Gentling Trauma Relief – 1st session

Heather’s Gentling Way work . .


In the words of Wilhelm Reich .. paraphrased . .

The body stores whatever has happened to it.

To effect a change on/with the structure, what is holding it hostage must be released.

You cannot HEAL what you cannot FEEL


Given trauma is what is left behind (stuck for ‘later’) that there are feelings that may be hard to undo – memories and consequences – of different ages and times.
You and your body – may choose to do this gently.

When working with others – the same .

I prefer gentleness also in a therapeutic relationship.

To undo what is stored away – and we feel it as stuck . .

Working with my Gentling Way process, we go through the physical hands-on with ourselves as we can with others – as most of us have a therapy hat on.  You may have been through my 2 day intensive ‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ (heart and wombspace) workshop. YOU may have encountered this page as I have gifted it to you as part of your healing work with me.

It is helpful for every one to have a reframing – that they can start anew – with different eyes.

Here we move onto the more emotional residue life residue – gently again – through the process of Self Discovery. The online course is a large pre-requisite of the practical work my practitioners MUST do – as we all need to master ourselves.

Undoing Our own Story allows the rest of what is to come to follow easily.

Here are the captured teaching components  – I will gradually get it all done and then will be on different pages.

Then as a course.

Below – my additions

Please be aware that the volume changes and there are background noises.

 Sat 1st session (52 minutes)

Content . .


Revisiting – duality . .

2 sides for everything  if acupuncture yang and yin. .

Myer – Briggs . . please check out your own personalities.

BOUNDARIES – as part of what keeps us alive and safe ..

Heather’s three circles model.

Shen Qi Blood – arterial, venous, lymph – Nerves . .

Beliefs – solidify and become character/identity ..

What we call an authority – on living

Maybe investigate this animation

Flexnor Report . .

Impact of influences on a ‘life’

Being here now – we are shaped – the closer to the foundation – the more we are effected

Jing . . .

And how we get shut down . .

Maybe have a wonder . .


How it all plays out . .


Life Recipe

What happens in sessions – homeostasis can we ‘fix’ anyone? Even me . .

Rules that govern us – JING – physicality and quality of this. Epigentics.  .

We are our mother – and she is us!!!


Breastfeeding  – see more here.

Reminder .  . .

How we live this out is totally dependent upon the ‘soul setup’

We (upper circle) intended – thus reframing the ‘bad’ things that you feel have happened may no longer be apparent.


Please – if you have NOT started the Undoing Your Life Library . .

Mum’ ability to how you are . . (see Dr Shen’s line above).

Set up – numerology, astrology, gestational age – even the culture we lived through as mums ..

We always start with the right hand side of the page – as we see that as being ‘reality’ and validate all from.





Three circles – different versions – take pictures of the white board . . 40 minutes in . .


If the work you have started – can’t NOW – is the resistance and the growth needed.

Question to ask yourself. . .

‘How did I get to here?’

Seven ‘L’s’.

Maybe also see here


All are of the Light – and may have forgotten




Lymph/ Ligaments




3 ‘S’s




We only feel safe – if we ‘control’ everything . .

Cassandra – gift of perfect prophecy whilst no one believes it.


3 H’s





Back to the 7 ‘L’s


All need to be open to accept that the elders actually are on a mission – to impart prior to their leaving.





Recapping – please listen rather than thinking that the short cut is that I got all on page as it is some highlights only.

Sat 1st session (52 minutes) repeated from above . .


There is more . . .

Maybe we all need to get out of what is blocking us – purposefully – so we can be here.
in the middle . .

The time is now . . .

Drop the Story!

Time to make sure that you are ready for the challenge of the new world.

Clear yourself . .

Here is the free Life Rescue pack.


Please do this and the Jing Markers – a weekly health report care – no less than we expect of our patients . .

Self mastery is needed.


Please let me know when you have

I will then release the next page to you.