Effective Healing After C Section – San Diego

After C section – what next?

So often women say – ‘not been the same since . . ‘


Qi, Blood, Lymph not flowing.
Tissues binding her body up – entangled

Then there is the emotional residue – the now upsets as the puckering/numbness/body image distortion and frank pain are there.

Questions answered

1 – What can we do with the scarring /adhesions on every level of her being? What to do about sexual and personal body acceptance is also covered. (Nothing been the same since .   .).

Class objective

Begin energy movement again.

Free the lymph – let the body start really healing not just stitching itself shut. the restoration of structural integrity, that she can live easily in her post C section body/life.

(It may have been 40 years after that C section or abdominal surgery).


Question 2

Who cares about living with the scar and what the operation has left?

She does. You do . .
Never mind the loss of integrity/sexual and normal sensations/actually being able to live well in the pelvis.
Where did her grace and love of self go?

The adhesions, possible pelvic complications and the long term neck problems – these just magic away when we undo the pubic attachments . . This includes the risk of serious conditions such as placenta accreta and C section defect – blocking future and safe pregnancies.

Question 3

Can we fix this? I say yes. We can.
How? Undo what is happening.
Set her body free. .

We can
  • 1 – Take out what is blocking the body healing and working properly
  • 2 – Restore original design
  • 3 – Enhance what can be.

Return her to perfect health for an easy later pregnancy.

Make her future pregnancies possible and safe as the post C section protocols are seen and felt in class. (We will need a supply of outside pregnant or past C sectioned ‘models’).

Encourage future babies to present optimally.

Who is the class for?

Acupuncturists who are interested in restoring pelvic integrity post surgery – esp C sections.
Who may themselves have been cut to birth.
Who may have deep calling to assist those who have – to heal into themselves at all levels again.

CEU points?

This has been a quick set-up as I am already in the area there has been no time to collate the points you may want.
All who come are intent on being the best they can be and are in the class as they see the value of instant hands on and fixing what presently is an epidemic in traumatized bodies, hearts and souls – of mums, bubs and all of us.


Here be the answers . .
Do expect ‘miracles’. .  .

Date and time? 

Sun 10th Feb 9-6pm


All classes held at PUSH San Diego 4002 Park Blvd Suite E San Diego, Ca 92103 619-786-3329 There’s a free parking lot behind the building. (Door code given with payment)

Class intention

Repair from past C sections and any other abdominal operations – however long ago they happened. A lifetime of tricky neck and structural problems often show up – as do potential fertility and pregnancy complications.

Return back to ‘as good as new’.

If she is a younger woman .. . 

To give her back her pre operation self: or an improved edition.


We also

1 – To explore the conditions under which normal pregnancy and birthing happen – to have the template to return to.

2 – To investigate the effects of blocking flows of the essential five flows – Qi, Blood,lymph, nerves and life force/Shen, and how easy this is to reverse.

3 – To undo what has been blocked across all layers of the body and energy fields

4 – To restore ‘normal’/optimal to all levels of the body

For all regardless of age . .

1 – Free the Qi. Everyone’s response is so different. We discover how the ‘perineal pull-up ‘ can be vastly improved (thus all core strength – by very easy touch therapy – hand moves.

2 – Release what holds her body hostage Without the adhesions and the likely wrongly positioned uterus on account of these – normal fertility and pelvic function will automatically follow.

3 – Undoing sacral and coccygeal misalignment – also repositioning uterus possible as we are correcting what the ovarian suspensory ligament is doing to the entire body – this is the key – we work more on this in the Hands – On – Living Ligaments I to come. .


Benefits of taking the class?

1 – Confidence that healing is possible and easy

2 – If you have yourself been sectioned – a healing on the table as this is also a demonstration/practical class.

3 – Opportunity to feel the shifts in the scars as the ‘grow a brain in your fingertips ‘ ways of learning is a feature in this work.

4 – Consolidate all the information you may have already been exposed to in my past eLotus and personal online presence.



Bring a sarong, a pillow and an open mind and heart.

What you will learn

Up to you

My intention is that you go away with the awareness of undoing Stuck Belly Blood in all forms.


Extra resources instantly available

Please note
This is a master class for those who wonder – what to do as there is a chasm that you have fond in what is written an what you feel you need to know.Practical and pragmatic and individualised care we can offer – when we free ourselves of ‘what should be’.

If this resonates with you – and you are prepared to follow Qi and unlock life secrets – welcome!
A large amount of resources will be gifted to you on payment.
Start immediately – and the hands on awaits you in a few weeks.



Limited spaces means once gone it will be many months before I return.

Let us begin

Lighting each others lights