We begin with undoing life residue . .

Our own ‘university of life’ gave us what steered us inti this. We must always be ahead of what walks in.
Or be willing to drop all to undo what comes up for us – or life will make it happen . FAST.

I say – get ahead before this is needed.
After having been through myriad experiential trainings in the past 4 decades, I am over ‘ seeing the scabs of life being picked at .
We are soul/body aligners and to aspire to what is possible – and so needed – we need to clear ourselves also. First.

Declutter – reset – restore.

Over the past 5 years, I have traveled the globe – to incorporate many more traditional women’s ways of knowing

What this work is based around – our womb

 The wonders from releasing womb woes.

We are bound here embodied.

Our centre is our womb.

Does she/has she felt safe?

Womb work – centering a woman’s body

Why have I taken this stand?

Structure Determines Function


When we ignore the obvious all our well intentioned and ‘good’ protocols/interventions

may come unstuck.

The sequence is not covered.

Go further back to causation – as far as you can.
Start with structure and flows – the circulation is not getting to where it must.



This will dislodge that which has bound you.

What lies beyond???

Courage needed

To assist you on this inner path . .

As in First Aid certificates – You must complete the online pre course work prior to the experientials

You may pay by payment plan – that gets you at least ahead in the self paced home study.

After decades of my own Moving Blockages work – clearing lymph and adhesions, to get to the Maya/ now EX-Arvigo (I was one of the 3 Self Care teachers in both Australia and NZ) and to Belize and onto Mercier (USA) I now bring you

Heather’s Gentling Ways

This is hands-on work . . Always self first

Our Qi being held hostage is not ideal
We can easily undo phlegm/damp through moving lymph

WE ALL NEED OUR OWN BLOCKAGES ADDRESSED – we just do. We are obviously wounded – all others may see it but ourselves.

Online may be easier for you – all  must start with the Self Care pack

Experiential /hands on to feel the difference such simple moves can make.

Grow out of being Ms Rescuer- start at home – your own self.

Please note – we always work on ourselves and our own stuckness.

Maybe also watch what I have put up for prospective patients. – are we a good fit?

My work has many of the assumed knowledge that underpins so much of all of what was an oral traditions – the ‘Mother’s Torah’/Bible – learned at mum’s breast/lap/knee – and now almost all gone.

This is not an academic exercise – it is REAL life.

There is a lot to offer – where would you like to start/continue – online or experiential??

You can do both as presently I am offering for those who wish to do so much more than is offered in the hands-on traditions elsewhere – a way to merge their meridian know-how with what I have been garnering as well as what is taught in the overseas traditions.   Here in Australia . .

YOU do not need to send years and so much effort as I have fused it all into a new therapy.


Looks like this. . .  .

2019 – VENUES

The year is flying away. .

Payment – can be on a payment plan – the deposit gets you the instant start online courses.

Please contact me . .

Suncorp 484 799
1657511 Heather Bruce Books (was 001657511)

or we can pop this through on the EFTPOS machine in the clinic


Southern Hemisphere – 2019

Brisbane/ (AU) Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai

Is a Living Ligaments Pre requisite

Experiential & Hands-On


31 AUGUST/ & 1st SEPT
Last opportunity to grab the Living Ligaments special Come and join us Northern NSW country
Reconnecting Heart and Womb space/Painless Pregnancy/Easy Birthing Will follow on to Gentling Trauma Relief 13 – 14 SEPT
Brisbane Gentling Trauma Relief  Including Healing the Inner Mother
SELF focused Experiential & Hands-On

28/29 SEPT



Living Ligaments I

From Womb Woes To Womb Wonders

OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On



Living Ligaments II



Prolapses to Prostate Pleasures


OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On




PLEASE NOTE – there is a complete immersion price.

INCLUDED  – create magic in your clinic . . .

(Must undo some of YOUR own stagnations first – including fear of SUCCESS!!!)

TRIAGE and back to meridians and unblocking Qi to allow life to flow . .

A taste of what we are up to . .

Living Ligaments I  Max 8 in class

Living Ligaments II  Max 8 in class

Living Ligaments III will be in my healing sanctuary in NZ (West Coast, S.I. /Atarau January 3- 7  NOTE 4 days /5 nights. .

A day off then Healing the Wounded Healer – Thurs (and before)  – private 3 hour sessions.

in class (Fri Sat Sun) – 10-12th Jan Max 6 in class

I pick up and deliver to Chch international Airport if needed.

In retreats (Atarau, NZ)  – Acc and food inclusive.

Can I ask you to ponder please . . .

How can you stabilise people presently – and undo their life of misalignment?
What does it cost you to stay where you are – stuck?
What will you to not/what will you do instead?


I will not necessarily be offering this again as my life calls . .

This is all done for you . .

Consolidated – from around the world.

No need to do as I did – chase down the Arivgo and the Mercier  and still – where is Heather’s Moving Blockages – all here!!!

This is cutting edge – especially for those who wish to take meridians and body work back to QI and Shen.

Investment for those who have begun .. .  and completed Part 1

Paying a bit at a time . . .

Part 1 Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – includes Self Care instant download pre course work – $495

Part 2 – Gentling Way Self Care – includes Self  Discovery instant download pre course work – $495

If you pre pay – you get all the Transformative Healing package (usually alone $US 997) to go through at your own pace – all 8 Extras and all the weekend seminars including Dr Shen pulses  . .

Part 3 – Living Ligaments I (Brisbane)  – 3 days $1,650

Includes considerable pre and post experiential (hands-on) online ongoing support and manuals

PLUS – (acupuncturists) – the Transformative Healing online as a supported learning class as we go through 9 months. 

Part 4 – Living Ligaments II (Brisbane)  – 3 days $1,650

If you are just beginning . .

