Gentling Ways practical – BRISBANE REPEAT

Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (heart/wombspace)



A little of what we will cover . . .
C scars – how can we really undo all those adhesions – often decades later?

And how to set this up so so much more moves on with it – all the trauma as a start – that is holding the Reichian armour bands so tight – leading us into Living Ligaments – all and more I learned in my Arvigo years – through the 8 Extras lenses.

Male fertility blockages also covered in the Stuck Belly Blood acupuncture section


Where? Brisbane
When? TBA
Points? 13 AACMA

Cost? $495


Small class – pay now and get the pre course instantly clinical practical info.


Answering the question




To allow the Qi to flow through a body unimpeded


Event description An interactive experiential practical workshop supporting the Three Heaters by clearing their stagnations. From removing shock/trauma from Bao Mai that may have created disconnection to the lower heaters, we move onto the more solid representations of life.

Using the 8 Extra meridian theory of storage of perverse Qi, we discover ways to correct all TH (Three Heater) issues – be they ‘leaky gut’/GERD/IBS/Krohn’s – by unblocking why there is lymph and Qi congestion. (Reminder – the role of the 8 Extras – to regulate maintain and supervise the 12 main. – and to keep out of circulation till able to process that which is ‘too hard’). We let it let go . . .

We become aware of what needs to shift to release what has been stored trapped in the 8 Extras – esp the spine and nervous system. Shen shock/body trauma. Cold is covered in the pre course online work – & SCARS we do day 2.

Day 1 – Structure determines function. After constructing a safe space, we romp through the belly to liberate the lymph and damp that lead to digestive dramas.
 We reposition viscera and what holds it hostage . . so gut function can support easy living.
Day 2 – undoing a Stuck Belly Blood and all sequelae of C sections and another abdominal surgeries /interventions.  Freeing all sacral and pelvic tensions to allow easy birthing.

What will we be doing?

  1. – Gain a clear understanding of the body’s energy and solid flows.
  2. – 5 Flows – especially lymph.
  3. – Discover what blocks life force. (8 Extras reservoir theory)
  4. – Including – Poly Vagal Theory, Reichian armour bands, Accident Recall
  5. – Rework the entire Three Heater theory into practical hands-on repair of visceral displacement, vacuity (diastasis/prolapses) and leaky gut (Ileo-cecal value correction.)
  6. – Experience different levels of releasing what is caught up as life residue/scars
  7. – Practice gently relieving body resistance, allowing the clearing what has up till now prevented true healing

This 2-day introduction into Heather’s Gentling Ways takes you (the interested aware, conscious body worker /midwife/acupuncturist – who also is also in a body/life in need of healing) into releasing what holds the Qi, and thus healing hostage. More on this here.

How is this possible?

We undo blockages to flows – anyone can – is essential the foundation work we missed in going straight to needles.

Check in with the body first – can it do what you are asking of it?

We start with US ..

Embodied  .
In a women’s yarning circle . .

We may discover stored away shock/life trauma and deep wounds that block usual means. We work extensively with scars. These hold keys to the chronic ‘bread and butter’ issues we may play with. This class highlights the simplicity of allowing Qi to flow again. We work with breath, wise women’s ways – previously only taught orally and across so many cultures. We delve into instant ways to magic the stuckness away for good. Gently – with our hands (and sometimes needles).

 Via an acupuncturists’ romp through the structure: what binds it up into knotted tangles, and onto how to unwind these.  We release bodily held life residue. Especially scar distress, adhesions and the consequences of being opened up – whether to birth or to ‘fix’ something – invariably we are ‘not the same since . . .’

Foundational Moves
Clearing Qi/lymph and Blood Stagnation

Commonly asked questions –

1 – Who for?

Anyone – not only acupuncturists – anyone who wishes to advance their clinical skills into releasing deeply held perverse Qi. Stored trauma . .

Anyone – who seeks simple answers for complex problems.

We can alleviate visceral displacement, correct diastasis, discover uterine mal-positioning, break adhesions and resolve scars. How? By using practical applications of meridian theory – Advanced Channel work – Gua Sha, cups – hand moves feature – all utilising past elder wisdoms. A lot of this is in the pre course work – please sign up to assure your spot and also get started – as the online work is NOT repeated in class. .

