Respect life

Health: What is this?

What causes/allows health?
The ability to adapt to change is how I would define a healthy body – and life system.

  • Having a  dynamic balance of inner forces keeps you within a set range of limits – the process of homeostasis. When the body can no longer operate with resilience, it starts breaking down, giving you signs. The ‘illness’ and pain warnings are very often ignored/ masked through medications of various kinds.
    One of the common ones is adding cold to shut it up’.
  • Addition of what is a major disease category throughout all Asian medicine and all oral traditions and all ‘old wives’ tales’ then starts up an entirely new set of troubles – often then labeled as different conditions and diseases within the orthodox medical system that does not understand either wellness or health or the ways to enhance it or how to return to the preferred body state of balance.
  • Silence the pain messages.
    Why is pain there? Blocked life flow.
    Blocking it up further may not be sensible and may even completely alter what your body can do.
  • Life medicine
  • Return to wellness
  • Ways out of your current health chaos
  • Ways to enrich your future – Yang Sheng
  • Food is Medicine