuckness under ALL scars – often chicken pox are the most stuck – needs to be done.

Prostate work

Men only . .  .

Please review . . .

Circumcision (CLICK)

Please watch the Accident Recall (CLICK) and the showman on the job first on page mentioned above first.

Different view . . .

Normally do this and P.A.C.E. and poly vagal (CLICK) first . .

I was focused on getting him done for the sake of revision.
Then became the practitioner. .