Heather’s Foundational Moves


Below you are introduced to some of the secrets of my successful acupuncture practice.

After needling and using your major modality – you can use your hands to move the lymph, allowing the Qi free passage.

At any level and using any system you will find these add value to your needling session.

WHY would you?

We are primates – touch works magically.
Way more comforting than needle propagation  .
It works . . PAIN. When I was first in practice in1979 – it had to as we acupuncturists were the last line of defense).

Originally when we acupuncturists in the West were called upon there were no anti inflammatories about (or arthroscopies).  Chronic pain was the major presenting feature. I found that adding in what I could when they were not totally resolved meant that much fewer sessions were needed, and greater results happened on the couch – simply through attending their blockages with my fingers. All of this works .. . I tend to use all of this work AFTER my cupping out the cold – as per what I have in the Reset Your Metabolism course – is NOT just a matter of plonking a cup on it, and then going about your business with needles.

This is the about bringing back elders’ oral traditions.
Taking out the cold  allows the most profound shift I have found I can make using acupuncture.
Look at this – if you have been trained in herbalised TCM (only got a hammer in your tool box) and see everything n organ pathology this work may be a stretch. Please remember that I have been developing and teaching this for nearly 40 years. It is what shifts what the patients walk in with after often (seriously) trying 20 TWENTY different other acupuncturists – as they were all addressing what they did not have – the Qi has to flow – and the Yang can’t when tied into keeping the cold sequelae away and the lymph blocks up – we see ‘damp’/’phlegm’ everywhere – why not just help the body help itself?

Not a hot condition – she is actually very low thyroid – and drinks a lot of water- BUT it is not circulating.

Instead of seeing what is apparent on a tongue – ask – why?
(I am interested in the mechanism . .)
See what happens when we do – move the blockages.
All in the course below .. .
Cupped the navel (an hour on)
Moxa on ginger slice on a tissue filed with salt (x3)
Belly move – round and round
The lymph was moved in the hand work and then some needles – Liv 2 and 14 as I have yet to find someone whose liver is calm and peaceful – and then more needles when sitting – this was all with the massage moves below.
“What needles” is always asked . . GB 34 and the sore St 34/GB point in  alone with this – I use as a Xi Cleft as it also instantly undoes the neck tension – plus the opposite side Ht line points as per Robert Duane  . .and assorted hand acupuncture points for undoing the spine – plus Ki 6 to complete (my ‘full stop’ in sessions).

    From being an incredible example of a strawberry tongue (she has anxiety but is coming in specifically for overwhelming  fogginess in head) to a more appropriate and expected looking tongue – as she left – plus NO upper back/neck tension/pain.

Let’s Rescue their Yang first . .and then see what help the body needs – maybe not that much and maybe suspend all your ‘diagnosis’ till you have some of their Qi ready to help your efforts. And afterwards – get the lymph moving . . on any one coming in with anything – at any age and stage of life. Bring your hands (heartfully) into the session . .



Course Outline

Module 1 Housekeeping
Unit 1 Introduction to Heather's Signature System
Unit 2 Is the middle in the middle?
Module 2 Pulling Out What is Blocking Natural Circulation Restoration
Unit 1 Taking out what is not to be there
Unit 2 Placing the cup
Unit 3 Loosening /removing the cup
Unit 4 General discussion on when to take off
Unit 5 Ginger/moxa preparation
Unit 6 Moxa on ginger
Module 3 Loosening the lymph congestion/massaging upper body
Unit 1 Chest gouging
Unit 2 Ribs – a totally forgotten area
Unit 3 Head drainage
Unit 4 Upper lymphatic
Module 4 Lower body
Unit 1 Lower lymphatic
Unit 2 Prostatic massage
Module 5 Upper body
Unit 1 Assessment
Unit 2 Stuck Liver Qi - RHS
Unit 3 Heart chakra opening
Unit 4 Stuck Liver Qi - LHS
Unit 5 Side gouging from the back
Module 6 Upper body
Unit 1 Undoing upper body tension – through working on where it is stuck
Unit 2 Ribs from behind
Module 7 Lower body Sacral Chakra
Unit 1 My two amazing helpers - magnesium oil & Tui Balm
Unit 2 Sacral Chakra warm ups
Unit 3 Sacral wake ups/gouging
Unit 4 Sacral/butt tension
Unit 5 Working on a woman
Module 8 Gua Sha
Unit 1 Gua Sha RHS
Unit 2 Gua Sha LHS
Module 9 Point percussion
Unit 1 Wind points
Unit 2 Point Percussion - Right Side
Unit 3 Point Percussion - Left Side
Unit 4 Finishing off
Module 10 Moxa usage
Unit 1 Getting started with moxa outside
Unit 2 Sacral Moxa – actual moxa fan instructions
Unit 3 Sacral Moxa - when to use in pregnancy
Module 11 Conclusion
Unit 1 Conclusion