Transformative Healing Course


As a part of my Gentling Ways process.

If you also want more in your work  – especially in undoing the dominance TCM thinking may have had on your thinking – an dhow to put a modern what works on clinic model together – especially on women – and all structural/all reproductive and all ‘hard  cases’ – here it is
My nearly 40 years of cobbling together what has allowed me to go where most can’t  into the heart and soul and unpack what is stored within – adhesions/scar and post traumatic all sorts of incidents  .

Letting more Light shine through . .

This online course will change how you perceive meridian flows, and how you can improve them!
Massively impacting on what you can do in clinic – right now!
Below you will find a very intense and different way to view the body and what you can do to adjust how it runs.
Please print out the notes and see the questionnaire in the first few pages – and ‘sit’ it  – so you can see how you change just in one sitting of listening through a different set of lenses.

Perhaps also start a journal for some self reflection. This may be the best way to capture your ‘aha’s!


This is a huge download .

Possibly an entire year’s course  . .

(For Australia – all your CPD points – including the Ethics ones within)

Instantly applicable regardless of what style you follow now . .

1 – The Transformative Healing photographic essay is the following of all I do in one session – for a man who has had four trees fall on him (occupation – tree feller) – plus has miscellaneous very interesting stories around potentially other fatal scars.
A great example of when knowing more than one model – most only have TCM points and what they might do! (38 pages)

2 – 8 Extras notes – Please start with the questionnaire inside the ‘notes’ area – a pre and post course self evaluation – to show you just how much you can shift your thinking – and what points you select – in just a few hours. (72 pages)
3 – 8 Extras audiosare a distillation of a weekend workshop that was the initial length of the presentation.
The notes were written in 1986, and have been mostly left intact, as the truth of what was taught by Dr van Buren still applies.
After many authors published, I found that none had all that we were given, or the slant I had taken with all that was written at the time of my initial workshops, hence these are left intact. (2 and a half hours very dense listening – you may need to go through a few times)

4 – Filming the ‘The Role of 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’ weekend in 2007 allowed me to again review this work – and the videos are also included. I suggest that the reading of the 8 Extras notes is not needed to listen to either presentation. (DVD1 – 2.40 hours, plus DVD2 – 2 hours 33 minutes and DVD3 – 2 hours 41 minutes).

5 – Neurological Complications (1994) (one hour)  What to do when confronted with an awkward case/diagnosis . . I walk you through the process – TCM and also all modalities and how to it them together..

6 – Practical Fertility Solutions‘ – best watched after extra one day course 2007 after viewing the above series (6 hours)

7 – 1994 Obstetrics and Fertility (one day)

8  – ‘Holistiic Healing After C Section’ a 21 small video clips walking you the viewer through a session with me – what to do when maternity takes a surgical turn and the body needs help to reconnect with its former pathways . . (About an hour)

9 – ‘Ethics’ Biological Sustainability – (playing the ‘Fix it game’ – Adelaide 2016 – audio only (4 hours) What do we think that we are doing? Within I ask the real questions – there are many add-ons – including one of Ted Katchuk’s enlightening placebo 45 minute presentations here  . .. What one listener said of this recently – “I have listened to your series on ethics,an applaud those hard hitting questions you asked us to look at in clinic. For me I shall listen to it all again as though I was paying attention I’m sure my brain was otherwise engaged on the answers and may have missed more. Controversial, Thank you for putting it out there. It needs to be played at all acupuncture training colleges establishments”.

10 – Reunion meditation MP3 files – a gift for you and also a handy reference when you may find yourself in need of undoing the physical and emotional ‘extras’ that we often find ourselves carrying. This work is influenced heavily by the Anatakarana model – and the visual representations can be seen here with a written explanation on what you are seeing here. (One hour)


See the Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – as a set they form the prelude to  .  .

The experiential retreats –

  1. Healing the Wounded Healer and

  2. Living Ligaments

  3. Sustainable Humanity

There will be small day and two day events . . around Australia and NZ

And of course. .
What to do if you are international – or can’t get to a retreat?

Once you have answered all Q and A and got your points so we know that you HAVE watched and absorbed the content . .

Entry into ..  .

ALL NEW!!!!!

Mentoring/Mastership Programme –

“Acupuncture For Our Here and NOW”


End of 2017

What will it give you?

The opportunity to grow as a practitioner under guidance.
Access to a seasoned healer who can assist with your transition from TCM to meridians, heart and hand based working with Qi.

Why the end of the year?

Gives me a chance to get all my teaching the teachers/first set of apprentices through.

What will you get?

An elder who is prepared to take those who are ‘a good fit’ on as they are mentored through the next stage – past being in clinic – comes – where is your self and your own style?

1 – Step by step in clinic – what to do when – I will have various patients who have their session recorded and we discuss how and why I did what I did – many in relation of the very interesting scars, as many have had lives – whose impact are ignored – these are not mentioned in any texts. We explore how the process of living in our bodies and our lives needs addressing.

(This omission is not serving you or the people who seek help).

2 – All past lectures/international presentations on varied general medicine topics, will be presented in an orderly way with streams – fast tracking for those who have musculo skeletal, digestive, neurological, gyne and obstetric, children’s and men’s health interests.

3 – My mentoring membership site that allows you access to my FB closed group “clinic hours” – Q and A to assist you with your awkward cases – 2 hours bi – weekly on my private Heather’s Healing Academy practitioners’ mentoring year long course. Plus of course you can chat with those who are also on the course. .

Major emphasis – Sustainable Humanity in these changing times.

Fertility – undoing supposedly ‘infertile’ men and women – past the ‘need’ for donors – let’s get the Jing back
Reversing supposedly ‘High Risk’ Pregnancies back to easy Mammalian Maternity –

Why ‘Gentling’?

I invite you to apply for this –  to see if we would be a good fit

(Please give me a time when we can chat . .)

email –
I am Skype heatherjb2

Let the fun begin!