The Shared Journey

The Shared Journey

is your way to a bonded happy and easy parental adventure into a joyful intact family through the ages ..

Not just – Making Naturally Better Babies. Your health before, during and after babies. .
BOTH of you in the plan. Involved every step of the way. Together .

You take total responsibility – this is the most important job you will ever undertake.

(Not just getting a positive pregnancy test result).

How is what you are offering different from the standard Mercier work?

“There is a Mercier protocol – which I have taken to deeper levels. Dr Jennifer Mercier’s work is included in this package.

A) – I work with both you – as a couple

(His prostate/his diminished fertility needs all the help it can get!)

Men are the missing link – the key in your family – their ‘family jewels’ need nurturing back to their past lustre!


B) – All I have developed in maternal well being over the past 40 years is included

(Six 2 – 3 hour, not 1 hour hands on sessions – for both of you – concurrently in the same room).
For every couple who have seen me so far I have uncovered why they are not parents yet.

It is HIM – and always told his INfertile sperm test was ‘fine’.

C) – Included is the Womens’ Healing Kit

D) – The online self help healing packages.

E) – Me hand-holding you – The Natural Fertility Detective online coaching programme

F) – Leads into The Natural Pregnancy Coach – taking you through a natural blossoming of your body on to a love based mammalian bonded journey into babe in arms.



Start now – your better life awaits

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