This is one module in a multi (9) set – and then there are the practical inclusions – see below . .

The path to male fertility enhancement is the key to making better babies naturally.

The way out of more miscarriages – and IVF not working  is to star as a farmer would – with the best breeding stock he can afford – not try to get to the lower level of ‘maybe’ fertile .

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This is an entire online course.

Aldo a reminder to follow life – as the late Dr John F Shen taught.
As it is Yang Sheng (Nourishing Life)  – an introduction back towards common sense.
All of what I say here as been tested over decades in my clinic – has been 40 years in the making.

Please do not expect to get a quick understanding.

This is SO different from what else is assumed/’out here’ medically.

Because we use the Chinese way – Yang Sheng – Nourishing Life.
This deviates from chasing pathology, and playing the ‘Fix It Game’ – as the classics and all those incredibly bright people who were the only form of help/medical assistance in times when what we call ‘standard’ and ‘orthodox’ was not about.

Start with him
He dictates their fertility outcomes

Nothing much for others to do – it is their journey to become bonded again – and through touch   .
When improving his health, the sexual connection will be enhanced as his sperm are related to his Kidney Ua=Yang fnction – and this is a measure of his health . .the semen analysis is his health report card.

It is so different to what you may have been presented elsewhere – this is what all elders knew . .
Maybe set aside 15 minutes each day and work through this – as it will give you all you need to be able to help any couple who wish for better babies. Investment is the key – yours – so their children will not be unwell – if they make them at all.

Perhaps look at all I have now on eLotus portal for more as there is free – Wisdom Tube

There are also my whole courses – to be done alongside this course – Moving Blockages to Healing – and Easy Babies. .

(t\The 5th day in this series will be re recorded in October 2018 – entitled ‘Men Matter‘.

1  – WHY would we look at him?

This is life/meridian based – not organ pathology

2 – Yang Sheng . . And sexuality

Our job – improving their understanding of health and how to get it back.

Fertility then is a simple consequence.
Survival of the fittest??


Nature has to be helped – Yang Sheng

Live according to the Way of the Tao


What else you will receive . . INCLUSIONS:


(The Self Care package – always starts with US – your self cultivation also)

1 – General patient practical lifestyle info (assumed in this practitioners’ version that I am sure you will surprise you.

Three components: (Please click to learn more)

The men’s massage course – is the Foundational Moves component of the Self Care course – with a run through on the cupping navel allied salt on navel after taking out what is blocking Yang Qi – and the use of moxa sacral fan PLUS

2 – Fertility massage component – how to undo why he has a possible varicocele and why the lower pelvis is just not flowing . .

3 – This also contains the entire course – Reset the Metabolism – undo what is blocking Yang Qi from working well.
(Large PDF’s ‘Perineal Steaming’, ‘Advanced Moxa Moves’, ‘Iodine – the missing ingredient’ and ‘Pulling out the Cold’)

Written so anyone can understand it. What all traditional cultures knew – sustainability – Yang Sheng . .  it is NOT taught in college and not written yet as it was elders knowledge – oral transmission – and of course all cultures had ‘old wives’ tales’ – customs that had kept them alive – predominantly around NOT getting cold . .
Passed orally as all the ancients and all members of all cultures had assumed/implicit knowledge . .this is it.

A huge addition to all you do – for anyone who comes into clinic: I use the pulling out the cold to transform all cases

So simple . . .

For any thing – case history testimonials from surprised acupuncturists  . .

1 – I just want to give you some gratitude and positive feedback on behalf of a patient of mine with Bell’s Palsy. I was having OK success with needles and then I thought of your moxa on salt on umbilicus and the results have been ASTONISHING. (I cupped the tummy) You can literally watch the musculature relax and reorient the minute I start to moxa her abdomen. Thank you so much for your willingness to share the wonders of the ancient medicine. . Warmly, Amy, USA   (See more on Bells Palsy resolution inside the course – is too simple . . .)

2 – Result of the sucking out the cold – cup left on more than 30mins
The person felt a cool current flowing in his legs, much more free on the pelvis.
(Surgical intervention on the spine 2 months ago – he came in with too much neuropathic pain) now departed.
Aline France

3 – The results? Cupping navel

1 – My Brazilian patient who was wearing feather puffer jackets all last summer permanently moved into singlets after only one session with fire cupping the navel and ginger moxa to umbilicus.

2 – Patient with depression and in recovery post lymphatic cancer radio therapy and chemo is maintaining higher energy levels and happiness levels.

3 – In myself, after I tried the cupping then moxa to umbilicus and the Kiiko shock point ST24, I noticed higher energy levels and also a strange thing – my upper lip for a long time has been rather thin. After 2 sessions with cup/moxa/ ST24, my upper lip became more full and has stayed this way since. Ana Auckland NZ

So simple, so instant and so effective – anyone can do it!!

Working with Heather has taught me how to powerfully move these blockages, clearing away toxins and life debris so that when I actually put a few needles in I get MAXIMUM IMPACT.  I am finally seeing miracles in my clinic – and that’s how it should be.  That’s why I studied TCM. Mentoring with a Modern Master is bringing me into my “A Game”, Eke – Adelaide Australia

Declutter, Reset, Restore