Gentling Trauma Relief – 1st session

Heather’s Gentling Way work . .


The body stores whatever has happened to it.

In the words of Wilhelm Reich .. paraphrased . .

To effect a change on/with the structure, what is holding it hostage must be released.
I suggest that you may wish (given trauma is what is left behind/stuck) that there are feelings that may be hard to undo – memories and consequences – of different ages and times.
You and your body – may choose to do this gently.
When working with others – the same .

I prefer gentleness also in a therapeutic relationship.

To undo what is stored away – and we feel it as stuck . .


Working with my Gentling Way process, we go through the physical hands-on with ourselves as we can with others – as most of us have a therapy hat on.  You may have been through my 2 day intensive ‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ (heart and wombspace) workshop. YOU may have encountered this page as I have gifted it to you as part of your healing work with me.

Here we move onto the more emotional residue life residue – gently again – through the process of Self Discovery. The online course is a large pre-requisite of the practical work my practitioners MUST do – as we all need to master ourselves.

Undoing Our own Story allows the rest of what is to come to follow easily.

Here are the captured teaching components  – I will gradually get it all done and then will be on different pages.  Then as a course.

Below – my additions

Please be aware that the volume changes and there are background noises.

REPEATED from above . . . Sat 1st session (52 minutes)

Content . .


Revisiting – duality . .

2 sides for everything  if acupuncture yang and yin. .

Myer – Briggs . . please check out your own personalities.

BOUNDARIES – as part of what keeps us alive and safe ..

Heather’s three circles model.

Shen Qi Blood – arterial, venous, lymph – Nerves . .

Beliefs – solidify and become character/identity ..

What we call an authority – on living

Maybe investigate this animation

Flexnor Report . .

Impact of influences on a ‘life’

Being here now – we are shaped – the closer to the foundation – the more we are effected

Jing . . .

And how we get shut down . .

Maybe have a wonder . .


How it all plays out . .


Life Recipe

What happens in sessions – homeostasis can we ‘fix’ anyone? Even me . .

Rules that govern us – JING – physicality and quality of this. Epigentics.  .

We are our mother – and she is us!!!


Breastfeeding  – see more here.

Reminder .  . .

How we live this out is totally dependent upon the ‘soul setup’

We (upper circle) intended – thus reframing the ‘bad’ things that you feel have happened may no longer be apparent.


Please – if you have NOT started the Undoing Your Life Library . .

Mum’ ability to how you are . . (see Dr Shen’s line above).

Set up – numerology, astrology, gestational age – even the culture we lived through as mums ..

We always start with the right hand side of the page – as we see that as being ‘reality’ and validate all from.





Three circles – different versions – take pictures of the white board . . 40 minutes in . .


If the work you have started – can’t NOW – is the resistance and the growth needed.

Question to ask yourself. . .

‘How did I get to here?’

Seven ‘L’s’.

Maybe also see here


All are of the Light – and may have forgotten




Lymph/ Ligaments




3 ‘S’s




We only feel safe – if we ‘control’ everything . .

Cassandra – gift of perfect prophecy whilst no one believes it.


3 H’s





Back to the 7 ‘L’s


All need to be open to accept that the elders actually are on a mission – to impart prior to their leaving.





Recapping – please listen rather than thinking that the short cut is that I got all on page as it is some highlights only.

Sat 1st session (52 minutes)


There is more . . .