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The only way to heal is to change.
The only way this may work is in a block.

6 sessions – may be daily if you are traveling from afar.

BOTH of you – if looking for baby making answers.

Get your body back to working order.

A block of undoing your life as felt in the stagnation of life force and no babies . .

Or in the pain and dysfunction you are seeking transformation from:

The Mercier work a sequential undoing of restoration of flows.
This can be daily, no more than a week apart.

Jennifer says 6 sessions. .
I have noticed that the best results happen when we just do it – knuckle down and get the job done.
Often much emotional ‘baggage’ is behind the congestion to life flows – let’s undo this all at once  ..

it is best to keep peeling back the layers – supported by whatever else I have developed over the past 40 years.
I gently use all the body work, energy helpers and tricks from my decades of working with women in my acupuncture career.

Expect a miracle!

Most get one. A totally different body when they get off the couch!!!
The softening and releasing that you will undergo is like surgery – but painless.
A day spa experience awaits – the perineal steaming and total holistic body care is part of the deal.

Mercier PLUS

  • If you are coming from out of town – gift yourself a week and relax with nature – not shopping/city life.
    Healing is also inner – bush walks, being with nature afterwards.
  • Journal the changes in yourself
  • Go deeply within.
  • The change will allow you to undo often decades of distress.

Holistic care in the form of the Healing Kits I have constructed (part of the package) and the self and couple massage to allow reconnection with yourselves and your love/sex life – essential for Making Naturally Better Babies..

I also offer “after sales service” in the form of self help home touching courses so you and those around you have the option to support your own self care. These are extensive and simpl eto follwo wa=ys that you can help yourself – a ate here.
There is so much more in the Women’s and the Men’s Self Help at Home course s- and of course the Male Fertility Enhancement package comes with these.

Healing After Having Lived a Life –

(including Healing After C Section) $3,000

  • 6 sessions 3 hour with Heather (usually $500 each)
  • Three courses to follow at home (usually $197 each)
  • A Women’s Healing package – (alone $440)
  • Entry into the Self Help Healing course – foundation stage.

Extensive support post care package given.

Very differently – together – and with all the helpers I have aligned with.

The Womens’ Healing Kit is given to you – it is part of both of these packages . .

Women’s Healing Kit



Baby Readiness Package (BOTH for $5,000)

  • 6 sessions 3 hour with Heather
  • Three courses to follow at home
  • A Women’s Healing package – (all in this is used on men also)
  • Entry into the Self Help Healing course – foundation stage.
  • For those seeking babies – entry into the Natural Fertility Detective – Baby Readiness project.
  • Extensive support post care package given.

Why wait?

What is it costing you to not start at the beginning?
To be told (again) ‘we don’t know’ – or to hear that you are in some way defective – why not clear this out so nature wins as she expects?
Sex is to make babies after all . ..

Start now …

Declutter- on all levels of your being
Reset – back to the blueprint (factory setting)
Restore – life as it was always to be