Cupping out the Cold

In the recent past someone thought adding in ice when something was damaged would help. Idea took off. Now all are in a mess as cold damages your health. Stops healing. Even with his retractions – it is still now the ‘go-to ‘ for all First Aid and is causing far more need for servicing …

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I have written an ebook which is an introduction to what you can do to help yourself – and live very differently as a result. So many people come into see me – often YEARS after the cold was used – and the cold has quietly wrecked their bodies’ ability to work well – resulting in myriad …

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Cold Invasion

The invasion of cold in the body usually happens gradually, little by little, the result of minute increments of cold. Thus, small chunks of Yang Qi are eliminated from the storehouse of energy we have in the ‘bank’. It could also happen with the ill advised icing of an injury, or after birthing or with …

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