Elders knew

In traditions where the whole person is taken into account (not bits of the physical manifestation/the body) – there are many routes out of any apparent mess/challenge.
It always goes back to what the wise ones, those who have been around a while and know what to do in all scenarios remember.
They may well have watched their own elders pull the tribe through. Invariably a problem happens when we flaunt nature, going against the order of life.

In times past all had to be respectful of the body and the life processes that need to be followed for life to be lived well.

What are these rules?

Clue – Old Wives’ Tales . .

Stories, myths and passed down knowings
  • Science – definition – observation – replicable
  • Flows need to flow
  • ‘Common sense’ – go back to old ways
    (Ignore all brash modern retail opportunities)

A new breed of information – not time tested, but brash, arrogant and uncaring.

Where as in the past tending flocks, fields and all in the village meant all were looked after, we seem to have found a different way.

Where few are connected to how to live well, resulting  in the need to keep finding others who might not know – why things hurt, why they ‘go wrong’ and generally  don’t get better ..

Were is the inner knowing now?

Who is the authority?

Not life or our knowing our place in it

Change this for yourself –

  • Flows need to flow

For a body to live properly it must flow as designed.

Many things can stop flow – resulting in pain.

Cold addition is one of these.

Others include a lack of ingredients – as Vitamin D3 – the sunshine /happy hormone that seems to have been vilified recently – yet all need the sun to live. Magnesium and other minerals – without which our very life blood ceases.


‘Common sense’ – go back to old ways
(Ignore all brash modern retail opportunities)
For us to have common sense there need to be an awareness of life processes that is universal. With all now following the science agenda, and losing what the elders knew and told us, we are veering all over the page – fat is bad, fat is good – and what have people always craved and eaten? Not sugar, not GMO not coke or cake – but fat  .