Pelvic Surrender: Living Ligaments

– undoing what is in/around our middles . . .


This is a 2017 course – June 8 – 11th (Queen’s Birthday weekend in some states) .

Reconnecting Bao – Dai Mai

Fracture feels        From there to here   Freedom feels . .


bao-mai-heart-uterus-connection1                    woman in waterfall

Unleash that river of grief . . .

It is getting in the way of your life force . .
That story?
Got you to here. .
Do you still need it?

Bao Mai?
See more here.
The presentation will incorporate the learnings my Moving Blockages work has shown me in my first 35 years

Transformative Healing Course

This incorporates ALL the physical moves that are not the Maya/Arvigo/Mercier that I have been teaching acupuncturists and all others that move so much when we needle – or not – and is a case of lymph and fascial work that I have always merged into my acupuncture – making it transformative – and you can do this as an online course – is all with within course above.

Living Ligaments course: builds on what we did in ‘Healing the Wounded Healer’ (pre requisite).

So much of your story will be still residing in your energy/fields/aura for reframing/cleansing. As t is in the epel whose bodies come in for help all day.

No need to be triggered and sucked into everyone’s stories

Let’s undo the STUCK energy and unleash your life force ..

Bai /Dai course

– (with these two inclusions . .) is a pre requisite.


All of this alone with alter all you can NOW do

to shift for those who seek your help.

Self Care Package


All part of the Heather’s Healing Academy practitioner membership programme.

Suggestion – become attuned to Reiki
Take an Aura-Soma course.
Sign up for the experiential Arvigo®/Maya perspective and the Mercier lower heater/fertility work releases.
All part of  . .  .

The Gentling Method

More powerful than anything else I have been working with in my decades in clinic.

See what I have discovered in the Arvigo work first.

Start at least with the transformative healing package.
Begin seeing very different results in clinic tomorrow .
Even the Reset Your Metabolism – it all works and profoundly – in anyone’s clinic in anyone’s life!



Transform your practice with transformative results!!