2 – What is in this that I may not already covered in other teachings?

Likely a great change in perspective as we start with the belly and structure
We create a safe space – so what is caught up may choose to dissolve.
By letting it go – gently – every thing shifts.

“There is a real gap in training around being hands on and using our hands as tools – Heather helps to bridge that gap. She teaches the skills to help get to the core of the problem, helping to shift those deep imbalances that the body holds onto that sometimes needles alone just won’t move.  There are so many nuggets of gold that really do seem too simple to be true” April, .

3 – Can I use this immediately in clinic? In life?

Yes – is all breathtakingly easy.
Ever one says – how can something so gentle make such a change?

4 – What have others said of this?

1 – ‘An easy simple way to gauge and clear what is stopping healing naturally’. Aprll – Upwey.

2 – ‘She came in with a stepladder sacrum and got off the table with a slide’ (Massive shifts after the accidents and life lived – Rachael – Sydney.

3 – ‘Having done the Reconnecting Dai Mai workshop with Heather, I can say that I have actually applied pretty much everything I learnt straight into practice and have really loved the results I am getting. Now I see people through a new lens and am loving how the new knowledge and techniques is adding such depth to my practice. I am so excited to continue my training so I can learn more of Heather’s work, as I can see how what she does is so relevant to really making transformational change in the body’s and lives of so many of our clients’.Tanya Banora Point

4 – ‘The thing I have enjoyed most is that so much of it is learning tools to provide my patients, that they can then take home to use themselves. This helps them to feel in control of their journey, as well as doing a heap of the work – I notice that when they take responsibility for their health (rather than turning to me to “fix” them) huge changes happen. Patients are often amazed at the shifts that come from the techniques as the moves feel too gentle, too simple to be so profound.  The techniques aren’t hard – they can be taken and used straight away, and patients love them! ‘ April, country Victoria



We undo blockages to flows – anyone can – is essential the foundation work we missed in going straight to needles. Check in with the body first – can it do what you are asking of it?

5 – Is there more?

Always – after my recent foray into Arvigo/Maya and Mercier ways of belly/pelvic care – all the best added to all I was taught 40+ years ago (all visceral and soft tissue and lymph work in conjunction with acupuncture) and all I have developed since . . leading graduates of the entire programme (this is part 1 or 2  of the pre requisites. .

Gentling Trauma Relief -now an online component of the Self Discovery course -leading you into Living Ligaments – Womb Woes to Womb Wonders – undoing misplaced uterii and other viscera – gently – letting the body let go when it wins to.

Answering this question: What is holding YOU hostage??

What Lies Beneath

How did this come about?

Me looking for excellence past what was very good and appearing to ‘work’ well enough . .
What about when it didn’t?

My asking why what I had been so good at not working as well over the decades as more complicated lives and less respect for nature so The Way of the Tao is almost a memory only.

After 40 years being hands-on meridian therapist, embedded in my own maternity, designing acupuncture courses and seeking always for more – using whatever it takes to assist people move from their previously stuck spots. We now have an integrated Qi/Shen and lymph system – magicking away structural demons.. . Heather’s Gentling Ways

This is a fusion of Qi awareness, advanced channel applications, gentle belly and lymph, ligament and thus profound structural shifts – hands and heartful body interactions.

Gyno visceral corrections – including unsticking adhesions!

A practical and intimate workshop. Only 9 spaces offered

BE QUICKsmall intimate space to undo all that ails YOU so you can be the healing channel you always wished to be

BRING – courage – this is self mastery

BEFORE COMING . . look through the online Pre Course 3 part introduction (even put it into use in clinic)

Will the seminar cover more than just acupuncture?


You do NOT need to be an energy worker to get so much from this.
We are undoing ourselves: & each other.

We move much from all of us

These are small, thus intimate workshops

Surprisingly simple women’s ways of knowing

INCLUDING – much touch therapy – plus adhesion breaking

Large focus of this weekend – C scars – however old – undoing what they leave behind.

Hands and hearts. Real shifts in visceral placement as we focus on repositioning the organs – gently allowing the blueprint to re-establish itself. Structure does determine function. We begin with our own bodies. We move onto the classmates. This is deep work. Courage is needed to move into where you can then assist patients.

