After a C section

OR – any other abdominal operation from any other cause . .
Although this is the worst – as no one sees that you have undergone a MAJOR BELLY OPERATION

See what pregnancy was doing to your organs .. 

In then in one swoop – uterus out and baby removed . .
ADHESIONS likely  .

At the time when you are least able to look after yourself

As now you are A MOTHER

Making all the efforts to heal after the birth and make more blood to make the food to allow bub to thrive.



Baby – ‘safely’ here

We all look after baby and we are second fiddle.

Never mind that we needed the Golden Month – and the another at least 2 weeks as we have had major belly surgery.

Women are up and running after the whims of our newly minted precious loved one.

Physically it all LOOKS healed . .







Here is what happens next  ..


If we are lucky

(2 C sections – 3 years apart – Younger one a year ago)

Or this to the right  . 4 sections over 20 years  last 2 years fresh

From here – (horizontal cut showing the linea alba up to the navel – we all get temporarily) to below – the old vertical cut


PLUS – who knew?
The uterus is newly cut open and is placed on the belly so it can be stitched up again.
Leaving her (our baby factory – the uterus COLD and traumatised – not loved at all . .).

BUT we are scarred more than we think as the adhesions underneath are there.



Here is also what happens . .

(Plus diastasis)


What to do?

See a Genting Way practitioner – it is likely their holistic multi modality transformative energy body work will amaze you
The adhesions holding you stuck will release.
You will feel taller, emptier and lighter  guaranteed – all do.