Stand-Alone Courses

(Best to take all at once – on a monthly plan . .as they are not only cheaper but a more profound experience.
Here you have an opportunity to grow with your learning.

For you to see how much more you can do – as a person committed to helping others – with acupuncture


Transformative Healing Package

(Huge – undoing TCM/organ pathology in a way that allows us to take out what was never to be within us..

Cold/Shock/and of course undo the scars . .

This can lead into a mentoring further on – when we undo as a group what binds the entire process – not knowing how to Live Well.
(We have all lost our mother’s wisdoms/elder’s traditions).

Transformative Healing includes the courses below.

Self Care Package

Explaining why your food factory is more important than your choice of what you put in it – can it still digest??

Belly moves – how to calm anyone’s abdomen – so it MAY be able to do its job again.

All my gems that make all the difference in clinic.

The cup on navel, the Gua Sha, the lymph drainage and the prostate moves – plus the moxa sacral fan.

Self Discovery Package

Reconnecting yourself to yourself.

  • Undoing The Story

What has us hostage –  and stuck in patterns – how they got there and what to do about relinquishing their hold.

  • Tools

What we can use – in many forms –  to break free

  • Ethics – Playing the ‘Fix It Game’ – or living our best life?