Treatment suggestions include acupuncture using my Stuck Belly Blood ways after the shock/cold (and often scars) are liberated. By undoing the past injuries and energy blockages we then do not need to micromanage acupuncture points and play with pain – the reason it is there dissolves. Most usually permanently.

What to expect?

The unexpected

Usually people have no idea what else they could feel like – til the very gentle process of unwind in the order the Reichian armour bands can release is activated. Body and soul permission lead to alignment – and great surprise

People always say to me . .

“Too easy Heather!”
Yes it is .

Then we worked on why she as as the subject in the teaching class on Undoing C section residue . .(
And chronic necks are a huge part of this).

Anyone can do this . .
All we are doing is taking out blockages to life flows

This is part one of a many faceted romp through Body and Soul stagnation
Leading to Womb Wonders – repositioning the centre of all women’s universe.


TBA – Sat Sun


BRISBANE – change of city and thus venue . .- 10 Kitchener St  Coorparoo


  • 8.30 arrival/settle
  • 9 sharp – we start.
  • (Little lunch)/morning tea – 10.30 – 11.
  • Lunch 1- 2 – do bring a plate to share
  • Small wee breaks as needed
  • Contact hours – face to face
  • 6.30 hours – per day – 2 days.

We aim to clear the Life Residue, using 8 Extras and their function of storing perverse Qi. We use whatever means (via the Poly Vagal – trauma release – theory to liberate Reichian armour bands thus freeing all from what blocks Qi and thus Life Flows) to allow acupuncturists to access deeper than ever before.


Pre class . . .  least 3 hours to watch and integrate the online Self Care course – hand movements we will need to have in board to be in the needling workshop as these are not being taught – but assumed.

As an online devotee says . . Healing Power of Touch (part of the pre course package – start immediately and feel/see results).

‘A lot of the power of our medicine seems to be getting lost in intellectual based information, techniques and theories.  We can often forget the basics of what it means to live as a healthy, integrated human being. We are embodied, and touch is vitally important.  Simple things like how we think, what we eat, and how we move, are often over looked. A lot of what is in this course I will share with my patients.  There are great graphics and posters which I can put out in my clinic and print off for patients as home work.  Working through the exercises myself, just while watching the course modules, I can feel the difference in my body.  More relaxed, more integrated, more flowing, and more joyful. 

Heather is humorous, caring and light hearted in the way she teaches. I sense I am reconnecting on the common sense wisdom of the elders.  My acupuncture schooling was barely hands on, believe it or not.  Mostly about theory and where to put the needle. But how to work with lymph, Qi, emotion and feeling – those are missing link that Heather reintroduces”.   Cara, Canada

Post class – Always more with me – going forwards so much to share further!

This is exceptionally deep work on self.
Deceptively simple.

Who can come?

Anyone who has the courage to go beyond what is written and taught into what is stored within us all.

NOTE – this is way more than show up and go off again – you get an online course that will instantly changes you and all you touch. As an Arvigo Self Care teacher, a Mercier worker and a very practical wise woman, we go as fast into this stunningly simple content when you come ready to dive deeply,

You do not need to have a background knowledge of meridians.
It is all obvious as i go through . . .
e start with our own belly/Three Heater liberation – extending outwards to the world. .

All gut function is improved.

Faja – Accident recall – Belly work – Perineal Steaming – Touch Therapy – hand moves

Day OneTowards alignment back to Self.

Enhance optimal lymph flows – relieving Phlegm/Damp – taking out cold/shock/trauma

We apply channel theory, and knowledge of 8 Extra meridians in practical wise womanly (previously oral) traditions to effect major through very gentle shifts in balance.

Included – self help – healing power of self soothing.

Structure determines function – Three Heater visceral corrective moves, the beginnings of uterine repositioning, sacral and coccygeal corrections to allow Du Mai and the other 7 Extras to flow as intended.

Day Two Undoing Life Residue

From stored Shock/trauma to effectively needling scars – especially the pubic /lower heater to invigorate the entire being – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai in the process . .

Adhesions . . . . mirror X scars – neck release – all pain gone – as the 8 Extras are then flowing
(Not holding onto stuff’)

Stuck Belly Blood/Undoing Energy patterns and how to reposition soft tissue – all with heartful hands-on energy applications. The acupuncture sets us free to complete the session. Missing links – touch – frees the Qi.