Special deal – all up to and including LL II

Please contact me – payment plan if needed.

Living Ligaments III alone (all up to LL II completed)  3 days $1,650

PLUS Healing the Wounded Healer – 4 days $1,650

or all the pre and post support is on offer – this is not only the 4 day retreat ..

Healing the Wounded Healer – by invitation only – $3,300

(Expect to walk out a different clearer and more consolidated person to start the rest of your life. .)

This is stepping up massively.

It is a new modality:

superceding what you think acupuncture is/was.

Living Ligaments

Past all I learned in the Maya P.C.T. and the Mercier moves – you get how to use and when to  . .

As an acupuncture consultant and practitioner for over 40 years .. .

I know how to merge this with the perverse Qi releases with the 8 Extras and how to combine to make stunning shifts an everyday occurance.

  1. You learn all the ways to mobilise the ovarian suspensory ligaments so that
  2. you CAN stabilse the uterine positioning –
  3. thus all structures in the body
  4. and all visceral and gut positioning.
  5. hence functioning – at least of the Three Heater – supporting life

You do need to have completed both the Self Care and the Self Discovery – online pre requisites to come to the experientials. It does make such a difference – these are not ‘chalk and talk’ – but feeling into self – and clearing that which has bound you.

Pre requisites

1 – Foundational Moves (Reconnecting Heart and womb) Bao and Dai.

2 – Gentling Way Self Care


Living Ligaments I – includes Gentling Way Self Care when in retreat (end Oct Nobby’s Creek)

Will be in two parts – one day break . . if you are onsite – we will have a small spirit quest off property).

The GWSC below is available in Brisbane.

HURRY – end October we do the LL I retreat.

Gentling Way Self Care (3 day) first day – Healing the Inner Mother

Follows on Living Ligaments I for those who travel a distance.

Living Ligaments II in early December in Brisbane only.

Ahead of January – LL III and HWH.

WHAT IS IN . . .Gentling Way Self Care

  • Undoing YOUR own story –
  • the tools to allow you to and to assist others plus
  • Ethics 1 – on into spiritual cleansing and how you can release yourself from playing the Fix It/Me game..

Living Ligaments I –

  • Beginning the hands-on adventure
  • Through moves to stabilise the pelvis by correctly positioning the womb –
  • and all that has held her hostage.

LL. II is offered in early December:

Revision, all prolapsing, men’s work/sacral /tailbone corrections

No one leaves these practical classes as they were when they walked in

We always work with heartful hands

From an energy model
Always knowing that perverse Qi stored in the 8 Extras needs shifting.

Releasing to allow the body to continue unimpeded.


We all have variations on Spleen Qi/Yang Xu and Damp and Liver Qi/Blood Stuck: who does not?


Whilst this is based on gyno visceral corrections 


Living Ligaments? Yes – they are instantly responsive when we do what is needed

Living Ligaments series

We have started with Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai


These moves in this work undo the physical manifestations of this
Allow for healing – so they do not return. FIXED!!!

  • We cross a divide.
  • We can do BETTER what the physical therapists are tasked with.
  • Why get upset about their DNA incursions.
  • That is because what they are trained to do is not working – and we hold the keys – Qi.

For radically different birthing outcomes .  .

(A tiny portion of what you can teach others to do. In this case I unhinged a badly broken and wedged under coccyx with  combination of all the moves I teach in Living Ligaments III –  Opening the Baby Gate).


Unexpected structural shifts . .

In one session often I can correct what all who have so far touched that person have not – often for years.

As one woman (a classical national ballerina) said – “all my life I have had deportment training and in one session – I am perfectly aligned! I could not NOT do this. I have been in awe of my baby who CAN sit properly – now I can too!”

Someone else told me a year after I had seen her – “back that had plagued me for 10 years is gone! So grateful!”


Intimate – as we are into the guts of it – literally.
We break out of being ‘nice’.

Hence there is no short cutting – we must undo why you have chosen this path and what is still held as residue within.

SELF FIRST – you are the only one who you CAN help!

We are recreating our own three Heater function first – so our Blood energy CAN  . .

Self Care
Self Discovery
Is within the Transformative Healing package

There are ‘tasters’ that can be purchased separately if you wish to explore what even a small aspect of this easy to implement and totally transferable almost TOO SIMPLE advanced channel applications can do – instantly in your own setting. ‘Reset Your Metabolism’


OR – sign up for all the packages and have all resources as I bring them through.

(Online membership classes for our patients are coming).

Pregnancy – an intensive ‘catch-up’ over my last 25 years . . immediately all there for you – many weekend seminars – and in the graduation of my work into where it is hands-on supported by undoing what is stuck in the 8 Extrars


Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens

Includes – this online set of stunning eBooks and videos

Easy Pregnancy resources

This is a complete pregnancy taster that allows you to delve deeply into normal and how to improve the likelihood of this – in the modern context. Using the holders of the Jing – the  8 Extras, this presentation originally aired as The Role of the 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’.

You get to experience ‘hard cases’ explained – and resolved using these holistic multi modality transformative energy body tools. Regardless of the style of acupuncture you favour.

Practicals are extra – here we are on the Foundational Course – in Albi, France.
Learning how to correct a wonky pelvis. Hence all the organs, functions and resultant flows

Me demonstrating always always look after your own vehicle first – see my straight back stance?

 Always restore the blueprint  . .   

Pull out what is not supposed to be there first.


Joining up – see here

This is on a site I can’t change presently – though you CAN sign up and get started withe the online only – I am sending this out as a gradual online supported group training – when you sign up either as a whole or in payment plan (contact me to organise). This is instant transformation of what you do in clinic – as the 8 Extras and their role of supervising the flow of QI and Blood in the main meridians is instantly applicable to anyone – not only acupuncture workers.