Heather’s Gentling Way – Part 1 – Melbourne

Reconnecting Bao (heart) and Dai (womb)Mai

What is this? The answer to a prayer often

An acupuncturists’ romp through the structure, what binds it up in knotted tangles, into how to unwind these. 

An interactive responsive holistic individualised acupuncture themed energy inspired body work. Based on all the styles I have been exposed to and have developed further in my quest for answers when the obvious seems to NOT WORK.  We release bodily held life residue. Especially scar distress, adhesions and the consequences of being opened up – whether to birth or to ‘fix’ something – invariably we are ‘not the same since . . .’

Foundational Moves – clearing Qi/lymph and Blood Stagnation

Who for?

Acupuncturists who wish to advance their clinical skills into releasing deeply held perverse Qi. Who seek simple answers for complex problems

Event description An interactive experiential practical workshop supporting the Three Heaters by clearing their stagnations. From removing shock/trauma from Bao Mai that may have created disconnection to the lower heaters, we move onto the more solid representations of life.

Using the 8 Extra meridian theory of storage of perverse Qi, we discover ways to unblock lymph and Qi congestion, alleviate visceral displacement, correct diastasis, discover and gently correct uterine mal-positioning, also breaking adhesions and resolving scars. Advanced Channel Applications – Gua Sha, cups, needling and hand work feature, utilising past elder wisdoms.

When nothing else has worked – when we want to refer out as we feel lost – now – using these foundational moves – anything is possible – you will come away personally transformed as this simple work begins a new life for all.

How did this come about?

After 40 years being hands-on meridian therapist, embedded in my own maternity. designing acupuncture courses and seeking always for more – using whatever it takes to assist people move from their previously stuck spots. We now have an integrated Qi/Shen and lymph system – magicking away structural demons.. . Heather’s Gentling Ways

Trialed successfully around the world from San Diego (February ’19) and NYC USA (August ’18) to Albi, France (April and Nov ’18) with passionate acupuncturists, in Gloriavale NZ (Jan ’19) to midwives and health workers, (plus wise mums of many – ‘lay’ but transforming lives they touch with this work) and acupuncturists and astute body workers in many Australian venues,(over past 2 years)  I now bring to you . . . . This is a fusion of Qi awareness, advanced channel applications, gentle belly and lymph, ligament and thus profound structural shifts – hands and heartful body interactions.

A practical and intimate workshop.  Only 8 spaces offered

BE QUICKsmall intimate space to undo all that ails YOU so you can be the healing channel you always wished to be

BRING – courage – this is self mastery

BEFORE THE WORKSHOP – the online Pre Course 3 part introduction – instantly usable in your life and clinic

What will we be covering?

This 2-day introduction into Heather’s Gentling Ways takes you (the acupuncturist – who also as a body/life in need of healing) into releasing what holds the Qi, and thus healing hostage. More on this here.

We uncover and heal stored away shock/life trauma and deep wounds that block usual means. Gently – with our hands and sometimes needles. We work extensively with scars. These hold keys to the chronic ‘bread and butter’ issues we may play with. This class highlights the simplicity of allowing Qi to flow again. We work with breath, wise women’s ways – previously only taught orally and across so many cultures. We delve into instant ways to magic the stuckness away for good.


  1. Gain a clear understanding of the body’s energy and solid flows. (5 Flows – especially lymph).

  2.  – Discover what blocks life force. (8 Extras reservoir theory)
  3. – Including – Poly Vagal Theory, Reichian armour bands, accident recall
  4. – Rework the entire Three Heater theory into practical hands-on repair of visceral displacement, vacuity (diastasis/prolapses) and leaky gut (Ileo-cecal value correction.)
  5.  – Experience different levels of releasing what is caught up as life residue/scars
  6.  – Practice gently relieving body resistance, allowing the clearing what has up till now prevented true healing.



To allow the Qi to flow through a body unimpeded.

Will the seminar cover more than just acupuncture?


We move much from all of us

These are small, thus intimate workshops


After my recent foray into Arvigo and Mercier ways of belly/pelvic care – all the best added to all I was taught 40+ years ago (all visceral a soft tissue and lymph work in conjunction with acupuncture) and all I have developed since . . leading graduates of the entire programme (this i part 1 – into being Gentling Way practitioners.

We also

Surprisingly simple women’s ways of knowing

INCLUDING – much touch therapy – plus adhesion breaking

Large focus of this weekend – C scars – however old – undoing what they leave behind.

Hands and hearts. Real shifts in visceral placement as we focus on repositioning the organs – gently allowing the blueprint to re-establish itself. Structure does determine function. We begin with our own bodies. We move onto the classmates. This is deep work. Courage is needed to move into where you can then assist patients.

Treatment suggestions include acupuncture using Heather’s Stuck Belly Blood ways after the shock/cold (and often scars) are liberated. By undoing the past injuries and energy blockages we then do not need to micromanage acupuncture points and play with pain – the reason it is there dissolves.  Most usually permanently.

What to expect?

The unexpected

Usually people have no idea what else they could feel like – til the very gentle process of unwind in the order the Reichian armnour bands can release is activated.   Body and soul permission lead to alignment – and great surprise!

This woman below had been in agony for 17 years following an accident within her car, where stopping suddenly caused a large crate to hit her and give her a different whiplash.