What to bring

1 – Open mind and heart

2 – Warm loose half body clothes. (We focus on/in the middle).

3 – Food to share

Optional – break time wholesome snacks to share as all of us have food ‘rules’ it seems..

Pay now, guarantee your space (8 spots only) and get started on the course content as an online experiential gems from my practice immediately useful in clinic. (Anxiety moxa treatments alone).

Get started with the online content you can use immediately in clinic – secrets held in plain sight – lymph shifting.
Includes all content, the face to face and the ongoing after course support.


Weekend intro Bao & Dai

Even after just treating a few of my own patients after this workshop, I had the feedback that I delivered and very “solid” and healing treatment, feeling so much more grounded myself. This introductory weekend offers a series of basic moves and acupuncture applications, but is interwoven with little gems from Heather’s incredibly long career, and makes me excited to know more! Irene, Melbourne

‘I came away with a host of tools to deepen the work I am currently doing as an acupuncturist. Heather has cherry picked her healing tools and honed an approach aimed at getting to the root of the problem – clearing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages that are impeding the free flow of Qi. Aiming to set people up for success by empowering them with the knowledge they need to take charge of their own health.

Heather was so generous in her desire to pass on her knowledge, so that we as practitioners can really help people undo the damage of a lifetime of living. With a strong emphasis on hearing and healing the whole story, rather than just an isolated complaint, Heather’s work is the epitome of holistic. I have come away from this weekend with so much information, so many resources, and some amazing transformative tools that I can wind into my own practice start taking things to the next level.’
So simple – almost everyone has what I now can simply shift!
Tanya, Tweed Heads

I watched Heather’s video on iodine and thought…umm this might work for me. (I’m menopausal –  tired – no other symptoms – not regular enough with my herbs )…and I went online and bought some of the Lugol’s topical she mentioned. That was two weeks ago and WOW what a difference. I’ve been putting a little on my wrist most days.   . clinical TSH etc all good so wasn’t really looking at that. Honestly, I feel like I’ve just gone back into my premenopausal energy.🙂  Quite amazing !! –  Heidi Sydney

How is this possible?

We undo blockages to flows – anyone can – is essential the foundation work we missed in going straight to needles. Check in with the body first – can it do what you are asking of it?

What you will come away with

Passion and a renewed zeal for playing with Qi . .Results instantly transferable to you – anyone can!

Intrigued? The trajectory through the entire holistic energy body work that is

Heather’s Gentling Way

Lymph – ligaments – and pain free easy bodies to live in ..


Online components to allow instant access to what transforms your practice – and your life.

 Gentling Trauma Relief – leads into Living Ligaments I (Womb Woes to Womb Wonders) and II where we jiggle that body into life gently .  .

 The Life Alignment Centre

Contact Heather for more queries answered

Reconnecting Bao (heart) and Dai Mai (womb)

Brisbane – 25-26th October – REPEAT

We get up to all sorts of things ..

If you are not sure, or want clarification please reach out. .

Course Fee: $495

Please pay to:

Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484-799
Account No. 001657511 

On payment, the online work will be then sent to your inbox – for instant shifts in you and your practice  all ‘too simple Heather’

You really will walk away with a different body – and the tools to continue on in practice with these to add into any intervention on anyone – with anything – first – get the Qi to flow..

Who is Heather Bruce?

I arrived in to natural healing as I did not want my then baby son to have the health problems lifelong – his fathe rhad. (he doesn’t).

As a classically trained acupuncture consultant, and naturally inclined body and energy worker I have been a pragmatic clinician, course designer and teacher in Brisbane Australia, and in my home country NZ since early 1979.

As a new mother at my training’s onset, I saw all acupuncture study through maternal eyes. Using hands and heart, I have always specialized in family matters – obstetrics and fertility, and in all ‘difficult’ cases. Extensively teaching all levels of acupuncture from a classical and a meridian basis I developed my own style of Moving Blockages to Healing. Maybe also read here?

I am passionate about improving and sustaining Jing. Starting with family concerns – touching, and being bonded, as the primates that we are. Aided through the transmission of world wide wise womanly oral and hands -on traditions, I intend to bring back magic into practice for all.