If my work has piqued your interest, there is more.  .
You have seen/experienced is a taster of what I have

We all go through different paths to get to where we are.

Please be aware that:

It is not possible to download all a senior clinician has learned in her own journey.
Your way will be so different . .

As a very senior hands-on acupuncture course designer, teacher and consultant who is by now – I am very interested in handing over all I have been exposed to – it is practical and it works for all who try these safe, effective and time honoured moves. My passion has always been in teaching.

From the earliest, I have not only educated my patients towards their own empowerment, but have seen massive chasm in how  and what is taught and aim to assist those quest into take up self awareness and self responsibility.

Perhaps ask for help?

If you want to know more – best to email me or PM me on FB as I am seemingly always online . .
We can maybe Skype briefly (heathrljb2) to work out where you are best starting – as this may bog you down with far too much choice. I was working yesterday and now not sleeping today and tomorrow to be on the eLotus webinar so as there is only so much of all of us – I will be gardening and painting the rest of today – not necessarily making the pracitioner course info easy to catch just yet.

Taster here . .

Stuck Liver Qi massage does so much!!!

As an example – plain speaking (otherwise seen by non NZ’ers as being blunt – yet honest as..)

(We can see that heat and damp in the Lower Heater is not ideal for Baby Readiness or Baby Making)
29C in the testicle further away from the body and 29.8 in the closer one – and this was sitting down with underpants on – it would be lower I imagine wandering about

Common sense!  What works!!  Follow Nature!!!

If this is also your aim in your work – there are so many patient tools and resources I have been developing (not marketing  so it is highly possible that you have never seen them). I am giving an alternative/sustainable humanity version – here is the entry point.
You may feel that I have given enough in the webinars and any other snippets you may have been exposed to . .
there is always more – that I find – and that I integrate.

Let me know if you have specific interests seemingly not covered.

Male fertility?
Miscarriage prevention?

(email me for your copy of my ‘Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss’ eBook)

I am working on this site today.

It will have it all ready after the weekend webinars –

Making Naturally Better Babies  and Mammalian Maternity – stay tuned!

1 – Web sites.
Many – see them here

2 – eBooks, Apps and other online tools

3 – These are for anyone – General information – as the foundational moves that I would have expected all to have – are now either NOT passed down through the lineage and cultures, or have been dissed’ (as “old wives’ tales”) as the technocrat system has taken over.

Self Help Courses

4 – Online short courses (practitioner)

These are all full of teaching course notes in pdf  – some with extensive video links to actual treatments and workshops.

Practitioner Courses [Online]

These include the content from the ones above – but /and are more in depth.
They will soon come with Q and A for CPD points (in Australia initially).
All are immediately transferrable into clinical changes for everyone.

Would you like to be able to do this routinely?

There is more . . (see steps below)

I offer the Heather’s Signature System work in phases


1 – http://heatherbrucehealing.com/heathers-foundational-moves-course-outline/

1 (a) – http://heatherbrucehealing.com/ethics-outline/


2 – http://heathershealingacademy.com/course-list/reconnecting-bao-dai-and-bao-mai/


3 – Transformative Healing Package

Self Discovery Package


4 – http://heatherbrucehealing.com/healing-after-c-sections-outline/


5 – Fertility enhanceent

Making the best baby possible

See new course here.

2018 – Phase 1 – Move the Qi/Liberate Lymph

For those who can get to a Southern location:
Australia – September 2017
New Zealand November 2017


The inner work that makes all the difference – take yourself on a Spirit Quest in sisterhood – in a safe space to undo what has lead you onto this path . .clear out your own Inner Library to be all the more open and clear to assist others on their path



A mentoring membership course

  1. Weekly classes
  2. Weekly updates from my past presentations on specific topics
  3. Including those of the classes’ choice .
  4. Plus 2 hours weekly live ‘office hours’ on a closed FB page.
    (Your Q and A and hard cases explained . )
  5. Addition into an international list of approved (Gentling Method) practitioners


all-within     transformativehealing

Immediate access will be then to all my acupuncture trainings that have been filmed since 1994 – mostly maternity, but always practically based.

Besides the information found in the foundation courses (see below) – you will gain a huge insight into how you can radically change everything you do in practice – by instantly put into practice my ‘secrets’ .

These will then allow you to do all of the below online before the start at the beginning of February – book your seat by registering your intention with me – heather@heatherbruce.com.au
Perhaps ‘like’ my FB page Acupuncture Plus so you can trawl down to the beginning to see all the interesting cases – especially scars and how they impact on life – plus cupping out the cold – my signature system basis – attend to what has happened to them – not what a book said (that is only a guide when stuck).

Start and build up to see if we gel together – all my work is totally replicable in your clinic . .
Engage your hands and heart is all.


STEPS: online

1 – Reset Your Metabolism – Large pdf’s (multi media) – extensively training you to cup navels, use moxa in many ‘odd’ ways peineal steaming and the topical use of iodine for wellness return.

2 – Home Massage – all I do with my hands plus the essence of navel cupping and moxa – plus all the lymph and Qi moves to maximize all acupuncture sessions . .

3 – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai all the practical ways you can undo your own story the lives and bodies of others – includes the vibrational drops sent by mail to assist the stages you will journey through. Extensive scar work in the context of the 8 Extras and their storage functions.

4 – Transformative Healing package the two courses above PLUS the entire 8 Extras and transforrnative work

All together form the basis for your entering my experiential workshops . .

My focus is always improved maternal welfare – thus Human Sustainability

Please express your interest/register here for updates