After using 2 processes we teach in this class – before needles – she was able to turn her head so her ears touched the pillow – not for 17 years had this happened – obviously some stagnation in channels to dissapate!


People always say to me . .

“Too easy Heather!”
Yes it is  .

Then we worked on why she as as the subject in the teaching class on Undoing C section residue . .(
And chronic necks are a huge part of this).

Anyone can do this . .
All we are doing is taking out blockages to life flows.

Wondering why I do this?


6/7 July


Reservoir, Victoria


  • 09.00 – 5:00PM
  • 8.30 arrival/settle
  • 9 sharp – we start.
  • (Little lunch)/morning tea – 10.30 – 11.
  • Lunch 1- 2
  • Small wee breaks as needed
  • Contact hours – face to face
  • 6.30 hours – per day – 2 days.


Pre class . . .At least 3 hours to watch and integrate the online Self Care course – hand movements we will need to have in board to be in the needling workshop as these are not being taught – but assumed.

Post class – Always more with me – going forwards so much to share further!

This is exceptionally deep work on self.
Deceptively simple.

Who can come?

Anyone who has the courage to go beyond what is written and taught into what is stored within us all.

NOTE – this is way more than show up and go off again – you get an online course that will instantly changes you and all you touch. As an Arvigo Self Care teacher, a Mercier worker and a very practical wise woman, we go as fast into this stunningly simple content when you come ready to dive deeply,

You must have a background knowledge of meridians as the 8 Extras supervise, regulate and maintain the flow of Qi and Blood in the 12 – and the perverse Qi stuck from the body we will be liberating! Potentially an acupuncture  student would benefit massively – as we start with our own belly/Three Heater liberation – extending outwards to the world. . All gut function is improved.

   Faja                             Accident recall                        Belly work            Touch Therapy – hand moves


Day One – Towards alignment back to Self.

Enhance optimal lymph flows – relieving Phlegm/Damp

We apply channel theory, and knowledge of 8 Extra meridians in practical wise womanly (previously oral) traditions to effect major through very gentle shifts in balance. 

Included – self help – healing power of self soothing.

Structure determines function – Three Heater visceral corrective moves, the beginnings of uterine repositioning, sacral and coccygeal corrections to allow Du Mai and the other 7 Extras to flow as intended.

Day Two – Undoing Life Residue 

From stored Shock/trauma to effectively needling scars – especially the pubic /lower heater to invigorate the entire being – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai in the process . .

Stuck Belly Blood/Undoing Energy patterns and how to reposition soft tissue – all with heartful hands-on energy applications. The acupuncture sets us free to complete the session.  Missing links – touch – frees the Qi.

What to bring 

1 – Open mind and heart

2 – Warm loose half body clothes. (We focus on/in the middle).

3 – Your own needles as we will be working on each other – and my tube-less needles may not suit most. 

Optional – break time wholesome snacks to share as all of us have food ‘rules’ it seems..

Pay now, guarantee your space (2 spots left) and get started on the course content as an online experiential gems from my practice immediately useful in clinic. (Anxiety moxa treatments alone).

Get started with the online content you can use immediately in clinic – secrets held in plain sight – lymph shifting.
Includes all content, the face to face and the ongoing after course support.

Who is Heather Bruce?

As a classically trained acupuncture consultant, and naturally inclined body and energy worker Heather has been a pragmatic clinician, course designer and teacher in Brisbane Australia, and in her home country NZ since early 1979.

As a new mother at her training’s onset, she saw all acupuncture study through maternal eyes. Using hands and heart, she has always specialized in obstetrics and fertility, and in all ‘difficult’ cases. Extensively teaching all levels of acupuncture from a classical and a meridian basis she has developed her own style of Moving Blockages to Healing.

Heather is passionate about improving and sustaining Jing. Starting with family concerns – touching, and being bonded, as the primates that we are. Aided through the transmission of world wide wise womanly oral and hands -on traditions, she intends to bring back magic into practice for all.

Extending this to undoing the Life Residue, using 8 Extras and their function of storing perverse Qi, Heather now allows uses whatever means (via the Poly Vagal – trauma release – theory to liberate Reichian armour bands thus freeing all from what blocks Qi and thus Life Flows) to allow acupuncturists to access deeper than ever before.

More on Heather’s CV is found here.
There is always more

Interested in Fertility – especially the men’s contribution?

Problem pregnancies?
Here is induction after cholestasis

Download the flyer:

melb Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai

What you will come away with

Passion and a renewed zeal for playing with QI . .Results instantly transferable to you – anyone can!

NOTE – this is part one of a many faceted romp through Body and Soul stagnation
Leading into Opening the Baby Gate (Living Ligaments III)


Course Fee: $495

Please pay to:

Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484-799
Account No. 001657511 

Then send me a screenshot and I will send the pre course goodies to trial . .

Intrigued? The trajectory through the entire holistic energy body work that is

Heather’s Gentling Way

What lead me to here?
A lifetime of my asking questions that I felt needed attending to before that which I was being taught or expected to do.

I offer a structured pathway that can take as long or a short a time as you wish. There is more . .

2019 Heather’s internship offer

Online components to allow instant access to what transforms your practice – and your life.

Based in Brisbane – at The Life Alignment Centre.

Contact Heather

Reconnecting Bao (heart) and Dai Mai (womb)


Melbourne6/7 July

Sydney 27/28th July